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  1. I have seen a few episodes of clone wars. It’s ok. My main concern is immersion. The way my brain works, I may have an aneurism if someone wants to bring a clones war era fleet against a rebellion fleet or imperial fleet. I would have preferred them to have made a separate armada game just for clone wars rather than new factions. But I am knowingly in the minority on this so I should try to be happy for those that are excited. It’s just a game and will be enjoyable regardless I suppose. Heck I may even want to pick some clone wars ships up to use for clone wars only games.
  2. Happy for those that want clone wars but is the game state for ot players going forward?
  3. I just subscribed. I enjoy your content.
  4. Maybe Star Wars isn’t for you. Your whole rant makes you sound like an incel and by the way incels definitely made those YouTube videos which are so obviously trash.
  5. Lol what is iconic about anything from the prequels? Those movies are trash
  6. Well your welcome. Now you know and knowing is half the battle.
  7. I did not hate that scene but it wasn’t that impressive to me. I prefer the return of the Jedi space battle to that one. That rots has great special effects but a terrible story line. Just my opinion. I have a strong bias against those prequels. If they release clone wars, it’s a good thing for me in a way, I won’t have to spend a bunch of money on toy ships anymore I guess lol. I will just stay in my original trilogy cave lol.
  8. I guess I know when I get to quit supporting this game then.
  9. I feel like jj abrams did with Kylo what George Lucas wanted to do with Anakin but was unable and it only took jj one flick to write an emotional villain that I was entertained by. Plus there wasn’t an army of stupid droids in the new trilogy.
  10. First order and resistance for me. I will never get over my hatred of the prequels and a children’s cartoon isn’t gonna change my mind on that.
  11. Same here. Those movies were so terrible and I don’t care about how good a children’s cartoon was. Nothing makes me have interest in clone wars era. Now I do have interest in the resistance and first order. Kylo ren would be a fun commander.
  12. Maybe they should just make a separate armada clone wars game rather than adding them to this game. I really would prefer to not see clone wars in this version of the game.
  13. I also have zero interest in Clone wars. As long as they do two or three waves for the ot to finish it off, then by all means, do Clone wars.
  14. There is still at least one wave for the original trilogy left. I do not expect to see any clone wars material for armada until ffg sees how well it performs with x-wing and legion. My bet would be an announcement for the dornean gunship and something for the imps as well in quarter 3 of this year with a planned release for early 2020. Then maybe and it’s a big maybe, clone wars or new trilogy after that.
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