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  1. Incredibly disappointed they just went with an aces cap. This does nothing to address the root of the problem; aces are simply more cost efficient than generics. There's still no reason not to take as many aces as you can, and the most egregious combinations skated by unscathed. The tedious micromanaging gameplay also remains unchanged. My last hope is that aces get hit hard with a cost increase, but at this point I doubt it. From what I can read of the first republic ace you can glimpse in the trailer, she provides a defensive aura of obstruction for allies. I guess not a lot of lessons were learned from the past. I still love the game and am super excited for clone wars, but....
  2. A thought occurred to me while trying to decipher the wording on the new republic ace. Her ability specifically only effects friendly generic squadrons, which I thought was a good way to keep an aura ability in check. I then thought, what if they retroactively applied such a rule to all ace abilities? That way, they wouldn't have to change reprint old aces or drastically change mechanics. It could go something like this; Ace abilities that specify "friendly squadrons" only effect non-unique squadrons Ace abilities that specify "enemy squadrons" only effect unique squadrons It even makes a some sense thematically. Aces are lone wolves, more interesting in seeking high value targets or completing special missions than cooperating closely with allies. This way, rather than artificially limiting the number of aces allowed in a list, players are encouraged to take generics in order to make use of your own defensive ace abilities. Furthermore taking too many becomes a risk, as offensive aces without targets are a waste of points. It even makes the game a little faster, since you don't have to juggle managing as many simultaneous bubbles. As an added bonus on the design side, you no longer have to worry about how the many combinations of aces could potentially interact with each other, making balance a lot easier. Thoughts on this? I'm worried if they simply put a hard cap on the number of aces allowed, we'll just be stuck seeing the same aces over and over again with in each faction. (Even more than we do already)
  3. Looking at the squadron cards in the trailer, I don't notice any differences in their general format or layout I fear this may be a sign there won't be significant changes to squadron mechanics. We'll see come Saturday Also Vulture squadrons are terrifying. 2 blacks and a blue with a swarm reroll for 8 points.
  4. There is another possibility with the card expansion, one which may be too dark to contemplate. What if the packs... are RANDOM BOOSTER PACKS?? Rather than try to figure out which cards are or someday will be "essential", FFG could just throw in a spread of 12 or so neutral upgrades from across all their previous expansions. They could also just update the variety as new cards are released. Maybe even throw in one or two of those campaign exclusive aces/objectives for people (like me) who didn't want to buy a whole box just for some aces. Maybe slide in a couple cards exclusively in the packs to really tempt people. Eh, probably not.
  5. If I'm not mistaken, Legion tournaments do not have separate tables, so Armada will probably follow the same format. I would imagine the competitive scene will heavily favor the GCW era for a while, since there would be more room for fleet variety and customization until the Clone Wars era has more expansions to play with.
  6. Distribution and packaging might be an issue, with hundreds of individual orders going out across several countries. If they were willing to print and ship packages of cards, I would think shipping card packs to stores would be the more efficient solution. I would gladly drop 20 bucks on a card printer to get my collection back into tip-top shape though.
  7. I think we can all sympathize with that aching feeling someone gets when they're building a list only to realize they're missing several key cards from their collection. For me this really hit hard with the RITR expansion, since the Nebulon has been my favorite Star Wars ship since I was a kid, and that campaign comes with several cards I would absolutely love to use on them. It's not a very fun experience to feel forced into buying overpriced cards online or redundant expansions just to get the cards you want. This has been an old sore-spot in the community for years, and I fear the addition of two new factions will amplify the issue. Bringing in two new factions will bring in a lot of new players, which is fantastic! However, I dread the day I will have to tell a bright-eyed new CIS player he has to scour E-Bay or buy a useless MC-30 just for that sweet Ordinance Experts card he saw. New players are going to be significantly disadvantaged facing those with preexisting collections, even if their opponents are also playing the new factions. I doubt a new Republic player is going to start buying ships he can't field just to kit out his Venerator properly. The reverse is also true for Civil War players looking over the neutral upgrades that come with the new ships. The issue was less pronounced before, since each wave was mostly symmetrical with neutral upgrades, but adding two new factions might change that. As I see it, there are a few ways FFG could address the issue; 1) Card Packs You want them, I want them, Legion got them, why can't we? Card packs have been requested for years, and I think it's the solution with the most merit. Legion has shown it can be done, and I'm still baffled they haven't come to Armada. It gives us want we want, and provides FFG another source of revenue. Sadly, I don't think this is going to happen. The community begged for card packs years ago, and at this point it's clear they're never happening. A shame. 2) Stuff the expansions Just stuff the new ships with tons of the old upgrades. Filling the new expansions with duplicates of the most prolific upgrades would ensure new players aren't missing the most crucial cards, but some inevitably would slip through the cracks. Furthermore, since new cards could bring old upgrades back into the spotlight, it would be hard to predict what cards need to included to keep new collections competitive. I also worry including tons of old cards might take up space that could be used for new upgrades. 3) No Backwards Compatibility Wipe the slate clean. Clone Wars ships can only use cards from the Clone Wars expansions. I'm not sure how I feel about this idea. On the one hand, starting from scratch would make maintaining balance a lot simpler, since you don't have to worry about how a new upgrade will interact with the hundreds that have come before it. On the other hand, old players might not like starting new collections from the ground up. They would also need to find a way to clearly differentiate which cards are usable by which eras. Which approach do you guys think has the most the most merit? Are there any other solutions you can think of? I really hope FFG takes this opportunity to tackle the problem head on, as I think it would bring some players back into the game. (Myself included.)
