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  1. I really like the idea of a silver golem! But it looks a touch flat. Have you considered giving it a wash of brown ink, and then a very heavy dry brush of the base colour again, then a light drybrush of a highlight? That might make it really pop. Interesting concept!
  2. Very similar here, UNLESS FFG gives it some serious support on the competitive scene. Which I assume they will!
  3. I hesitate to weigh in, because honestly, I don't much care because these is all hypothetical and conjecture and we don't know if this is selling to expected numbers or if it's massively underselling etc. plus my local meta is VERY healthy. With that said, I think that everyone here is viewing it from a miniature wargaming perspective (which it is, so that makes sense), but FFG draws in a big boardgame crowd that may view RMG as a self contained product with no need for expansion, or not EXPECT more than 2 factions. Boardgamers' perspective. Just a thought!
  4. Hmm, interesting. I've had a reanimate with a missing shield arm, and I figured it was just too much hassle to bother with getting a missing part sent to me. Perhaps I'll rethink that!
  5. Purely out of my own interest, I decided to see what this would look like (as I'm doing a ghost army too), and here you go: http://www.beastsofwar.com/games-workshop-painting-tutorial/simple-effective-paint-scheme/
  6. Fair point, and yet I fully anticipate some unit will get a sweeping charge in the future
  7. If you check on the Leonx rider's dial (and the hero, Aliana of Summersong), they have a blue shift action, and a blue charge modifier. In theory, ANY action can use ANY modifier. So in this, the shift can count as a charge. We can see that the Leonx Riders actually get faster on the charge as their charge straight modifier has a +1. Theoretically, this could be taken further, and the ACTION could be an attack (red), and the modifier could be a red +2 charge, allowing for sweeping attacks. If the colours match, the symbols can be used together, is all I'm saying.
  8. I've gone with the ghost army as well, it really struck me as a unique spin (let's just ignore the lore telling us that they are NOT ghosts). Nice work on your legion!
  9. I just measured the peg hole of one of my reanimates. It is 2mmx2.5mm (so, 2.5mm deep)
  10. Everyone seems to be using 3mm magnets, but they need a bit of drilling to fit. 2mm fits without the drilling, but are less powerful.
  11. I realise I'm asking a question that seems irrelevant here, but in the initial squaring up, doesn't the attacker have to square up so that the whole of his front edge is touching the whole of the enemies?
  12. I really like the trays for in-game purposes, but I will admit that when it comes to the hobby... FFG missed the mark. But only by a tiny bit! So far, I've cut all of the pegs out of my trays, and now they're all great and I have no problems with them, no fitting issues either. I'm going to magnetise everything so that the trays can be used for transportation, but honestly, the pegs are the real problem!
  13. Lovely work on your terrain there. I'm waiting around to start mine because I want to see how others are tackling the problem of (you need to fit X number of units in this terrain).
  14. Your interpretation sounds spot on, yes.
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