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  1. As of this afternoon, it re-directs to FFG website with a 404 error "page not found". What a shame to lose this history.
  2. Here's a question, did FFG terminate the license or did Games Workshop? Or was it a mutual agreement? I wonder if the negotiations to renew the license weren't working out, so FFG realized this and that's why they started to come out with their own minis line. I also wonder whether the purchase by Asmodee had anything to do with it. On the Talisman end, though, realize that all the 4th edition stuff will be going like hotcakes and the prices will shoot up when no longer available. 4th Edition is now officially a collector's edition.
  3. Still working on finishing them, and have about two-thirds of them complete. I don't paint the eyes, as it's too much trouble to get right and you don't really notice them on the board while playing. It definitely has been fun though, trying to get them as close to the actual color and paint scheme as the cards. Most difficult ones so far -- the minstrel (stupid striped clothing) and the priest (boring lines).
  4. And don't forget, though, that if you are flying against one of these lists that are susceptible to Boba, then your Boba equipped shipped will be the primary target and will probably go down before Boba even gets a chance to be used. Therein is probably your best tactic -- the Boba ship is now your distraction, allowing your other ships to do what you want them to.
  5. Crew - Jar Jar Binks. -5 pts All your red maneuvers are green, white maneuvers are red, and green maneuvers are white. (You are flying erratically trying to throw Jar Jar into a wall in your ship to knock him out; if you maneuver normally, he stresses you out). After the first time you take a hull damage, you can discard this card. (You took damage on purpose to get him killed).
  6. Right now, it's stupidly stupid ... (because it isn't in our hands yet and taking to long to get here!)
  7. If you have a Hobby Lobby near you (or a similar store), you can use a plastic carry tube from the art department (used for carrying rolled up canvas or other large drawings). It ran about $7 if I remember right and has a carry strap, and can even expand up or down to fit different sizes (although the playmat is near the top in size it can hold). Lay it flat when it is stored and you won't have the problems some others have posted about excess weight on one end when it is stored upright, causing the mat to buckle and wrinkle.
  8. I play strictly Imperial and have almost NEVER had a TIE Fighter/ln die in one shot. Often, they are taken to one hull, then that one becomes my primary blocker on the next turn so the ship that just hit it can't hit it again. Sounds like you need better practice in flying TIE swarms. I have been playing for 3+ years, with probably 4-5 tournament wins to my credit, but thanks for the condescension in assuming that I don't know how swarms or blockers work. For the record, I don't play swarms and would rather lose an eye than play a swarm list as they are on par with a PWT for sheer boredom, so that's 100% missing the point. It's not about them colliding or not having tokens, they just die. I can have a focus and still roll all blanks like a champ. I can have an Evade and sure enough I will take a hit/Direct Hit. Note, this doesn't apply to Interceptors, Bombers, Defenders, Advanced, etc., just Fighters and F/Os, and yes, my probably curve is unusual. But since it is my experience, they are crap and this frustration is from over 3 years of consistently terrible performance. They may be an "efficient" ship based on math, but for me, they are garbage. Notice how people change their meanings. This isn't what the OP/you said in your first post. You said simply that they always die in one shot. What you SHOULD HAVE said was that you had terrible luck with the TIE/ln, rolling horribly so that they always die. Had you said that, there would have been a different reply. As to difficulty and boredom, you are entitled to your opinion, but TIE Swarms are anything but boring. Maneuvering 3-4 ships around asteroids and 3-4 other ships is challenging, doing it with 6-8 TIE/ln fighters is anything but boring, especially with fragile ships that are often dead after being targeted twice. No sir, here is where the true mastery of flying in X-Wing can be found. Therefore, since you say they are still garbage, I would again suggest you aren't using them properly, and haven't discovered how to really fly a swarm. This isn't a knock on your ability per se, it's more of your flying style. A person can much more enjoy the jousting part of the game and the squad synergy/development, and those are their strengths, and that may or may not apply to certain TIE swarms. They are fragile and can't be flown the same as a YT-1300 or VT-49. However, look at the the changes to the meta through 8 waves now and you can see that one of the only competitive lists that has been persistent has been the TIE swarm. Why hasn't it won more tournaments? Because it is that difficult to fly, and sure, it doesn't have rebel regen/TLT stuff (i.e., newb easy) that makes up for mistakes. Flying 6-8 ships it is easy to make a mistake, but flown by a skillful player, it is always a threat.
  9. I keep a personal database of all spoiled cards, with a few fill-in scans of cards that haven't been spoiled or posted in an official FFG article (such as Adv. Homing Missile, for one). I use Filemaker Pro for the Mac to store everything, so if you have that program, I can email you (or anyone else) what I have. However, a good spot to look also is the X-Wing Wiki. They have everything listed by expansion pack and have card images attached. It's a lot to download one by one, but it can be done without too much effort.
  10. I play strictly Imperial and have almost NEVER had a TIE Fighter/ln die in one shot. Often, they are taken to one hull, then that one becomes my primary blocker on the next turn so the ship that just hit it can't hit it again. Sounds like you need better practice in flying TIE swarms.
  11. Zap-a-gap IS superglue. Anything that says cyanoacrylate is superglue.
  12. Go Epic and get a bigger Imperial Fleet!
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