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  1. this also happens from time to time when tractoring onto obstacles, their effect fails to be triggered
  2. In response to OP.... Slave 1 up in points - to maybe 4 (and I'm a Boba player!)
  3. I would not object to ensnare being dotted, maybe two copies only?
  4. Same thing has happened to me a couple of times, and now when I try to run the game it soft boots my laptop. Going to try reinstalling it.
  5. Grabbing the hotfix now, thanks Sandrem. And for those of you who can spare a coffee a month to help him, please support his patreon!
  6. Y wing with turret, veteran turret gunner and r5tk, combo with G4R and Jostero. There is the double tap from the Y, plus a Jostero shot, plus two free crits from G4R. Big chunk of points, but on the rare occasion the combo comes off perfectly, there go two crits and a Jostero bonus shot into the victim. Way more reliable than the Y wing double tap on its own.
  7. I was your second game - not being able to get all in on Sear made my life considerably more difficult!
  8. Boba with snap shot maybe? Krassis with snap shot and ion cannon seems better.
  9. In other words, any time scum even pokes its nose above the mediocrity line, it gets slapped with points upgrades. Meanwhile certain other builds come out that even an average player such as myself can see are horrifying, and nothing changes.
  10. Getting the same crash if s-foils are involved
  11. Moldy Crow title is not allowing the HWK-290 to retain two focus tokens. Dengar is back! Thank you!
  12. Excellent, some hipsterish goodness coming our way soon then!
  13. you missed the Wave 4 announcement Disregard
  14. I tried Sunny, Serissu with ion cannon, and three Khiraxz Cartel Marauders. Their non-red dials are the same making it easy to fly in formation, and you get 4 x "3" dice attacks, with potentially a 5th from Sunny, randomly enough to be scummy. Is it great? No. Is it eye-popping on the table? Yes
  15. Genius on a low initiative Y-wing with afterburners to skip-bomb a proton or seismic charge - only works once (twice if you're REALLY lucky) but it is on a cheap bomber that goes on to block enemy ships into the danger zone. Make sure you channel Tom Cruise while you do it....
  16. With a bit of luck FFG won't let Kanan Jarrus and Han Solo exist in the Hyperspace format at the same time, so this becomes an extended format only issue!
  17. First up - I've finally got to the point where I can pass on a few bucks a month to Sandrem's patreon, and have signed up Secondly - is it just me, or is there no title available for the Scum YT1300?
  18. Dengar has shown some playability in the hands of a gifted few, and Manaroo with intimidation might be an OK option.
  19. In combo with Plo Kloon, might work....
  20. I played a few games with 7th Fleet Gunner, to discover that 9 points for a one-off red dice is a bad deal (because you rarely get a chance to reload it - having a rear arc means you often want to take that opportunity to shoot, and reloading is not on the cards. I mean, 9 points? Seriously? For a one time red dice boost? Put it on three arcs and instead you could have easily added a Gold Squadron Trooper, which has a consistent gun, blocks and generally gets in the way.
  21. So, inspired by a local who is running 2 ARC's with 4 torrent, I'm giving this a whirl: Sinker with Clone Commander Cody; Wolffe; 104th Bn Pilot; 2 x Gold Squadron Troopers Comes in at 200. Wolffe goes wide - he's a threat that actually cannot be ignored, even though he might just look like a tanky X-wing. Sinker shepherds the rest of the flock in and tries for a big hit. After that it is bump-a-thon and rear arcs come into play a lot. The only change I might make is to drop Wolffe for another 104th Bn pilot with a 7th fleet gunner, but frankly I'm not impressed with the gunner as a 9 point one shot power boost. R4-P droids or veteran tail gunners might make good fillers otherwise. I call it (hat tip to "Rebel Beef") "Republican Pork".
  22. Just grabbed the new version. Nice work!
  23. while you have it selected, use ctrl-q and ctrl-w to rotate it
  24. And Zuckuss Crew is gone from the roster?
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