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  1. Some really good feedback here, thanks. As you say, using WP in this way seemed really cheesy to me as well, but I didn't know how to argue against it. My friend then took it too far by trying to use a heavy weapon. To which I said it was too heavy based on the psy rating. He then attempted to substitute his strength with his will power to calculate his lift/carry/push, which is just stupid and naive. So, he then pushed his psy rating, summoned a demon on perils of the warp and promptly died.
  2. Hey, thanks for your reply. One of our players is trying to use telekinesis to carry and fire his gun.
  3. Page 368 unnaTural CharaCTerisTiC One or more of the creature’s Characteristics is unnatural. Each time this Trait is gained, select a Characteristic, and double its bonus. For example, a creature with a Strength of 41 normally has a 4 Strength Bonus. With this Trait, its Strength Bonus increases to 8. The Trait may be gained multiple times. Each time, you may select a new Characteristic or one chosen previously. Each time you apply this Trait to the same Characteristic, the Bonus multiplier increases by 1. For example, one selection multiplies the Characteristic Bonus by ×2, two selections by ×3, and three selections by ×4. Note this Trait does not modify the creature’s movement. Movement is based on a creature’s unmodified Agility Bonus. During Opposed Characteristic Tests, on a success, the bonus multiplier is added to the degree of success.
  4. Hi, Pretty basic question, I hope. When using Precision Telekinesis, is the weight limit of this power still reliant on the Basic Technique: Mind over Matter? (page 171 of core rule book) So 10kg x Psy rating Many Thanks
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