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  1. Ah gotcha ya , thanks for the response , but I am thinking it might be nice on fat han , it just makes him that much more survivable
  2. I am a bit confused about the upgrade determination. It says on the card to immediately discard any crits that have the pilot trait, now does that mean you do not take the hit also because it says nothing about flipping the card down. I felt this is way to powerful for 1 pt , and if that is how it works why the hec is it not on every fat han list lol My apologies if the answer is already common knowledge I am still fairly new Than you
  3. Hi I am fairly new to x-wing and I am a huge fan of the tie phantom in particular whisper , I keep hearing they are not as good as before the errata. could someone please explain to me what has changed , what he was like before and what he is like now , I am very curious about this and can't seem to find out what it is . Thank you
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