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    T65 a New Hope

    Hey guys! Yes, this is another let's fix the t-65 thread... But if you clicked here you are at least curious, so let me take a little of your time. I'm a big fan of the t-65 and played a bunch of matches with them, albeit in the most casual environment possible. From my little experience and from what I read and watch there are two main problems with the ship: 1) No reposition. 2) Efficiency (in an environment populated with x7 defenders and jumpmasters, being a little inferior to a b-wing doesn't impress in the slightest). I've seen a bunch of suggestions out there and I'd like to show what I've come up with: T-65B X-wing. X-wing only. Rebel Alliance Only. Title. Treat all your 2-speed maneuvers as green maneuvers. If you equip an <astromech> upgrade card its squad point cost is reduced by 2 (to a minimum of 0. X-wing dials are pretty bland. With this aces would have more options when stressed, allowing new possibilities with PTL and boost or vector thrusters. Generics gain reasonable boost in efficiency - IA for free with better mechs. Both BB-8 and R2D2 become much more powerful and useful. Bat-Wedge is now more unpredictable and 2 point cheaper, but not overpowered when compared to the 35 Soontir. What you guys think? I'm considering this for house rules. (srry for the English, not a native speaker)
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