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  1. What logic is that, though? Because the Nantex really isn't like the A-Wing - or indeed any other ship. It already has a lot of unusual shenanigans that are going to let it hit harder or move in unexpected ways (such as still being able to tractor-reposition off a bump). I don't believe it needs the added flexibility of two Talents, especially when the two unique ones are clearly designed to be so diametrically opposed as to be a decision between them rather than just being able to 'have it all'. We don't know that, though. Granted it's likely, given the cards shown, but no guarantees. Perhaps it has an additional Modification slot to help keep it customizable? Or perhaps it doesn't need to be? But the Nantex is definitely a 'weird outlier' - almost the definition of it given how unusual it is. And the Fang sees plenty of play and plenty of different setups despite only having minimal upgrade slots. I don't think we can use that as evidence in the Nantex's case. More than anything else, I just really hope that the Nantex only has one Talent slot - as I've said, that way there are actual decisions to be made when building it, rather than just being able to take everything.
  2. There is no reason to expect the Nantex to have two Talent slots. You have to make a choice about what to do with it, either using your Tractor tokens aggressively (with Ensnare) with a penalty for failing to pass it off (-1 agility), or defensively (with Gravitic Deflection), with compensation for the reduced agility in the form of the reroll. There's no meaningful decision to make if you can just have both, or either of them for 'free' (in opportunity terms) as well as another bonus with another Talent. If those abilities were meant to be as much a part of the ship as the Pinpoint Tractor Array itself is, they'd have been Configuration cards like the Delta-7B/CLT are.
  3. Good catch, I didn't remember them from the spread.
  4. A couple of the Force Powers in the Hotshots & Aces pack seem like they might have mistranslated names? 'Foresight' and 'Precognitive Reflexes' sound an awful lot like they might just be 'Sense' and 'Supernatural Reflexes' Right?
  5. I really don't believe Dengar (or the JM5k in general) is worth taking, even now. The novelty of having all three In6 pilots is nice, but it wears off quickly when you realize that Dengar is largely dead weight who will struggle to keep arc on anything because of how atrociously the ship manages stress. Just about anything else would be a better use of the 68pts spent on him - Teroch, Talonbane, Kavil - ****, you can even get a Dorsal/VTG Lok Revenant for the equivalent of Dengars' *base* price!
  6. Inertial Dampeners is the biggest surprise to me. Outside of that one abusive combination with R2-D2 crew on the Falcon allowing practically infinite use, it was trash even at 1pt because of all the drawbacks: the self-damage requirement, time limitation (if you don't use it before your shields are shot down, it can't be used at all), and stress penalty. Given that FFG took the thematic Illicit slot from the Rebel Falcon, ID was unlikely to ever see use again - costed the way it has been, it's now utterly worthless. Quite why they didn't just make it a 1 non-recurring charge (without the shield loss) in the first place I'll never know. The other big shock was just how hard the Phantom got hit again - the 'Quad Phantom' list needed to be addressed, but it could have been done delicately by increasing the cost of the Sigma Squadron Ace in order to limit the number of Jukes (I'm not sure that needed to go up again either, but that's a seperate discussion) available by virtue of points. Instead it feels like the whole thing got hit with a sledgehammer, and I'm really not convinced the named ones needed to go up any further. Overall, the changes feel like heavy-handed responses to the top performing lists, more than carefully considered balance tweaks.
  7. What is your source for this? As far as I could tell from watching Rebels, the only thing different about the 'Elite' was that it had yellow stripes on it, which I always took to mean a squadron. Is it ever established that there is an actual functional difference between it and any other Defender?
  8. Completely disagree. The Defender is already a unique ship with its own quirks, and there is *so* much more to it than 'lol 4k every round' and 'lol token stacks'. One of the most nuanced and thought-intensive endgames I've ever had in an X-Wing match was Rexler VS Rexler - and not *one* round out of the 10 or so it took to close out the game was both of us 4k-ing (anecdotal, sure, but nevertheless). The 'Elite' from Rebels was a paint scheme, not a configuration difference, and while I wouldn't mind the old TIE/D cannon double-tap returning, it would need to remove or replace Full Throttle if it did. The ship could maybe use a very small (1-2) further points reduction to make it a bit more manageable in a squad, but we definitely don't need three of them at once or fundamental changes to a ship that is fine the way it is. Plus, it's my favourite. Please let's not mess with it!
  9. Of course. No pilot or chassis should have to suffer non-viability as a form of petty revenge. It's childish to hold a grudge based on a ruleset that's been replaced.
