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  1. Dewback Rider Unit is mentioned at the end.
  2. Wondering the street date on it.
  3. Or they just pushed it off in favor of getting Xwing and Legion into the printers faster. We may see one in a few years or so
  4. Players shuffle the blue player’s objective, deployment, and condition decks separately, then draw and reveal three cards from each deck, laying out each category in a horizontal row oriented right side up according to the blue player’s side of the battlefield. It's under the tournament rules section
  5. Legion Generals of Portland is the Facebook Group
  6. https://www.ecwid.com/store/pedion/ Looks really good and priced pretty decent!
  7. So how many of these makes a 6' by 3' table? How many did you pick up?
  8. I was thinking like a basic terrain I can but for a grasslands or forest then fill it in.
  9. I am looking for modular battle terrain. Any suggestions? Look to be able to put down a 6' by 3' battlefield with ease.
  10. I was thinking also reinforced hull, this beast is going to ram something.
  11. Did the new update cover how panic applies to trooper that are emplacement troops?
  12. With the expansion in play how does the imperial action card "More dangerous than you realize" work now?
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