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  1. I would love to know what happened after this. Did he sell his collection? Did he smash it all or burn it? Or did he calm down and change his mind? Possibly created a new user name and is still among us here on the forum?
  2. Hi gang. I am terrible at speculating but I do like to read what you all think. When do you think a realistic date for an armada article will be? I would think articles can still be completed even if most of their staff is working from home. I am curious to see details on the clones wars expansions and if there will be upgrade cards included that will be useable for gcw.
  3. Does lyraeus still play armada? I wasn’t sure if he just avoids this forum or if he moved on to other games.
  4. Thanks. I got a cool surprise in the mail today. Stormtroooper Han is pretty cool.
  5. Thanks. This was a funny thing to do to forget about current events.
  6. I wonder if new players will be required to buy the original core set for the tools and damage deck or if these would be included with the expansions.
  7. The prequels and the original trilogy are available on Disney plus. Not sure what you’re getting at
  8. Well even if i dislike clone wars era stuff, I will probably still need to buy the expansions for the generic upgrades for use with rebels and empire.
  9. I really hope they aren’t changing the size of the upgrade cards for admittedly selfish reasons. I’ve bought a bunch of mini card sleeves and binder pages that would serve no purpose. Plus it just won’t look right to me, 2 factions have mini cards and two factions have standard size...that will trigger my ocd for sure.
  10. Do people think they will make a new damage deck for clone wars with new and different ways effects?
  11. Wow that was disappointing. At least I find some enjoyment on legion but armada is the game I wanted real news for. Hopefully we get real news in the next few months.
  12. Thanks. It’s pretty great here. Stay healthy.
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