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  1. Mono-Spirit Caldara can do this pretty well. As can Galadriel / Glorfindel / Boromir, which is almost entirely Spirit. Not easy, but it's definitely doable. Also, I love LotR with 4. We play it all the time. It's an entirely different beast. If you've already done it with 1 or 2, I highly recommend playing through every cycle with 4. You'll find entirely different challenges. Some scenarios will be completely trivial, while others because brutally difficult.
  2. etomeny

    Inexpensive Lists and What to Buy

    The whole of Wave 7 is pretty sweet. The K-Wing and Kihraxz are awesome, the TIE Punisher looks really cool, and the Hound's Tooth is really unique. Wave 8 looks to be even cooler! Ghost, Mist Hunter, the Punishing One? Plus the new TIE Advanced. Man, I worry I'm going to be spending a lot of money on this... Of the recommendations you made, the Rebels sound most fun. The YT-2400, Falcon, and E-Wing are all really cool ships. And I guess there are some good upgrades in there for the K-Wing, down the road? Miranda Doni seems really compelling to build a list around. Are there any upgrades that interact with her ability? But then we go to Scum and the IG-88 is awesome. The Firespray is awesome. The Hound's Tooth upgrade is awesome (though the expansion doesn't come with the Z-95, so I'd need to buy that). The Interceptor and Decimator both look really fun to pilot. The Interceptor's lack of shields is interesting, and the Decimator's 12 Hull is a little silly. In short, I think I'll be spending a little bit
  3. etomeny

    Inexpensive Lists and What to Buy

    The Most Wanted pack looks like the most fun. Are they competitive? Also, they look tiny - is that simply in comparison to the size of the box? I might buy another core set anyway for the second set of dice. I'll probably eventually try to play all three factions. StarViper looks awesome though! When you say a TIE Expansion, you mean TIE Fighter, right? And a lot of people have suggested Interceptor - I assume they mean TIE Interceptor, and not the M3-A Interceptor?
  4. etomeny

    Games in Boston?

    Why is everything on the South Shore? No love for Metrowest? We need a gaming store in Framingham.
  5. I just purchased the X-Wing Core Set and I love it. I'm wondering now what to pick up next. What are the best lists I can make without a large investment? I'm okay with any sort of list, any faction, and ideally would like to make at least one "Big Ship" list and one "Swarm" list (am I getting the terminology correct?) Any help would be awesome!
  6. etomeny

    Metrowest Boston Area

    Hi Everyone, I'm a relatively new player looking for players in the Metrowest Boston area. I can sometimes make it into the city, but live in Framingham, so west of the city is a bit easier. Thanks! -Evn