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  1. Thanks for the advice. Yes, my collection does include scum. I'll grab the Gozanti. What about the C-ROC? Is there anything in there worth having? I'm not terribly interested in using the ship itself for epic, but are there cards that boost other ships or epic play in general?
  2. I've played this game for a bit and love it, but the past year and a half, I've barely played it at all and haven't bought any new ships. I've realized that moving forward, I just don't have the time and resources to keep up with it. That being said, I plan to hold on to my collection so that many years in the future, I can still play casually with friends and family. Most of my games will probably require both players to use only my collection, so I want to round out my inventory with whatever I need to try to make it balanced (while realizing that perfect balance is impossible). For example, when I dropped out, unhittable and/or regenning aces were dominating. Any expansions or cards that counter them or bring them into balance would be beneficial. Any fixes for otherwise useless ships are also of interest. I'm not really looking for any new fancy features or abilities unless they correct a previous deficiency in the game. Please let me know your recommendations on any final purchases I should make. My Current Collection: I have two of the original core sets, one of the Force Awakens core set, and at least one of everything up through wave 7, plus the T-70 and TIE FO expansions. I also have the transport, corvette, and raider.
  3. There are cards in both the space and ground combat decks that state something to the effect of" Discard one of your tactics cards in order to block up to two damage". I have two questions: 1) When I want to use this ability, do I discard both this card and another tactics card? That's what I've been doing. 2) Can the damage blocked be to multiple ships or can only one ship be protected? I believe the space card is called Outmaneuver or something close. I'm at work and I don't have the card in front of me, so please forgive my memory of the title and text being slightly off.
  4. I think they're going to needlessly complicate the game. I realize that the older the game gets, the more complex it becomes, but this seems to really take things up a notch. Veterans will be fine, but this could hurt efforts to bring in new players.
  5. This card also makes a dent in the race for higher PS. Lower PS ships can now take a shot at damaging the aces when the aces are most vulnerable (before moving and taking their own actions. While this card won't result in a drastic change to the game, it gives low PS jousters another tool to use against the aces.
  6. IMO, the problems with Expose are the following: Occupies the Elite slot (blocking many good EPTs, particularly dice mod ones) Requires an action (limiting dice modification) Expensive (4 pts) I think that eliminating any one of those problems will do the trick. Potential solutions are: Change it to a modification or systems slot. Thematically this doesn't make sense. Being a systems would keep it from being paired with FCS and potentially being OP. Remove the requirement for an action and either make it a permanent change or make it a choice at the beginning of the combat phase. Make it 1 point. The later two would be the easiest.
  7. FluxCapcitr

    Jabba Crew

    Yeah, you couldn't make it that generic or it will be abused. You'd have to specify something like Rebel/Imperial only. That said people will be up in arms for being allowed to have Darth Vader serve at Jabba's whim. He's not serving Jabba - he was having a MEETING with Jabba in secret, when they were ambushed by rebel scum! Naturally Darth Vader assisted in the battle. He needs to finish the meeting and get information about the young rebel who blew up the Death Star. The Huge Ship Only stuff could potentially be a problem - but man that WOULD be kinda cool. Imagine Tarkin with Jabba - THAT would be sick. Tarkin is one of the best upgrades in the game. Darth Vader doesn't go to meet with criminal scum, criminal scum comes to meet with Vader.
  8. FluxCapcitr

    Jabba Crew

    Yeah, you couldn't make it that generic or it will be abused. You'd have to specify something like Rebel/Imperial only. That said people will be up in arms for being allowed to have Darth Vader serve at Jabba's whim.
  9. IMO, any counter card should be aimed at dice modification and not removing other card's specific abilities. Leaving it open to target card or pilot abilities can lead to too much complication and balance issues. Plus, half of the fun of the game is in the unique abilities and FFG should be very careful to do anything that takes that away. All that is needed is a few abilities similar to Omega Leaders that are worded in such a way to state that the attacker and/or defenders dice can be modified in no way, but any card (I won't wordsmith it here, but it just needs to cover Palpatine use). Make expensive and/or restricted so that it doesn't become commonplace, but so that it serves as a hard counter to Palpatine. Maybe a one use upgrade that prevents any ship attacking you or defending from your attacks that round to have any of their dice modified (by you or them). Kind of a reversed and more powerful Glitterstim. Maybe make it 2-3 points.
  10. Just curious, what are peoples standards for saying something is terrible, bad, OK, good, or awesome? It seems to me that while R3 isn't going to change the world, it's a decent use of points, hence I rate it as "OK" Terrible - There is always a superior choice for every single situation it could be used (including going with an empty slot). (e.g. R2-F2, Flight Instructor) Bad - Mostly useless, however there are a few niche builds that can make it worth it's points. (e.g. Adrenaline Rush, Navigator) OK - It provides benefit but has limitations that hold it back. While it justifies it's cost, it may be overshadowed by better options. (e.g. Outmaneuver, Intelligence Agent) Good - It is more than worth it's points, but taking it isn't a slam-dunk. (e.g. Tactician, BB-8, Rebel Captive) Awesome - More than worth it's points, pretty much an auto-include on most builds if you can take it. (TIE Defender or TIE Advanced titles, predator, FCS)
  11. Even on a Decimator? You'd probably be better off with a focus action and Predator, unless you got some seriously loaded dice. True, but "probably being better off" with something else is still better than "terrible". Also pairing Expose with EI cost 4 more than Predator, which isn't bad given that HLC goes for 7 and has no range 1. If for nothing else, send out Oicunn out there with Expose, EI, Vader, Rec Spec and Gunner and ruin the days of some Palp Aces players.
  12. Another aspect is that R3 potentially adds defense when a ship cannot modify an attack at all (e.g. actionless due to being blocked or stressed). A 3 dice attack that round has a 75% chance to roll at least one focus. In other words, an X-wing has a pretty good shot at K-turning and picking up an evade.
  13. Agreed, but they could add mechanics that utilize the obstacles more, for example, targeting an asteroid with this action could damage ships in that area without removing the asteroid. Thematically this would be like blowing chunks off an as asteroid to damage nearby ships. Unlikely, but fun to speculate about.
  14. I forgot about that. This is wild speculation, but what if you choose an asteroid instead of an enemy ship? "Seismic" would make much more sense with a asteroid than in a vacuum (though physics obviously hasn't stopped FFG or Star Wars before). That would change the shape of the battlefield by making any asteroid a danger zone for low hp ships.
  15. I actually think these could be pretty awesome and breathe life into jousters. They activate prior to a higher PS ship moving. That means that they can negate the arc-dodging of an ace. Also, while the damage is dice dependent, it does remove the defenders dice and modification ability from the equation. All of Soontir's shenanigans won't do anything. I think 1-2 points is perfect.
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