  10. How does the Revell model compare to the FFG one in terms of scale? Would it be immediately apparent which was which if they were placed side by side?
  11. I was very skeptical about Afterburners on Vader - I wondered if it could be justified spending so many points (back when it was 8pts) for something you could only use twice a game. Then I tried it and good lord, never take him without them. They are essential! I like FCS on him too simply because the synergy is so obvious and perfect, and it's dirt cheap so theres little reason not to take it - there isn't a lot else you would use the Sensor slot for in any case. Hate, though, I don't agree with. I rarely found I was spending enough force to require additional regeneration, and if I was then I was disengaging and not getting shot/hit anyway.
  12. Personally I think folk are focusing a little too hard on Delta-7B Jedi aces as the be-all, end-all of Republic ships. While the Torrent doesn't have a lot of viable options, the basic In2 version is phenomenal as an efficient swarmable ship, and really begins to shine when you put a brick of 3/4 of them together. They're hard to one-shot, have a great linked action, and are dirt cheap. Just don't waste points giving them missiles (it's absolutely a trap). Likewise, I find the ARCs are best kept lean, with the only upgrade I've ever stretched to being Cody, if the points were going spare. 'Sinker' is an absolute bargain at 54pts, and is quite easy to get a lot of value out of. Lastly, I think Jedi being used purely for support (i.e. their force abilities rather than jumping immediately to 7B) are criminally underused. Obi-Wan, Luminara, Ahsoka and (to a lesser extent) Plo all work well in this role without needing to spend a fortune in points on them, and will more likely be able to preserve their Force for said abilities. For me, at least, Republic is definitely emerging as a 'minimal upgrades' faction. My successful lists with them often only have one or two upgrade cards in the whole list.
  13. Followed by Ki-Adi Mundi, Aayla Secura, Shak-Ti...
  14. As far as the first list goes, the thing that immediately jumps out about it is 'too many upgrades'! Torrents in particular strike me as cheap, swarmable filler that should not be heavily invested in - I believe missiles are a mistake, as is as paying the 4pt premium for an elite slot and one point of Init. Likewise, 'Odd Ball' is loaded down with stuff he just doesn't need and that will make losing him all the more sour (as well as painting a big bullseye on his face...) - I'd say you can strip out everything except for Cody - though given the synergies with his ability I can see Synched Console staying as well. You might also consider R4-P17 or R4-P44 for him (since both synergise with his ability), instead of the Console. This leaves around 65pts to play with - you could get a reasonably priced Jedi or another ARC-170 for that, depending on preference. 'Sinker' is a solid choice given the number of other ships, though you could also get 'Jag' with Palpatine who I think is going under the radar a bit at the moment.
  15. Right here is where I think you lost credibility... In all seriousness, though, I really don't think Defenders need to change - and I have adored the Defender since my start in X-Wing. I think FFG have nailed the advanced, elite (and rare) nature of the ship with its current representation. I do miss the option of the old TIE/D double shot, but I think if that were reintroduced as a Configuration it would either have to cost a fortune or replace/remove the Full Throttle ability.
  16. Arguably, single defence die ships have an advantage over those with more, as their health becomes more mathematically 'finite' so you have a better idea of how long they're going to stick around rather than being at the mercy of the green dice (treacherous little buggers that they are). With that in mind, by far the best way to improve their defensive capabilities is with more health from Hull or Shield upgrades.
  17. My immediate thought is that you can cut some upgrades from Fel - all he really needs is Predator and a cautious approach! His tendency to explode when the green dice (inevitably) go south means that investing in too many extra upgrades for him just makes losing him more painful for the rest of your list, whereas 54pts is far more expendable yet can easily earn back far more than that. That gives you a lot more room for wingmen. I like Vader a lot, though while Afterburners are essential in my experience, and Fire Control is cheap enough that it's well worth throwing on, Brilliant Evasion is...trash. 6pts is absurd for it and it really isn't needed. From there you've got 73pts to play around with, and there's a lot that can be done with that. Ideally you want ships that are going to support the I6 aces, draw attention away from them, or both. Proton Torpedo Redline (I guarantee he'll be target number one), Lt Sai (for co-ordinate and truly ridiculous action economy), Major Vermeil (dangerous if ignored while also having support abilities in co-ordinate and jam, as well as plentiful points for crew options), a couple of named TIEs (those that get extra attack die are best to look at, or Sayn Marana for her 1.0 Wampa powers), even a Delta Defender could be a decent shout for incredible blocking potential and being difficult to remove. If you wanted to keep Deathfire, though, I'd go with this: Soontir Fel (TIE Interceptor) -Predator 54pts Darth Vader (TIE Advanced x/1) -Fire Control System -Afterburners 73pts 'Deathfire' (TIE Bomber) -Proton Bombs 39pts 'Wampa' (TIE Fighter) 30pts 196pts Deathfire is likely to die very fast if he's shot at, so it's not hugely worth investing a lot of points into him, in case he doesn't get to use them. Using just two bombs, though, is manageable and if he somehow survives to use more than that, the Bomber has a reload action. Wampa is an abolsute bargain for 30pts and cannot be easily ignored, making target priority that much harder for your opponent. A bid is handy to have for I6 pilots, but not essential and certainly not one as deep as 8 or even 6 points (given the relative scarcity of I6 compared with I5). You could cut into the 4pt bid here with Hate for Vader (decent to help him out if he has some bad defence dice), or Seismic Charges/Skilled Bombardier for Deathfire (in case more bomb variety/deployment options is warranted), but that would be down to taste and personally I'd keep the bid as I think it's a better use of the points. Hope that helps!
