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  1. Aetheriac

    Scouting the Battlefield

    Proxies, Vassal, or TableTop Simulator
  2. If things work out well, I will probably look into adding it to the Armada module too. For now I'll focus on Runewars as I play it more often.
  3. I'm not promising a timeline, but I am looking into adding a list importer to the Vassal module. The proposed idea is basically a plain text parser that will read the Print View text from TabletopAdmiral and Tabletop Miniatures that people will have to copy and paste. It will then place the unit cards, dials, and upgrade cards onto your side of the board. There will be no army validation, nor will there be any tokens added (at least not when it comes out). The card layout will improve as it ages, for starters just getting a stack of cards is the goal. It will take time to get this working, just wanted to gauge the interest.
  4. but back on topic to the OP... I think upgrade cards and the FAQ changes should be enough to put an overpowered faction back in its place.
  5. Aren't demons supposed to be scary? Heck, so are the undead, with an inevitable grind coming your way.... No one seems to really fear Waiqar though. Heroes should... feel heroic turn the tide of battle command forces be imposing unsettle armies Individual heroes can do all those things, some with more fluency than others. With people feeling that the game was balanced around the full release of units that are just being announced, there will be more power added to the old factions. When the Uthuk burst onto the scene, they should be scary as heck. There are demons running rampant through the fields for crying out loud!!! New things will take adjustments, but balance will happen. When the Latari hit just before worlds... how many Latari armies were fielded in the wild? They took Worlds though. Are they stronger than any other factions? maybe, maybe not. Uthuk tactics are starting to be understood and countered. There is still a long road ahead to get the factions to parity.
  6. Aetheriac

    Runewars Vassal Tournament!

    I sent mine via discord chat.
  7. Aetheriac

    Multiplayer Deployments

    10 turns I believe. With the first 3 turns deploying roughly 33% of each players forces at a time so it wasn't too clustered.
  8. Aetheriac


    When I read through the lore section of the source book, it was kind of light on dwarves. They spread the dragon runes out into the world (spreading magic), and for the most part have isolated themselves in their holds.
  9. Aetheriac

    Future Mechanics?

    In this regard, I was a part of a large format skirmish where we had 8 players at 200 pts each, on about 6 mats (iirc). One area was a river/stream, where there were 3 parts to the stream. 2 of them were taxing 1 or 2, one of them had a bridge, which allowed a single unit of any size to occupy it without taxing. It was a good barrier, and showed that there can be a lot of options with terrain for unique scenarios. Addendum: I do not believe that we had to change any core rules to make this work. The only real changes were a 10 round game, and you deployed roughly 33% of your total points per round in rounds 1, 2, and 3.
  10. Aetheriac

    Formations: what are yours

    Terrain could really interrupt this I would think.
  11. Aetheriac

    Waiqar opinion

    Thanks for this, I am totally going to check this out.
  12. Aetheriac

    Uthuk brought to par

    Looks good now, thanks.
  13. Aetheriac

    Waiqar opinion

    I need to mix up my game with Waiqar for sure. I've had some close calls that have been losses due to poor dice (at least that's what I want to tell myself). I've mixed it up a bit by playing Uthuk in the league I'm in, but will probably flip back and forth between Uthuk and Waiqar each season. Maybe I'll get a different perspective.
  14. Aetheriac

    Uthuk brought to par

    The Obscenes are acting peculiar. I need to add 6 of them to get the full unit instead of 3 as I would expect. They will be 2 to a box like the other siege units.