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  1. Epic units that can shift terrain by 1 or some custom template
  2. unit sizes

    The Lancers sure are survivors though.
  3. Table toppers are a make-shift start to that and pretty cheap to make a semi-decent one.
  4. unit sizes

    2x2 is not quite as brutal as I thought they would be. But the dice were not in my favor in my last game.
  5. KariThorn: The list I can't beat

    Hawthorne's standalone ability.
  6. Waiqar v Waiqar League Match

    Yeah. In his own words he was tactically beaten, but the dice favored him. He rolled very hot, and I rolled pretty cold over all. I drew him in and pounced his Death Knights. The Shield of Margath was active on them which whittled down my own forces, but Maro definitely did some damage. The Unstable Runes popped up a couple of times for "other" Maro to roll 4 white dice... OUCH!!! This was my first time really trying out Maro. The Flesh Rippers definitely did their job, but an unfortunate shift caused them to become engaged with the archers vs wiping "other" Maro off of the face of the battlefield.
  7. Currently just adding the timelapse. I'll add some more details later. Suffice it to say, Waiqar won. My list: 200/200 Ankaur Maro [40] 1x1 Fortunas Dice [6] Violent Forces [6] Total Unit Cost: 52 Flesh Rippers [38] 2x2 Rank Discipline [4] Total Unit Cost: 42 Carrion Lancers [46] 2x2 Master-Crafted Weapons [4] Combat Ingenuity [6] Total Unit Cost: 56 Death Knights [42] 2x2 Reaping Blade [4] Rank Discipline [4] Total Unit Cost: 50 My opponent: 200/200 1x Ankaur Maro 2x 2x1 Reanimate Archers 3x 1 Carrion Lancers 1x 2x2 Death Knights Various upgrades that I don't remember, but his Maro was the other flavor for regen.
  8. KariThorn: The list I can't beat

    I've had difficulty against similar lists as Waiqar. Your deployment is a very important thing to focus on. How you move your units in response to your opponents too. Daqan are pretty quick compared to Waiqar and Kari is a royal b**$#.
  9. I feel an uptick with this game

    Playing my first Winter League match tonight!!
  10. New upgrade idea - defensive posture

    Could always drop that type of upgrade on heroes. Army upgrade available to all heroes by default. Only one per [200]pts or something like that. Just have them show up with a new hero unit. Then the only thing would be if someone doesn't want to buy a specific faction hero. Or as a new card type in the same vein as Deployments and Objectives. Either a global option, or something available for both sides to bring their own. Add a rule that if one side does not have a modifier card, then neither side can use them unless agreed upon... or something. Maybe "Engagement Stance" or "Engagement Modifier" as the deployment upgrade type or something similar. Definitely have points count against the side. There can be wildly different possibilities, and with using points, it can eliminate the need for both to have them. Setting the appropriate costs would definitely be important.
  11. My experience with the Uthuk so far, they are hard to control and are squishy vs armor.
  12. Well, there is room for more than one game. One generally will subsidize the other. As RW / Terrinoth is FFG's own IP, it will probably live on for quite awhile and grow... even if over shadowed by others. Long live the underdog!! Long live Waiqar the Undying!!
  13. League format ideas.

    I'll have to bring that up to our league and see what people say. Also, we are considering this Winter League. Minimum of 1 game per month gives plenty of time for busy people to get a game in.
  14. Terrinoth Lore through Genesys!!

    Any way we can, GET THE LORE OUT!!