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  1. a measure of sucess ?

    A couple of things to consider from FFG. RW/Terrinoth is their own IP. Their costs for entry to maintain it are much less than a licensed IP. They only have to worry about themselves for permissions on quality control, new product, etc. FFG puts out quality products. When dealing with licensed IPs, there are usually a ton of restrictions, back and forth approvals, deadlines, etc that need to be worried about. I believe that FFG will put plenty into RWMG as they reap all of the profits off of it. While licensed properties are the bread and butter, owning IP is the icing on the cake. The other Terrinoth products are aging... rules, models, etc. With the Genesys book they tip their hand and future expansions. Terrinoth being the first, and listed within the sample fantasy setting. I'd say we have a future, it may be slow to start, but it's there.
  2. More Terrinoth world building

    I'll be checking the game center this weekend for a copy.
  3. Will the Wraiths "bring it"?

    One other thing to think about, the 4x3 block really can hit like a freight train. Theoretical max of 32 hits in this config on flank. While not guaranteed, that's a lot of potential damage flying around. Using MoI and you hit theoretical 40 hits. Ardus and the CL definitely add a bit to the mix for extra hard targets within the unit too.
  4. Will the Wraiths "bring it"?

    By no means have I spent much time driving a 4x3. I've run it once and was able to control the terrain. I only took small terrain with it as well, 4 of the rocky outcropping if I remember correctly. I am running it again soon though, and worry about terrain, a lot. Also, you are correct on flank guards, but the list is 199 as is and flank guards put me at 201. Pulling Ardus is an option, I am just trying to find a way to incorporate him in my armies where he doesn't fall before he does anything.
  5. Will the Wraiths "bring it"?

    My experience is with the following. Having little to snipe makes them even bruisier bruisers. Toss in the extra White die for Ardus and get surge abilities to boot. While half the army, it is a really good half to have. Reanimates [64] 4x3Ardus IxErebus [23]Front Line Carrion Lancer [5]Cursed Signets [2]Trumpets [2]Lingering Dead [3]Total Unit Cost: 99
  6. Will the Wraiths "bring it"?

    I enjoyed a 4x3 reanimate blob vs Latari with Cursed Signets. Scions melted, and the swing on turns was phenomenal for catching Wind Rune enabled units. I can see Ravos being upset getting caught up in the undead masses.
  7. Will the Wraiths "bring it"?

    I look forward to the coming of the wraiths. They should make battles more interesting.
  8. I'm certainly going to be there! I'm looking forward to it.
  9. New Content?

    Everyone likes drunken dwarves!
  10. New Content?

    Comes out in 2 weeks
  11. Shipping now... release date 2018-04-19
  12. New Content?

    Things have been on hiatus as they pushed Legion out the door. More is coming. Whether Dwarves/Gnomes and/or Goblins/Orcs are coming... no one knows yet.
  13. Careful Approach again? <sigh> . Although to be fair, I've gotten much better at controlling the field in Careful Approach.
  14. Future Future Development

    For Daqan... common rabble... give them a 4x3 unit but 1 red or blue die with few upgrade slots... . I would dig flyers, more siege, more heroes, or large units that are a 2x1 or 2x2 by default and are kind of like heroes with uniqueness.
  15. Ardus' ability specifically states that he uses both ranged and melee blight abilities as his own.