  18. I'm having this issue as well - any word on a resolution?
  19. Neither. The aesthetics of the prequel era ships don't appeal to me outside of the ARC-170 (I'd rather fly Rebels for access to that), and my wallet can no longer accomodate a slew of new purchases when the ship prices have increased the way they have. I also don't feel like adding two more factions was a great idea from a balance perspective, but that's a seperate issue really.
  20. Seeing all the maneuvers is something I've never personally liked, as I find it makes the dial look unfinished and untidy. I find the old 'Pac-Man' design to be much neater and sleek-looking, and find it all too easy to select the wrong move with the new ones as I am too used to lining up the one I want with the gap in the cardboard - that and the white arrow is less clearly visible. It's an entirely aesthetic and subjective thing, I know. And it was a bit time consuming to switch every dial over, but the maneuvers are the 2.0 ones so, in game terms, the dials are entirely useable. First Order ones were a whole other story, of course, since I wanted to emulate the 'flipped down' art rather than just reuse the old Imperial one for them too...
  21. I do the same thing, since I hate the style of the new dials - and there's no reason it shouldn't be legal so long as the maneuvers are the correct ones. After all, at that point it's no different from using an 'official' dial cover.
  22. For a ship with 3 attack dice like the T-70, Cluster Missiles really arn't doing anything for you since the bonus relies on your opponents ships being close together, you can't reliably mod both the shots, and can't use them at the only range band where they would have an inherent advantage over said primary. I also think that Ferrosphere Paint is excessive here, especially given that lock-based alpha strikes are a little less common. With the saved points from those, and dropping the Black Squadron Aces to Red Experts (or even rookies), you could try and get an A-Wing as a fourth ship. Or, you could instead use the points to upgrade the other two X's to some of the named pilots for more of an 'aces' style list.
  23. The TIE swarm archetype isn't seen as much, to my mind, for two reasons: it had a pretty hard counter in Trajectory Simulated bombs and, more importantly, it's really difficult to fly to success (particularly over the course of a long event) as there's so many more dials to account for and not much room for error with how explodey they can be. With bomb-flinging being so much more expensive now, you might start to see a bit of a resurgence among those willing to put in the time to get good at it (Personally I'm not!), and Iden can really help deal with their other big weakness - getting obliterated immediately by alpha strikes and ordnance.
  24. 1) They will certainly matter once the charges run out, which with the right placement could well happen in the first round. ****, with ideal placement, the optimum route for the shuttles to spring their trap could cross as many as three, which would cost them their action at best and their shot at worst. 2) Of course it still matters. They won't always be set up facing to the side, against the back line, at the exact same place relative to where the shuttles go. It's not possible to be that mathematically precise with the Upsilons every time on the table. 3) Then how does them setting up at In6 matter? Is the only variable at play here their horizontal position? And again, I very much doubt the shuttle player is going to get the exact, pinpoint deployment, particularly relative to the enemy ships, correct every single time. And what if they come up against a list such as the examples I've given of generics? What if they're up against something that is unlikely to be killed by their initial two shots? Whatever the mods they have are, that's still a maximum of eight damage assuming perfect attack dice and perfectly failed defence rolls in both cases, which is not a guarantee against many targets. In short, what if the alpha strike fails to achieve a win condition immediately? Regardless of how slow it can be made, the trickle of damage against them will still happen (1 dice + reinforce is not enough to stop it, and they'll never get evade tokens again after the first rush) and after that first joust it is they who will struggle to keep arcs on target.
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