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  1. Aetheriac

    Ankaur Maro and Lingering Dead

    And corrected... thank you i’ve Played that incorrectly for a few games now. 😔
  2. Aetheriac

    Ankaur Maro and Lingering Dead

    Regeneration happens at the end of activation of the reanimates too, not the end phase. I’ve played this scenario and have the trays fill the back most rank before adding new ranks. So it will not get an L shape other than 1 rank deep.
  3. @Viktus106 in @Church14's image, LV is facing NNW, so it is a fully legal use of his ability. His swords make it seem that he is facing W. It took me a couple of times looking at it to realize it was a legal move.
  4. Aetheriac

    Worlds 2018 Prizes Announced

    I missed that too
  5. Aetheriac

    Thunderdome - Hero edition

    I like the potential to this.
  6. Aetheriac

    Aetheriac's Misfits

    Some modding and priming ...
  7. I'll admit that having 2 large cavs really reduces the number of individual units you can field.
  8. I haven't had a chance to dig into this yet. I look forward to it though.
  9. But, come on, fielding a full 12 trays of DK feels pretty awesome.
  10. Audio books, best of both worlds....
  11. Aetheriac

    Army Storage

    I found that pulling the trays from the bottom is perfect for most armies you can field, in their trays. Then use the top section for tokens, dials, miscellany.
  12. I agree, it's much better when there are additional figures there.
  13. I think Ardus is much better embedded right now. I do love his army building ability too. I just can't get him to live very long.
  14. They are heroes... they need to do big things to retain their hero status. Teleporting to the states is right in Lord V's wheel-house.