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  1. Red42

    Figuring out Ric

    Oh, for sure, in more casual scenarios and for a laugh I can totally see it. I forget sometimes not everyone shares the mindset of only looking at things as in a ruthless, efficient way. Carry on as you were.
  2. Red42

    Figuring out Ric

    I've only run him with just an R2 so far, though next I think I might try him with R2-C4 and Predator. His main advantage is being a cheap I5 so I don't think you really want to pass the 50 point threshold in most cases.
  3. I think you can make a case either way and it's just personal preference. I'm 12 games (8-4 overall) in with the list and the regen has definitely been a contributing factor in more games than a bigger bid would have. But then it depends what you're coming across on the other side of the table as well, really.
  4. This is exactly why I've been flying Luminara too (this exact same list actually). There's a lot of I3 and 4 pilots in hyperspace right now and having the second Jedi be I4 and a slightly bigger bid is huge in certain matchups. What I do like about the Jedi is that there is pretty much one for all tastes, so pick whichever one suits your style, and pair with Anakin. Job done. Good to read about matchups with the list, I'm finding playing it is making me rethink the way I approach playing the game so any extra info is super helpful.
  5. Anakin and Luminara both with R2 astromechs and Delta 7B, and 2 Gold Squadron Troopers. 196 points.
  6. I also played against the list after it was knocked out of the top 32 and came across into hyperspace. I got a little bit lucky on the opening exchange where I was able to trade 1 of my GSTs for the 104th Arc. Sinker was really good for him, and Cody did trigger a couple times, but I was able to win the matchup by just losing my GSTs, keeping both my Jedi (Anakin, Luminara) above half health (partially thanks to R2s on both) and after the initial merge leading them on a chase around the board which thinned the mass of enemy ships out enough to not take too many shots at once. Think I ended up taking out 2 enemy Torrents and halved another, along with the Arc I took down at the start. Tough game, and I can see why it did well - if you fly into the teeth of it it's going to do a lot of damage to you and not die quickly. If you can take Sinker out it makes things easier, but I had a couple of range 1s on the other Arc and chose to go there instead to try and reduce the number of firing arcs I needed to avoid.
  7. Have been playing Republic for a couple weeks now. Originally had two Jedi + an Arc. Then switched to 2 Gold Squadron Troopers and the list performs significantly better. If you accept the Torrents are going to die regardless and just throw them into the middle it buys your Jedi time to get into position and thin the enemy numbers a littl, making the end game a little easier. And they tend to survive a lot longer than a single Arc which makes them a real pain. The best thing though is when your opponent finally kills one and you get to tell them they've just scored a whopping 25 points.
  8. I'm switching Seevor in for the Quad in my list because I'm 99% sure the Quad is going up in points in Jan and will be priced out of the list anyway.
  9. I did. And finished 1st in swiss as the only 4-0 but then lost my top 4 game to the same opponent I defeated in round 4 sadly. Biggs, 3 Cavern Angels and a Z-95. Made one bad de-cloak, and combined with losing Vermeil in one round it all went south very quickly compared to the previous game.
  10. I've been running Whisper + Reaper + a.n. Other for the past few weeks, but really tempted to try this version out next. Dunno if taking it to my SC tomorrow with no practice is a wise move though lol
  11. I'll take this opportunity to pimp out my own (admittedly fledgling) blog: https://whattheactualzuck.wordpress.com/
  12. Thanks! The entire list was: Whisper with Veteran Instincts, Sensor Jammer, Krennic, Advanced Cloaking Device Omega Leader with A Score to Settle Scarif Base Pilot with Advanced Ailerons and Palpatine. 97 points The Sensor Jammer is especially good when you've got the Reaper flying around jamming enemy ships and starving them of focus tokens. It's just a shame Palp takes up two crew slots or I'd throw an ISB Slicer on there to double down on Jam - it really is that good. I like to flank initially with Whisper, though I'm actually still learning how to player her myself. I had 2 games with this list before the event and other than that I'd only ever played the Phantom in one game before.
  13. Highly reccomend upgrading to Sensor Jammer if you can. I was also running Whisper (with Krennic) at Cardiff and ended up 6th after swiss, and the Sensor Jammer was a major factor in a couple of games, and useful in all but one (where I was facing two expertise ships). Completely stifled the Y-wing tlts I faced to the point Whisper never took any damage all game, and was part of the reason she survived the RAC/QD matchup in round 6. Ironically Advanced Sensors would have been better in the top 4 game I lost since I could have avoided the block that Whisper died to. ?
  14. Thanks, I was hoping for multiple packs of shields. Finished second at a kit tournament yesterday but the prizes hadn't arrived yet and so been hoping for shields - it's the one useful token I don't have in any sort of official form.
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