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  1. For starters, $40+2*$50+$20+$20=$180, not $200. then, I really think you can go ahead and remove the $40 for new blisters, it's artificially inflating the price. There's literally no reason to buy them if you already own enough ships to require two upgrade kits. If you're buying those on top of everything else, the cost of converting is on you and your need to have the new scuplt, not FFG. $140 sounds a lot better than the narrative some people are suggesting
  2. I thought this exact thing. When the expac got revealed I immediately looked for a 1 point mod, yet bizarrely there wasn't ANY new mod of any sort. It's an extremely perplexing design decision / oversight, on an expansion that's all about giving the Khiraxz extra cheaper mods :/
  3. OP's talk of making arcs relevant again just proves how broken the game state is... For 80 degree arc ships to matter they have to be firing four-dice, double modified attacks, that deny range 3 bonus. Riiiiiight....
  4. I highly suspect that wording is to distinguish it from both Push the Limits, which is action bar only, and Experimental interface, which is upgrade card only. The point is making is that it has neither of these limitations.
  5. Wow - epic necro thread (although to be fair, I read the first post not realising it applied to the 2016 nerf for like 90% of it, lol)
  6. My general $0.02 (in aid of getting more pages!) is that the best thing that could happen to X-wing is a campaign in the style of the Correllian Conflict for Armada. The dominance of 100/6 can start to drag eventually, but some people (ie me) shy away from "unsupported" or "unofficial" formats and so its often hard to find something beyond 100/6 or SOMETIMES epic. Getting a proper, FFG developed campaign would be my dream come true for the game, whether co-op or not.
  7. To be honest, I think it's the fact that you're only a couple of weeks in that's making you think Expertise is the problem. Some points to think about: 1. You say things like "with expertise, your torp volleys are super powerful, THROW IN MINDLINK and stack tokens for nothing but defense"..... I think you're raging at different things and conflating stuff. You can't use both expertise and mindlink, they take up the same EPT slot. I don't know where this avalanche of focus tokens PLUS expertise is coming from. I can assure you the dominant triple jumpmaster lists aren't coming anywhere near expertise. 2. 4 points is HUGE for an upgrade. Every other EPT upgrade at that point cost has fallen short. It's a massive amount to pay for what usually amount to a single focus token that can't even be used on defence. If you think the card is such a problem, I'm sure a bit more experience will tell you how to valuable extra actions are or aren't. And heck, you might not even ROLL a focus token on attack. The only real value with expertise comes when a ship can attack multiple times in a round - Dengar pilot, Quickdraw, maybe Gunner crew, maybe Corran Horn. I think you'll be very hard pressed to find expertise used outside of ships that get to attack twice. 3. On top of the huge cost, stress shuts it down. That limits your dial, much like push the limit. But unlike push the limit, its highly inflexible. You can't double reposition with it, for example. Compare it to Dengar crew as well. They're both immune to bumping, Dengar crew ISN'T vulnerable to stress, the double rerolls are basically as good as the focus, and the crew upgrade slot is less important, since the EPT slot is the best one in the game by far. Further, if you've ever run up against a list that deals stress, you'll realise how big that drawback can be. Playing against Asajj Ventress? May as well be playing a 96 point list. 4. Your eBay conspiracy is also a little misplaced. You want to know why Expertise is unavailable to buy? There's no shadow cabal of xwing pros buying up the supply for when the card becomes huge. It's because the card is important but featured in an expansion that isn't very popular and has a pretty underwhelming ship - the U-wing. People just aren't that keen to drop big ship money for a single useful upgrade, hence it is scarce on the secondary market. Anyways, I'm not trying to be a total neg, and perhaps your own experience is that Expertise is dominating your home games, but I can assure you that there are excellent ways to fight it, and to be honest its only strong in pretty specific circumstances. I'm sure you'll start figuring out ways to counter play against it.
