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  1. I like your ramshackle Ork ships - I spotted a bit I hadn't noticed in the Rogue Trader Core book the other day (bottom of page 191 in my copy) that you could fit extra components on the outside of your ship and that these would be destroyed after absorbing the first hit that made it through your shields so if you stuck some extra 'Lotsa Boyz' components on the outside of your Ork ships they should do what you want while killing a lot of Orks in a messy way as well Regenerating ships are a good idea too - depending on what your PCs have I would make it a certain amount per turn kicking in on the turn after taking damage. The amount would depend on how many hits your pc's are currently generating per turn with an aim to counter one or two of their hits per turn?
  2. I missed these when you first posted them - pretty good - they remind me of Necromunda rules a bit.
  3. I looked at the same map but decided the western edge of the Jericho sector was still outside the great rift but the scale of the map is so large you can pretty much decide either way? A stable warp gate with its other end inside the Great Rift could be trouble... Alternatively the exit point in the Jericho sector could have been shifted to somewhere completely new or as another idea both may have disappeared as mysteriously as they appeared...
  4. So with the fall of Cadia the Great Rift now separates much of the north of the Milky way galaxy from the Southern chunk that contains Terra. What impact do you think this would have on the Koronus and Calixis sectors? I'm imagining much disruption to the Astronomicon throughout with the possible formation of area's where the light of the astronomicon can no longer be seen which would have huge impacts on the travel trade and communication within the sectors and beyond? I'm also thinking that the Warp Storms in the region may have expanded or even moved to new locations by the pull of the great rift possibly sucking well known worlds into the warp and perhaps disgorging ones that have been trapped for millennia? Politically the region becomes even more isolated and perhaps predisposes it to rebellion by planetary governors etc? A counterpoint would be if the warp gate to the Jericho Reach now provides a gateway to the other side of the Great Rift - it could become very important for the movement of trade and military shipping! Thoughts?
  5. Balancing encounters is very gear based as well as stats. Rather than simply trying to match the PCs in raw stats sometimes its better to use complicating factors to even things up to make an encounter challenging. Ideas like a battle in a ship flooded with gas that might explode, combat next to the main plasma drive, fights in an electromagnetic field that prevents tech functioning, combat in a vacuum (any damage through armour may breach) , combat underwater (most ranged weapons don't work), enemy have a hostage who the pcs need alive etc. etc. Avoid straight fights as pcs generally have a ton of advantages and better gear.
  6. Unless they are selling ships or ship modules or rare ammo like vortex torpedo's then the sales are just petty cash and won't effect their PF. Sales that would earn PF are likely to be difficult to find buyers and can be a whole adventure in itself as you cant sell rare stuff without going to popular systems like footfall and letting it be known that you are selling x at which point you become a target for various lowlifes or scammers who will plot to get hold of it. If they have contacts in the fleet or ad mech its often better to hand it to them in return for favours or to improve your standing with them. Or save them to gift to planetary governors or other officials you need cooperation from for one of your endevours. Looting stuff from fallen foes is fine and unlikely to unbalance anything.
  7. Explorator fleets might well tolerate it if the individual showed talent - once a priest mutation is unlikely to be a huge issue unless you get a load or really terrible ones.
  8. What types of abhumans do you have? Navigators are the most accepted by the imperium but surviving squats would be ok - you need something basicly acceptable to be the 'face' of the group and warrant holder - rest of the crew can be any abhuman except the beastmen ones these days (and maybe even them if they lurk in the background if you visit imperial worlds). If you lack these you could try and disguise a roughly human sized abhuman but it's always going to be dicey so stay away from Port Wander but footfall is ok unless an Inquisitor takes an interest in you.
  9. Page 216 of the Rogue Trader rulebook - Active Augury - it uses the scrutiny skill plus the ships detection rating to get details on everything in 20VU's of the ship including planets and other celestial bodies.
  10. When I wrote my own ruleset a while back I created a bunch of abhumans including gillmen: Gillmen - A common form of mutation on water worlds is the addition of Gills in the neck of a human giving them the ability to breathe in both air and water - more subtle alterations give them the ability to survive the pressure 3x that of normal humans and they do not suffer decompression sickness. No base stat alterations. Imperial Acceptability 8 - abnormal but acceptable (on Water worlds they are fully accepted and count as 10). Potential Tech Level- Roll D10 - 1-2 - Low 3-7 Average 8-10 High. Initial Fate - 3 Height 5' 6"+ 2d6 inches Weight 150 + 4d10 lb If you are staying true to the Rogue Trader ruleset you'll need to create a new starting world type for Water world - I would suggest increased toughness for their denser flesh and resistance to pressure but also some penalties while on land (clumsiness - Ag modifier ) but give them the natural ability to function in zero G without penalty due to their experience moving in 3 dimensions in the water (and obviously give them swimming skill). Abhumans are fun so good luck!
  11. Any ship that's not doing tiny jumps of a few light years in the warp really needs a few navigators aboard. Travelling as a fleet is possible from the fluff but tricky to coordinate - handle it as modifiers to the navigation warp tests based on how many ships are trying to travel together. If you run with one ship having navigators and the rest follow they would still occasionally get separated (warp storms would do it) - in that case the ships without should drop out of the warp and then use astropaths to try to contact the 'mother' ship to come pick them up. All of that takes time so perhaps double the journey time for fleets (and thus twice as many warp encounters).
  12. I'm thinking the whole 'Gathering Storm' story arc leads to the release of 40k 8th Edition around mid-year.
  13. If a Rogue trader became aware of one of the dodgier factions such as the Istvaanians what could he actually do about it? Secretly assassinating them seems about the most straightforward if you can pull it off without leaving anything traceable back to you... Taking up with one of their rivals in the Inquisition seems like another approach (which could be ironic if the one they ally with is actually from an even more evil faction). Any other idea's? It's not really a profitable thing but potentially something a loyalist Rogue Trader might do.
  14. It would be a lot easier if we knew what the fuel is so we could have an idea how much volume 6 months of fuel takes up. There's that factory ship that travels into stars to create starship fuel - it requires a load of metals as well but its not clear whether its producing stellar matter in cans or just using the available energy in a star to help transmute the metals into some sort of superheavy stable element or maybe antimatter? There's no ship critical for exploded fuel tank so maybe whatever it is it's somehow safe to store?
  15. On 3. fuel usage is going to be based on activity with activating the warp drives at the top of the energy drains by a mile then combat if you have a lot of lances/plasma/laser weapons (macros or missiles shouldn't really need much at all) then movement and pretty much bottom of the list is life support. I think the game base limit of 6 months is based on you doing lots of things - theoretically a ship just stuck in the middle of nowhere with just life support on could last centuries? The intro story in the rulebook still has power on the treasure ship after a long time for example. Of course you'll run out of food a lot faster than that.
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