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  1. Isn't it just a normal Vulture Droid expansion with metallic paint on it?
  2. I don't find it fiddly at all and I play every game that way now. But then again, some players struggle with lists with more than one ship type in them, and the solution has to work for the game as a whole. I like your idea too.
  3. The simplest solution to the First Player issue is to flip the First Player token at the end of every round. Adds a neat back-and-forth to equal Pilot Skill and eradicates the game-warping factor of a locked First Player.
  4. I don't see the benefit to complicating things beyond just flipping the initiative token over at the end of each round.
  5. It seems very simple to me. Have alternating initiative. At the end of each round, flip the First Player token over. The components even support this: they included a double sided initiative token like in Imperial Assault. I always play with this house rule, and it makes pilot skill clashes much more interesting.
  6. I'm not sure what the advantage of this format is. The idea of Hyperspace as I understand it is to get around new players having to trawl eBay for 1.0 components in order to compete by restricting the card pool to components found in non-Conversion rereleases. Despite all the 'diversity through truncation' talk, it's ultimately just a solution to the entry barrier. This format allows most of the ships, but bans most of the pilots. I don't see the benefit. You've still got the Extended entry barrier. I don't mean to sound harsh, but this seems like a worst-of-both-worlds solution.
  7. It's a tournament. It's not reasonable to expect someone to play suboptimally because you don't like the optimal strategy in that situation. The problem is not people castling: people are always going to go for the most effective strategies they know in high level competitive. The problem is castling working in the first place. 2.0 and its flexible point costs should go a long way to remedying that.
  8. A Point Fortress is a side effect of the tournament scoring system where having fewer ships is advantageous because of the less granular scoring. Fortressing (or castling as it's being called now) is when you set your ships up in a position where if you repeatedly execute the same maneuver they never move. The developer view on it back when it was a hot topic was that doing so is so action inefficient that it puts you at a disadvantage and therefore they didn't need to create rules to stop it. Blocking your own ships isn't fortressing. As for if blocking counts as abuse, that battle was fought in Wave 3 and blocking won. It's a developer acknowledged part of the game.
  9. Fortressing (what castling used to be called and I'm old fashioned) never needed fixing back in Wave 4 when it was the issue of the day because it was absolute trash. It was an issue in one game in Worlds where a four ship 'castle' was used to keep a squadron in the corner, preventing the TIE phantom (in its original Schrodinger's TIE form) from infinitely arc-dodging it. That player's plan was to break the formation at the end, snipe a single TIE fighter and win on points. Once the TIE phantom was reworked it was never really an issue again. Fortressing costs you so much in action efficiency that it only works against extremely brittle lists. Just flying around the edge of the board with turrets is more effective.
  10. There's no 0 forward, there's a Full Stop maneuver.
  11. I'd rather they didn't. I want to forget Aftermath ever happened.
  12. That's pretty normal. People don't want to be at a disadvantage using a weak list and they don't have the patience, methodology or (most usually) time to hammer out a list of their own. Especially when experimenting means buying more ships they might not use. Therefore they copy the top build. It's just how these things go.
  13. Ten Numb is canon. Keyan Farlander's slot in the story has been replaced by Evaan Verlaine.
  14. Rock Paper Scissors between lists is a very bad thing. What's the point in playing if the game is decided before you start?
  15. FFG themselves would take the revenue hit if they shifted to domestic production. They can't pass it onto the customer because of how the market works. As you raise the price of any given product the overall number of sales drops. FFG's prices are where they are because FFG thinks they're optimal: raise them any further and the reduction lost sales will outweigh the benefit to FFG of the higher prices. If FFG raised their prices to $60 they'd make a lot less money. Think how few expansions you'd buy that that price point.
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