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  1. So all you need to do is get multiple guns on the best arcdodgers in the game, all that the same time? Why didn't I think of that? Oh wait, I did, it's incredibly obvious, and very easy to say, but not exactly the easiest thing to do. Of course Palp gets worse the more shots you get on soontir. But unless you have multiple turrets, or you're at range 3 of him, or you can manage to bump him, chances of >2 guns on him without beating his PS and just playing aces yourself, is minimal. And in most of those situations, he gets additional passive dice mods from autothrusters, so with minimal dice luck he can end up tanking two or three shots by himself anyway. Talking about the least trivial part of fighting palp/aces as if it's trivial doesn't really help the discussion. After all, to win, all you need to do is shoot the other guy without him shooting you. Is that easy? Now that you know that key tactic, you're clearly going to go win Worlds, right? I look forward to seeing your trophy The salt is so strong, someone get this guy some water. Yes, the only way to beat Soontir/Palp is to get multiple shots on him, block him, or take the shuttle out to make it slightly easier. Is it supposed to be easy? No, that's the high PS arc-dodgers game. Can you make those situations happen? Absolutely, and they do happen all the time. If you can't make it happen and your instinct is to throw everything to the side and say "this needs a fix," well then I'll reiterate what I said - either the list can't handle arc-dodgers or you aren't playing it to the best ability. That's the wall, brother!
  2. I'm not even going to read the suggestions, I'm just going to say that the designers have been pretty clear in stating that Palpatine as a character is incredibly powerful and wanted to express that in his card. There is no chance in hell they are ever going to produce a counter to him - he costs 8 points and two crew slots for crying out loud! His fierce personality and unmatched power in both rule and the Force are what make him such a compelling and fearsome character. The point is that, thematically, there was no counter toward Palpatine; it took two Skywalkers to defeat him in the end. Palpatine doesn't need to be nerfed, a card doesn't need to be produced to counter him, and he is not OP. If you haven't figured out that multiple shots on the same target render Palpatine almost unnoticeable, then, to put it bluntly, aren't playing the game to the best ability.
  3. Hi everyone. I was wondering if Regional champions with Nationals bye cards have reserved spots to compete in GenCon? I understand you have to pay for your GenCon badge regardless, but for the actual X-Wing tournament (which is fully booked), are there reserved spots for those with bye cards, and if so, how would you go about redeeming the reservation? Thank you for any information you can provide!
  4. SabaccShark

    HWK title

    Yeah, I never understand these posts to "fix" HWKs. They play their role perfectly and don't need any change.
  5. I'm looking for a video of a skilled Palp Aces player properly taking down 3x Scout Jumpmasters. I haven't seen the strategy behind the Imperial player's approach. If there's a bunch, I'd prefer it to be without Carnor Jax (although I'd also be interested in seeing that as well). Thanks for any help you guys can offer!
  6. Oh, I understand what you mean - everything has a counter! Dash just seemed to be the biggest threat to it that I could think of, so I'd figure I'd throw it out there. It's strong against a lot of meta, and like Theorist said recently, a lot of people have hung up Dash and sort of gave up on finding him a new wingmate since Wave 8. I like Travis Foss' idea of using a Lothal Rebel alongside Dash, but I haven't seen anyone play it.
  7. Dash Rendar would probably cause this list some problems as he likes staying at range 3 and has the ability to move right where he wants to, not to mention his HLC throwing 4 dice at you every round. He could really get the Ghost in a rough spot where he's never in its firing arc. That said, I like the list a lot and have been listbuilding it myself.
