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  1. The tournament results are available here https://www.tabletoptournaments.net/fr/t3_tournament_results.php?tid=23000 Some videos from Pierre Oh Round 4 table 1 semi finale Finale Some pictures from Asmodee France French national pictures Thank you all for your participation
  2. Hi, This year the French national Armada Championship will take place the 24th and 25th november at Espace CHARENTON, Paris (Fr of course not in Texas). max participants : 40 tickets : 20€ planning : 24th november : registration : 09h00 Hope for Starting tournament : 09h30 for 4 round, estimate ending for day one : 20h00. 25th november : top 4 only, starting at 09h30. Side event starting 10h00 for other players who want to participate (limited to 12 places) Tournament régulations -Standard 400 pts. fleet building -Plaing with waves who are available in France (currently wave 7) - No Proxy - Player is requested to have all materials needed for the game. -each game results needs to be reported to the TO in 10 minutes after time call each round -The last recent FAQ is valid (currently https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/68/e1/68e127a4-62df-4fe8-beca-f812ed6540f2/armada_faq_v412compressed.pdf) Side EVENT For the other, you can participate to the armada side event or Legion side event (ticket sold separatly for 10€) The armada side event is on the same format as European Birmnghame tournament but limited a 12 places A pool of 4 players, no timer, relaxed format playing for 2 games in autonomy. At the end of the first round, winners play together adn loosers to. When the 2 games are completed, find the TO (or he will be find you) to bring results and claim your prizes. For sign up, follow this link (google trad will be helpfull) You will receive instruction for buying your ticket by e-mail once you will sign up for the tournament.
  3. Thx for this video. I'm fan of your video on Armada and Legion
  4. Waaaagh Taverne, Paris France ( Don't mistake with Paris, Texas ?) 16 rue Stanislas, 75006 Paris Sunday 07th october 2018 start at 10:00 AM It's near Montparnasse's station, they're lot of Shuttles from both airport (Orly and Roissy) Registration will be open around the end of august just follow this link Store championship Paris Fr I'll give later in another post some informations for the French National (24-25th November in Paris, espace Charenton ) Benito75/Julien
  5. http://www.fantasyflightgames.fr/jeux/collection/runewars_le_jeu_de_figurines The only thing was cancelled is the french translation. But we can always buy the next extensions in the original language.
  6. I hope too. 2 of my friends don't have their tickets. But it's very sad for imperial assault...
  7. Thank you! It's a strong effect for a low cost
  8. Hi all, I've a doubt about how is work the Ankaur Maro unit upgrade ability. When you add tray, Who suffer wounds? Ankaur, the unit where is Ankaur or the unit who receipt the new tray?
  9. Hello, what do you thhink about this Ardus IxErebus x1--Unique: Ancient TechniqueCarrion Lancers x1--Training: Rank DisciplineReanimates x6--Heavy: Support Carrion Lancer Only 3 activations but the reanimate block can give a blight token every turn until is engaged as the carrion lancer. the main block is tanky et can keep a portion of ground for a while.
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