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  1. I’m very excited to pick up both new ships when they’re released.
  2. Feldherr released ssd foam and case. It’s pricey but looks great. If any US ssd owners are going to order from there, I’d be interested in making a bulk order. Shipping is a killer when ordering from there but it’s a quality product.
  3. I’ll be skipping clone wars to avoid sprues. Too much headache, not enough reward for me. Cheers to those that enjoy it though.
  4. Yea did ffg get to create another ship for the empire or is it from a comic or book? Also curious to find out if they designed the starhawk ornif Disney has it done already.
  5. Wow both ships look great. @Crabbok please get some good pics of these for us.
  6. I’m following along. I’ll have an aneurism if I play with unprotected ship cards.
  7. Yea I thought it was strange but I admit I didn’t research it much. I have one preordered locally for $160 bucks so $200 is still too much for me.
  8. I saw one at $200 on eBay earlier.
  9. I think clone wars releases are probably at least a year away, fall of 2020 would be my bet. These 2 ships will most likely be the last two ships for the gcw, at least for a quite some time.
  10. I know someone that paid $80 for a squad pack.
  11. So the ssd can’t be used in the campaign?
  12. I saw miniature market has a sale on asmodee products this week. The squadron 1 packs are $10 each if anyone is looking. Also a question, has anyone played the game of thrones second edition card game? I’m a fan of the books and show but have never played a card game. Just wondering what it’s like because some of the packs are reduced.
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