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  1. Mono-Spirit Caldara can do this pretty well. As can Galadriel / Glorfindel / Boromir, which is almost entirely Spirit. Not easy, but it's definitely doable. Also, I love LotR with 4. We play it all the time. It's an entirely different beast. If you've already done it with 1 or 2, I highly recommend playing through every cycle with 4. You'll find entirely different challenges. Some scenarios will be completely trivial, while others because brutally difficult.
  2. The whole of Wave 7 is pretty sweet. The K-Wing and Kihraxz are awesome, the TIE Punisher looks really cool, and the Hound's Tooth is really unique. Wave 8 looks to be even cooler! Ghost, Mist Hunter, the Punishing One? Plus the new TIE Advanced. Man, I worry I'm going to be spending a lot of money on this... Of the recommendations you made, the Rebels sound most fun. The YT-2400, Falcon, and E-Wing are all really cool ships. And I guess there are some good upgrades in there for the K-Wing, down the road? Miranda Doni seems really compelling to build a list around. Are there any upgrades that interact with her ability? But then we go to Scum and the IG-88 is awesome. The Firespray is awesome. The Hound's Tooth upgrade is awesome (though the expansion doesn't come with the Z-95, so I'd need to buy that). The Interceptor and Decimator both look really fun to pilot. The Interceptor's lack of shields is interesting, and the Decimator's 12 Hull is a little silly. In short, I think I'll be spending a little bit
  3. The Most Wanted pack looks like the most fun. Are they competitive? Also, they look tiny - is that simply in comparison to the size of the box? I might buy another core set anyway for the second set of dice. I'll probably eventually try to play all three factions. StarViper looks awesome though! When you say a TIE Expansion, you mean TIE Fighter, right? And a lot of people have suggested Interceptor - I assume they mean TIE Interceptor, and not the M3-A Interceptor?
  4. Why is everything on the South Shore? No love for Metrowest? We need a gaming store in Framingham.
  5. I just purchased the X-Wing Core Set and I love it. I'm wondering now what to pick up next. What are the best lists I can make without a large investment? I'm okay with any sort of list, any faction, and ideally would like to make at least one "Big Ship" list and one "Swarm" list (am I getting the terminology correct?) Any help would be awesome!
  6. Hi Everyone, I'm a relatively new player looking for players in the Metrowest Boston area. I can sometimes make it into the city, but live in Framingham, so west of the city is a bit easier. Thanks! -Evn
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