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  1. Thank you to both onyersix and Ancient Virus for your responses in this- much appreciated
  2. Hi Got a question on the correct order of play for this card, specifically step 5. The text reads: "Test Strength. If you pass, complete this job. If you fail, your character suffers 1 damage and repeat this step." Sooooooooooo..........my questions are... 1) I complete the test and I fail. I suffer 1 damage as per the card. That is ok. I then repeat this same test straight away? 2) If I then try again (straight away) and fail again, I get another damage? 3)Do I then try again? 4) If Yes to Q3, do I keep going until my damage equals my health, at which point I'm then defeated? 5) But if I'm now defeated what happens to encounter card 50? Do I retain it until my next go? 6) If yes to Q5, do I have to start encounter card 50 from the first test again or from step 5 where I was previously? Sorry that is a loads more questions andd I suspect I am making this way more difficult than it needs to be. Thanks for any help. Regards
  3. Hi, Looking for some rules/process clarification. Lets say I am a bounty hunter and I have an objective to find CHewbacca as one of the contact tokens. I go to the planets as part of my turn and in the encounter stage I choose to turn a token over. Upon turning over, it is not Chewbacca. My question is, am I still obliged to carry out the corresponding card relating to the contact I have just revealed? Additionally to this, if I have a full crew and would not even wish to replace with the new found contact, again do I need to just go through the process of the associated card? Thanks
  4. As per title, sorry I'm new to gaming and would like to know what the base sets are likely to be? Also is it likely the present awakenings cards will be rotated and do no longer useable? My son collects Pokémon and seems to have so many variants of the same character- is this likely to happen with Destiny? Thanks
  5. Hi, How have people been using guardian if the opposing players die that you wish to take damage from has a resource cost attached? Does this still need to be paid? CHeers
  6. The same when cards have to be passed to the opponent- I'm thinking General Grievious ability. Will make keeping track at the end of the game interesting.
  7. Hi, Sorry I have tried to look through rules and can see the deck building restrictions due to colour, but couldn't see what happens should a character be defeated. If I have a red and blue character and therefore red and blue event, support etc cards in my deck.....if my red character is defeated, am I no longer able to use the red supports that I may have on my hand? Thanks for your help.
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