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  1. Agreed. There is simply not enough threads around that I actually want to read. When I started with X-Wing (2 years ago maybe?) I found this forum very helpful, fun and interesting. Nowadays I'm trying really hard to find a "worth-my-time" thread. I don't think there is much we can do about it... It just seems to be the way of the internet helped by X-Wings increasing popularity. I guess I will just spend less and less time here I would wish for some more positivity in general. But I have absolutely nothing against constructive criticism, in fact I encourage it. Just wish there was more of it Happy jousting guys
  2. is it possible to get back on topic in this post? I would rather see some interesting facts/lists about Hoth
  3. just to be clear. the picture is totally not cool and very inappropriate. (don't think OP intended any harm) the list however is very cool and looks like tons of fun to fly
  4. I don't know about that... I find it very Wookiee-e and that to me is a handful of Star Wars flavour right there. There's SO MANY different aspects to the Star Wars Galaxy and after all it's a whole Galaxy full of different Species and Planets and saying something doesn't fit in there doesn't really make sense in my opinion. But on the other hand I know what you mean and I can see why that makes sense to you I'm just really happy to see some more Wookiees and creative design space. But generally I'm just very happy with anything FFG does. (despite so many people apparently thinking differently. I'd like them to try and perfectly balance a game with these kind of proportions )
  5. I like it a lot. IMHO it's exactly in the right spot point wise, just a little better than either Dorsal or Blaster. I frequently fly Palob with TLT,title,ReconSpec,VT and recently Trick Shot (which is amazing on TLT) but always thought it was a bit expensive. I now really want to use the new turret as it works better with the Scum HWK's range limitation and will save me points for potentially even more damage I tend to be in range 1 or 2 most of the time anyway and now I have no donut hole yay I also think that Kavil will be amazing with Mindlink, UA, Sync turret for a measely 30 points. thumbs up FFG!
  6. Agreed! I used to play him with Outlaw Tech all the time. Before he was popular I even played him with Calculation. which is especially usefull with Outlaw Tech as it generates that needed focus for the crit even on the stops
  7. Moralo has no EPT unfortunately but for the Autoblaster I agree. My favourite Bossk loadout would be Mangler, Dengar, Zuckuss, Inspiring Recruit, Engine and Expertise. Since you are using Zuckuss pilot that won't work Instead you could drop Zuckuss and Inspiring Recruit and go for Gonk (my favourite) or Latts or Outlaw Tech. My favourite Zuckuss pilot build has him with Advanced Sensors, Outlaw tech, VI and title. The combination of high pilot skill, advs evade action/target lock, red move and focus is super fun. Even if you bump it doesn't matter. the only downside is that you have to plan a green move afterwards and the greens on the Misthunter are limited Hope this helps a bit! have fun
  8. god of course! you guys are right and I'm just stupid never mind me. I thought of it when I first read it and then forgot again lol. this makes me actually really happy! 14 points mindlink support ship?? yes please!!
  9. Kaa'to would like a word but yeah this alone is reason enough for her to be great no DOA nonsense... geez, it hasn't even been out yet. give it some time... patience young ones, patience.
  10. wow! this one is one of my favourites! can't wait to get that printed
  11. these are absolutely gorgeous! thanks for doing this! (now I just need to get a printer lol)
  12. The "problem" as stated above is that the Vader crew card comes with the Lambda Shuttle... also you get a HLC, AdvSens and Sensor Jammer. The Upsilon has more fun builds and Major Stridan and Hux are incredibly fun support builds for a mini swarm. I think in terms of upgrades the Lambda is a good choice and you can always fit a 21 point naked shuttle in a list whereas the Upsilon will always be a big part in your list... the named U pilots are more fun and versatile though. it is a tough choice indeed Being a classic Star Wars fan myself I could however not imagine getting the Batwing before the original shuttle ps: this thread makes me wanna fly the doom shuttle again
  13. what about Darth Mauls ship from the Rebels show? basically a large Fang Fighter http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Kom'rk-class_fighter/transport
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