  8. Prefacing my post with a warning that there are Rebels spoilers, including the Season 2 Finale. The trailer certainly makes the fate of Kyle and Jan much more clear, but it's hardly the first stroke of writing them out of canon. As mentioned before, Kanan's character borrows heavily from Kyle Katarn, from his physical appearance (clothing, especially the lone pauldron, and his human features minus the pony tail) to his backstory (a sort of lone wolf who has to lead himself to the light side of the force through unconventional methods; he also has street smarts, is handy with a blaster, and bends the rules quite a bit). And as shown in this thread, Kanan rides in a HWK in the final issue of his titular comic series, which is absolutely a nod to Kyle. [spoiler if you have not seen the Rebels Season 2 Finale] This is a long shot, but there also might be a nod to Kyle Katarn's nemesis, Jerec, in the Rebels finale where Kanan is blinded by a lightsaber slash to his eyes and has to wear a band around them. Maybe taking some other elements, the good and the bad, of Kyl's story? It's certainly a stretch. But also there's Hera Syndulla, who is so much like Jan Ors. Hera's the ace pilot who has a long relationship with Kanan, and a possible romantic interest. They've been through a lot together, and she has saved Kanan's ass more than once. This is so much like Kanan and Jan's relationship, down to the way they are honest with each other, yet playfully sarcastic. Hera is also voiced by Vanessa Marshall, who voiced Jan Ors in Jedi Knight: Outcast. The only physical appearance borrowed is the goggles strapped over her head (they are different species after all). Jyn Erso seems like she will expand on who Jan Ors could've been, but I also wouldn't be surprised if Diego Luna borrows a little from Kyle (just looking at his appearance, he could pass as a Kyle Katarn). The main point here is Kyle and Jan are out of the new canon and won't be included. However, no old EU characters have been used as sources of inspiration as much as Jan and Kyle. That's what's important - as a huge Dark Forces / Jedi Knight fan, I can rest easy knowing the creators of the different Star Wars media really appreciate these characters and have made more popular/featured characters with their likeness. I don' think any fan could ask much more with the way the EU has been thrown to the wayside.
  9. Thanks for the advice guys, a lot of encouraging words here
  10. I was having a really hard time with this before Wave 8 released and am having an even harder time now that triple scouts had a very good showing at the Hoth Open, in addition to the slew of Palp Aces builds. Regionals are the end of the line for me - I'm not going any further in the tournament progression than regionals, so this is the peak of my year for X-Wing. Personally, I'd have a huge burden of guilt if I ran triple scouts at any event. I'm of the belief that it's beatable with certain builds, but the difficulty bar of picking it up, playing with it, and doing fairly well with it is set so low it's kind of disgusting. I'm afraid that the players that have no shame copying the Jumpmaster meta builds will crush better players' chance at a cut. On the other hand, regionals is a competition and I'd be joking if I was just there to have a fun day of X-Wing; people go to regionals with the hopes of making the cut and possibly winning. I know I've rambled a bit here, but the question (that doesn't have a definite answer) is what can I fly that would allow me to keep my pride? In addition, if I really want to be competitive, is it even an option to not go with a copy or slight variation of the meta at, for example, the Hoth Open?
  11. I get complaining about it in a casual environment, as having a beefy ship removed round 1, possibly another round 2 is a pretty strong NPE but at tournaments it doesn't seem any worse than many other meta-dominating builds. I think the part that irks a lot of people about the triple U-boats is that it will get just about anybody who plays it very far. They most likely won't win a big event, but the ease that it could take them to the cut of a store championship or regionals is sort of bothersome. Sure, there's other builds that have had the same effect in that sense, but I don't think it's been easier to roll over opponents than it is with the U-boats alpha.
  12. Saying "what do people think about the cost of the game?" Is starting a conversation. Making a declarative statement like "this isn't a cheap game" is asking for an argument (or soliciting "yes men" style agreement posts". It is still a conversation and his post intended on ending it. Sorry on this point you are incorrect. It's a great game, but I just wonder what others think. You do not have to post here. Nope, you're dead wrong. I never intended on ending your "conversation." I literally didn't understand what you were trying to accomplish by asking an active forum for the 2nd most popular miniatures game on the market if they would continue to buy into it. Not to mention it's based on the #1 selling movie series of all time that trail-blazed merchandising. Everything is right about this game, including cost, model quality, game function, and replayability that you will not find anyone here who says they are going to stop buying into the game.
  13. People will keep buying because it's a great game set in a great universe, and compared to other miniatures games it's very cheap and requires no painting. Not sure what you're trying to accomplish with this thread.
  14. I've actually seen a build very similar to this one work just fine, and N'Dru is an alpha force not to be messed with when executed correctly. The difference in the list was no dampeners on Xizor and instead use cluster missiles on N'Dru (he boosts both attacks to 4 dice).Like costi noted, you want to setup N'Dru where he will flank the enemy, by either setting him up perpendicular your swarm and swinging him out wide, or starting him in a corner away from the swarm. If you're playing against some potent ships with PS7 or below (such as IGs), I would recommend starting N'Dru out on the edge; you'll immediately be making your opponent decide between the swarm and N'Dru, and N'Dru will almost always get to unleash the payload.
  15. Have you heard of the target lock, focus, and evade actions? What about 90% of the upgrade cards that modify dice? If you're playing X-Wing by rolling dice and calling it a day, you're doing it wrong.
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