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  1. In a palette you can mix the shades together. Nuln oil is kind of like it says, it will dry into a dark oily looking shade. Earthshade is more brown tinted. Mixing different shades and/or colors with a palette will help you get custom shades/colors so you don't have to rely on the base products.
  2. Happy New Years everyone!!!
  3. The Destiny Quarter Kit was announced, so they are spreading them out a touch.
  4. Time to start painting tiny skulls on all my reanimate heads... sigh
  5. They are not the easiest thing to put together. One model is certainly better than the other, but they do go together eventually.
  6. I've started thinking about this too. I picked up a legion measuring tool, and it fits the round bases, but not siege or cavalry. 3D printer to the rescue?
  7. That is pretty awesome. Something to strive for in my future 3d Terrain endeavors.
  8. Run a tape line at each side to mark 6" in. Then you have the normal play area and an area for cards, tokens, what have you on the mat too.
  9. Look at the FFG product page. There should be pdfs available there.
  10. Starting out Waiqar vs Latari: Vanguard Clash and Ancient Wards Turn 2: Slow advancement. Reanimate Archers shoot to their left side Ventala. Slow advances across the battlefield. Lord Vorun'Thul transforms from beast to man. Turn 3: Lord Vorun'Thul transforms back to beast mode and rips up the Ventala on the right. The Reanimate Archers launch a volley at the left side Ventala and eliminate them. The Death Knights are still slowly approaching the Deepwood Archers. Maegan swings forward to get close to the Reanimate Archers. Turn 4: Wraiths take on the remains of the Ventala, the Ventala come out on top for now. The Death Knights march forward to engage the Deepwood Archers before they can get a shot off. It is not a charge so the Knights gain some panic. Aliana engages the side of the Death Knights, pinning them in place. Lord Vorun'Thul transforms back to the edge of the Deepwood Archers. Maegan still approaches the Reanimate Archers. Turn 5: The Death Knights destroy Aliana. Lord Vorun'Thul transforms back into a beast and chews on the Deepwood Archers flank. The Wraiths eliminate the last of the Ventala. Maegan sets up to charge the Reanimate Archers. Turn 6: The image is missing. The Reanimate Archers reformed to face Maegan causing her to miss her charge. The Wraiths shift backwards 2 and reform setting up the next round. The Death Knights and Lord Vorun'Thul destroy the remaining Deepwood Archers. Turn 7: The Reanimate Archers shoot Maegan and the Wraiths charge the remaining distance to lock Maegan in place. Lord Vorun'Thul and the Death Knights turn around. Final: Maegan destroys the Wraiths. The Reanimate Archers pepper Maegan with arrows, dropping her. Lord Vorun'Thul and the Death Knights did not re-engage. Match and League Points: 200 : 72 for 9:2 w 128 MOV Waiqar
  11. @Parakitor unfortunately I have to drop out of this as well. I have a lot of things going on and will not be able to get vassal matches in. I would love to be able to stay in, I just won't be able to find the time.
  12. True, I really should have just tried to punch through the middle... it's only a game right?
  13. From my talk with Brooks (pre FAQ) regarding the Surges/Unique Surges, they are treated as different symbols. That is why Ardus cannot borrow unique surge abilities from others. Something that affects surge/surge+ symbols, will not affect unique surges. Surge+ is not a different icon, it is a modified Surge icon. Unique Surge is a different icon.
  14. One clarification, if Lord V. uses Entrancing Gaze and causes a unit to collide with said Bone Pit, the unit that is colliding with the pit, does not need to enter the pit. If however that unit had dialed in a march and Lord V. moved them to where they would collide with the pit on their own march, then they would have to enter the pit. I hope I was clearer than mud for this.
  15. Name the faction Winning faction: Daqan Most represented faction overall: Daqan Least represented faction overall: Uthuk More or less - simply answer if you think there will be more or less than the number we have given Number of six tray archer blocks in the top 8: 3 Less Number of single tray siege units in the top 8: 5 Less Average number of heroes per list in the top 8: 1.3 Less Number of units in the winning list: 5 More Give us a number Number of uthuk in top 8: 2 Number of daqan in top 8: 2 Number of Waiqar in top 8: 2 Number of Latari in top 8: 2 What do you think? Most common unit in top 8: Heavy Crossbowmen Will a podcast host make the final? Yes Will Aliana be in every Latari list? No Will Ardus or Maro make a showing in the top 8? Solid maybe
  16. And corrected... thank you i’ve Played that incorrectly for a few games now. ?
  17. Regeneration happens at the end of activation of the reanimates too, not the end phase. I’ve played this scenario and have the trays fill the back most rank before adding new ranks. So it will not get an L shape other than 1 rank deep.
  18. @Viktus106 in @Church14's image, LV is facing NNW, so it is a fully legal use of his ability. His swords make it seem that he is facing W. It took me a couple of times looking at it to realize it was a legal move.
  19. I'll admit that having 2 large cavs really reduces the number of individual units you can field.
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