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  1. What happens if the Bantha Rider ends movement on top of the Dianoga?
  2. Great job! A quick question about General Sorins abilty? I thought the droids needed to be adjacent to the General but you were using three spaces? Am I missing something?
  3. Are there days and times when more people are on vassal?
  4. If Manaroo has overclocked and passes a focus can she take a stress to get one?
  5. Same thing with K4 and Target Locks with green moves.
  6. Looks like two day Regionals will become standard. I believe that will be good for the game. Just watched a Store championship on Twitch.tv that had 3 people drop from the top 8 because it was too much for one day.
  7. Dengar that is. Would he attack back after first cluster or TLT?
  8. Also, player/public safety has should be taken into consideration. At some point there are going to be very bad/fatal car accidents for players driving home early in the morning after a very long day.
  9. There are at least 3 regionals doing 2 days. Most regionals will have a top 16 and 2 days is good for the game and players.
  10. gold squadron chicagoland x-wing regional championship Another 2 day event.
  11. X-wing shouldn't be about being like a long distance run. Long distance runs are for serious athletes pushing their bodies to the limit...x wing is a game that is meant to be fun. I feel sorry for you if you've lost sight of that. If you want to do 3-round quick tournaments, just play local kit things and don't worry about store champs/regionals. You're not going to see store champs/regionals be like that because their attendance is a lot higher and you need more rounds to sort it out. And that is why more and more of these events in the future will lean toward multiple day events
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