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  1. Question when constable zuvio drops a bomb with action header does it use his action up for the turn?
  2. This took me a while to parse, I'll rewrite it. Don't know if it has been said yet, but Chewie does not require you to shoot the enemy that killed a ship. You just get to make an attack when a friendly dies. This, to me, makes it as useful as Dengar because Dengar's ability is in arc and against the attacker. I'm not sure I agree, I expect Dengar to trigger more often due to a finite number of wingmen. I do think it has some good potential, though. Lol my Grammer is **** sorry about that.And your right dengar will proc more not trying saying he doesn't he clearly will. But what I am saying is chew will have better targets most of the time to shoot the 1hp lambda that's running away. Sontir kills a z so chew get his revenge by shooting the lamda. Now that a rare case but thats what I mean is chew will be able to pic the best target on the table and thats were the power of his ablitly comes in. Not he will proc more but he will be able to pick his target. It's versirility (pretty sure I spelled that wrong) over quantity. Not saying he better just I think there on equal footing with the right lists behind them.
  3. Don't know if this has been said yet but chew dose not require u to shoot the enemy that killed a ship just u get to make an attack when a friendly dies. This to me puts in on a use fell level as dengar ability as his is in ark and he shoots the attacker.
  4. I'm willing to bet they trust there play testers but ita more along the lines of this is how ffg wanted the ship to play and not be used as a cheap fighter. They designed it how they wanted it to fit into the game not how most people want it to fit. Me I love the titles being 0 pts it's a great way to give each ship there own flavor and 2 ships that have the same stat line can have titles like this and play completely different. Way to go ffg love what your doing keep it up
  5. I would like to point out in a earmy interview with the game creators they did say bump your own ships is ba valid strat. Now they were talking tie swarms when they were relevant but from the games makes eye this is a valid way of playing so I don't see how people can say it's cheating or rules exploting. It's a strat that part of the game and can be as much of a benifit as determental as long as u know how to fly vs or with it. If u know how to fly agents it it can be the down fall to any player who uses it.
  6. Don't see why it won't activite more the one in a single attack and even if it could u can't reroll a dice more then once.For refrence page 8 for the R4 not activating more then once in a attack. And page 13 under modify dice for the rule on only rerollING once
  7. Be higher ps then 5 she won't know when to k-turn or not aces will still out fly her. I don't think she will as big as people thing cause of that ps 5 she is rocking. Don't get Mr wrong will be good but not meta changing or game breaking.
  8. I think these would be a great idea I know I remember my ships pilot skill cause well I built the list. But I find once and a while my opponent goes dam forgot he was the ps while playing or I have been on the end of forgetting that my oppoets ship had it. Would be a cool idea not needed or that. But I could see a company doing these wouldn't be hard sell them as a set of 6 double sided so u could have 0-11 . Really neat idea
  9. Just don't read the post and u won't have to worry Yeah, like that is even possible. How do you suppose to pretend not to see the title? Didn't say don't read the title I said don't read the post. So u take 2 second to read the title go o it's a rules question and keep scrolling takes 3 seconds and u don't have to worry about wasting time reading the post and making a reply that doesn't really help to the op. Now I will admit nether am I but that cause ita already been answered the best possible way by some other helpful people. So I would like to say thanks to to non complainers and the people who accually answered the ops post . Also the sub forms I found don't show up on all devices. I just got a new phone a week ago and my old phone doesn't show them so that could be why people are not always post the rules in the sub fourm.
  10. Just don't read the post and u won't have to worry
  11. kgwradford

    damage decks

    Lol this again surprised people still fight about this and try and get moral high ground lol but at least all u guys who hate it give me intertainment while I'm at work bored (Yes I meaning all of u who thinking using the old damage deck is "gaming" or "cheating")
  12. As cool as this is why would u make a complete shuttle that won't be able to fit back on the ghost? If u wanna use 2 u will need another dial which u will have to borrow (at this point why not borrow the model as well) or have a second ghost again for the dial and u will have the shuttle from there? Looks great tho not bashing or anything just don't see the point to rebuilding the shuttle when I think it would be easier to just have that built to dock and in dock to represent if the shuttle was docked or not.
  13. My question is do u recover the shield be for or after the torps second effect takes place od removing the shield token?
  14. Couldn't u just pick a k-turn for the same effect?
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