  8. Seems a bit high costed to me, especially since you then have to pay for whatever you're putting into the slot on top of it. I mean, Minister Tua is only two points after all. Fleet Tactician: (Officer) Medium or Large Ship Only This ship gains the <Fleet Command> upgrade slot if it does not already have one (3 Points) Veteran Engineers: (Support Crew) When this ship activates, it may move one shield point to another hull zone (3 Points)
  9. We all have those ideas for cards tumbling around the backs of our mostly empty skulls, so I decided to make a thread where we can share and mock them as a community. These aren't necessarily game changing ideas, just simple generic cards you think would make a solid addition to armada. So come on down and pitch your idea, and we'll all tell you why it's terrible and you should never work for FFG. Here's mine to get things started: Captain's Aide: (Officer) This ship may store one additional command token (2pts)
  10. Initially, I was firmly in the "No double tokens" camp, but a thought occurred to me Was it just me, or did anybody else have a "Well that's weird..." moment when first reading Leia's card? Specifically the "may not resolve another command this round" part. It just struck me as so awkwardly written, and it's been stuck in the back of my mind for a while now. I kept thinking it would have been much better written as, "may not spend a token this round". It's so much more concise and clear that way, so why didn't they write it like that? Unless.... they wrote it the way they did on purpose. I just can't find a justification for such awkward and bizarre writing unless they specifically wanted to make an exception for using a token that matches your super-dial. If they didn't want that exception, they could have written her card description so much more clearly. I know this isn't definitive evidence one way or another, but it's what put me in the "double token" side. Still not sure if that's something I want though. Squadron 4 Yavaris and all the other shenanigans that potentially open up would make Leia quite the intimidating addition to Armada.
  11. Keep in mind, the Hammerhead doesn't come with boarding troopers. It comes with boarding engineers, which works regardless of the ship's squadron value. Not all upgrades in a wave are usable, or all viable, on all the ships in that wave. We've also got several dual slot upgrades we know nothing about. Leia does much more than just boost squadron activation. She turns an engineering command into powerful damage control, allows ludicrous speed changes, and makes a concentrate firepower command somewhat useful. Hammerheads would still benefit greatly from Leia if they had squadron 0. Even with squadron 0, an EHB would turn them into a cheap pocket carrier with Leia. If we want to go full tinfoil hat conspiracy here, maybe this is why they don't show the command/squadron/engineering values for the Hammerhead in the preview? They could be waiting for the in depth article for the big "First ship with squadron zero!" reveal.
  12. I agree with most of this, but I doubt the Hammerhead will be as fast or maneuverable as a CR90. The speed dial in the preview for the hammerhead is set to "3", and as far as I know that has been a solid indicator of the ship's max speed. Maneuverability has always been the CR90's shtick, so I doubt the Hammerhead will be able to keep up. Not necessarily a bad maneuvering chart, just not CR90 tier. Since the Hammerhead comes with "Boarding Engineers", I bet it has the engineering value to use them effectively, so I'm guessing it has an engineering value of "3". It's supposed to be old and durable. It will definitely need it since it trades a valuable evade token for a near worthless contain. Finally, as my personal crack-pot theory, I predict it will be the first squadron "0" ship. Mostly to keep the cost down, but also because with an offensive retrofit and admiral Leia, it would be very easy to turn a squadron "1" hammerhead into a squadron "3" carrier. And it could take Flight controllers. As much as I would love that, seems a bit crazy on a dinky outdated freighter. I'm putting down 32 points for the torpedo variant, and 37 for the long range.
  13. Can somebody post images in the thread or create a separate album for those of us who don't have a facebook account? I would really appreciate it.
  14. I'm going to relay a unique suggestion I heard that seems to make sense to me. I haven't tried it out yet in a match, but initial experiments with the models I have seem to support it Essentially, the GSD is going to close the distance. So put the good old rebel minefield in his way: B-Wings A flight of several B-Wing squadrons can tear apart a GSD, especially with special characters like Luke or Keylan with them, or fleet support from something like Yavaris or Talon. Keep the squadron ahead of your main fleet (this means moving slow at first), and wait for the over eager GSD to plow right into them. Keep in mind he is GOING to get those dreaded black dice out before he sinks, so try and bait him into wasting them on an empty vessel. A lighlty upgraded corvette would be perfect for this. You're going to end up trading ships, and trading a 50 point corvette for an 80 point frigate seems like a good trade to me. Basically, use cheap bait to lure him into a minefield of B-Wings.
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