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  1. Can confirm Milsims got it. Mind Games is normally pretty good at getting them as well, though I haven't checked with them yet.
  2. Milsims in Melbourne, Australia got it yesterday. Got an email telling me so I went in and picked mine up
  3. Unfortunately it didn't. I remembered to keep an eye out for what happened to it when I saw it the second time. It's still there when the ISD goes through the shield gate.
  4. Your fleet loses all resource points including the current turn income if you do that. Also any unique upgrades or squadrons and your commander are gone for good for all players on your team
  5. How do you decide who goes first if the same amount of points were spent? Haven't been able to find anything about this.
  6. You do get a brief glimpse of some Republic capital ships, just not enough to be able to tell much about them. Don't think there's been anyone as good in any of the other movies
  7. My favorite type of ISD, battle damaged
  8. Not sure how a single yt-2400 is going to do much against a squadron build. It'd be pretty easy to keep it occupied with 2-3 squadrons while the rest target your ships.
  9. Have to agree with Jut. If someone goes squadron heavy you'll have some trouble. One of the lists I run for the rebels has enough fighters to tie up that CAP and let my bombers slip through. Again though, that's because it's a squadron heavy build.
  10. So unless Overload Pulse is one of the ares that otherwise specifices a squadron can suffer a crit effect... Thanks, missed that bit. That is great if you're trying to destroy anyone who has scatter
  11. Do you think that you could use it against named squadrons (e.g. Vader, Soontir Fel)?
  12. Do you mean the bit where they survive after getting out of an escape pod and slaughter the imps sent to get them? Or the bit where a mon cal ship destroys a star destroyer?
  13. Put together the following fleet. Anyone have any recommendations for improvements and objectives? Assault Frigate Mark IIA with General Dodonna, Enhanced Armament and Paragon - 116pts Nebulon-B Escort Frigate with Salvation - 64pts Corellian Corvette B with Overload Pulse - 47pts 3 Y Wing squadrons - 30pts 2 A wing squadrons - 22pts Tycho Celchu - 16pts Total: 295 pts
  14. Saw someone else play a similar force, only they had a Vic II in place of one of the gladiators. They got annihilated by squadrons in the end because they didn't have a counter. Probably best to get rid of the expanded launchers as it's only useful if you can keep them if front of you.
  15. Only upgrade I normally add is overload pulse
  16. Played my first game recently with a group of 4 other friends. About 3 turns into the game we all got devastated by a wildling attack as we had all spent our tokens just beforehand, leading to a truce and then alliance between the above 3 factions which held for the rest of the game. Just curious to see if anyone else has seen this before we play our next game. I was playing as the Starks so any advice would be appreciated too
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