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    Custom UFS Cards Of What I Wish To See

    Hey! Still making cards? I thought your cards were cool and really wanted to make a few cards for fun mostly, but don't know the game well enough to be sure I am making them fair. If you want to make them, that's fine, but also wouldn't mind picking your brain about how you go about it; my end goal would be to make myself and friends as fair, playable cards (outside of tournaments of course). I really think these cards would be cool, but either don't know how to attribute them, or am having a hard time coming up with appropriate abilities... Vectorman (Character Card) (Many attack card ideas!) Sonic the Hedgehog (Character Card) Spike Spiegel (Character Card) Any Virtua Fighter (Character or Form cards) Scott Pilgrim Characters (Characters or Forms) Yugi (Character for the lawlz) Any of the Marvel vs Capcom 2 cast Let me know what you think!