  8. Darth Rubi

    X-Wing Is Fun

    I've had fun with Xwing lately for a few reasons: 1. There's been quite a bit of interest in Epic play in my local scene recently, so I've got games in with my C-ROC, Gozanti, and Raider (and I've now used ALL of the epic ships, woot!) 2. We played a 60-point tournament where we could bring as many lists as we want (like a very expanded hangar bay). It was awesome fun, and a 55 point solo Corran list (yes, with Advanced Proton Torps) won the whole thing! 3. We played an escalation tournament, a first for me, and it was great to see 5 imperial, 3 rebel, and no scum show up :-P 4. I won a store champs with dual S/Fs and a TIE bomber with fleet officer. Man those ships are a blast to fly!
  9. I think two things are overlooked in the comparisons with Corran and Poe, where Kylo comes out ahead: With Corran - the difference between PS8 and PS9 is not negligible, it's huge. PS9 puts you on par with other aces (VI aside) and lets you bid for the all-important move second. I almost never fly PS8 "aces" any more because they get out-PSed way too easily. PLUS, you have to add in that Corran is generally stuck on green moves and doesn't have hard greens, Kylo is going to end up being much, much more slippery. With POE, again not having a hard green move is significant. The whole BB-8 barrel roll trick can be awesome, but its predictable in the extreme in a way that Kylo isn't. Again, the flying and arc dodging options are WAY better on the Silencer. Corran's regen probably has the edge over autothrusters. That's not to say the other two don't have their advantages - more specifically they have much better pilot abilities. But Kylo's ability isn't totally useless either - he'll be hard to get a hit on, and when you DO get that hit, you're going to really feel the pain in return.
  10. My high school was a boarding school. At dinner, we used to "trick" others by loosening the top of the salt shaker so that when they tried to salt their food, the top would come off and you'd have an entire shaker's worth of salt in your stew/mash potatoes/burger, rendering it inedible... ...and they still had less salt than this post :-/
  11. We'll be mixing things up after the first couple of vids though I imagine, so we may well do one focussed on key moments with certain list types (ie a Crack Swarm) showing short clips from a couple games rather than a lengthy video. But thanks for the future potential support either way! :-D
  12. Agreed, I don't see us cutting battle reports that short and keeping them as anything but a blur. I'm thinking up to about 40 minutes is fine without testing patience too much. We're probably going to make a 10-15 minute video discussing the featured ships and then a separate video for the battle itself.
  13. Yup, really enjoyed the Hoth Open coverage by Team Covenant, especially enjoyed the player interviews during the game. Since we'll mainly be filming specially to make reports, rather than tournament coverage, we should be able to keep match ups interesting and hopefully avoid mirrors! Thanks for the heads up, watching through some now Agreed - we definitely want to try feature interesting matches, and keep things thematic while still being relevant. If we do feature "meta lists" we'll try break down the thinking and approach to make it more interesting than just Nym bombing Nym Love Shut Up and Sit Down! High standard to hit though, but we'll see what we can do though :-P The people definitely want tactical advice! We shall try to deliver :-D We're also planning on including at least one of the actual players on post match commentary, plus insert interviews to cover in-game thinking
  14. Interesting... haven't heard people speak against commentary yet, but good to know it's not for everyone and will keep it in mind. We'll likely be speeding battles up in parts to trim time, so player audio won't work all that well. We're planning on getting one or both of the players to help with voice over though, so at least the commentary shouldn't be too random! Thanks, definitely good points to keep in mind! Any chance you could elaborate on what kinds of match ups grab your attention?
  15. Hey All A few of us from the Johannesburg Xwing community are busy planning an X-Wing video series, mainly focussed around battle reports giving an in depth look at (eventually) each of the available ships. The main aim to give each ship a chance to shine, and maybe help players decide what to buy/fly. We'll likely branch out to videos catering for different audiences as we get a bit more experience and reach, with a mix of scripted videos and battle reports. We though it best to get a little "market research" in, so I'm asking for some help from this community on a few questions (feel free to answer whatever you'd like though): what do you look for in X-wing videos? is there anything you would like to see that isn't out there currently? what puts you off videos? is there anything in particular you'd change about current typical battle reports? what about filming style (for battle reports)? Free hand, isometric, top down? Do you like seeing dice graphics and interviews? Thanks in advance for the feedback!
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