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  1. I'm in... I'm running a group. Would love to dump something unexpected on them and see what they think.
  2. Has anyone printed out the 4 player map? How well does that turn out (assuming you are printing it with all the rest of the maps)?
  3. Blast 2 is 4XP so it would have had to be mission 4 assuming they won at least 1 of the story missions, otherwise it would be mission 5 before he could have it. The Blast 2 costs strain, the blast 1 costs a surge. He can't keep that up for very long at all. Considering you can render it completely useless by not standing beside a friendly figure or make it a disadvantage by standing beside an enemy figure it's not that big of a deal. His blast and Verona's close quarters do not synergise at 4 endurance... 4 strain... two turns in a row, getting 4 shots per turn, without needing to rest, plus doesn't Fenn get 1 back at the end of each turn that he isn't adjacent to something. There was a mission where I had one spawn point and the imperials had to storm the stronghold and the rebels were defending. Unless I did the mission wrong, I was reinforcing/deploying as I could. The hero's activate first and blow everything off the deployment spot. The last mission had long hallways. I was 5 spaces up a hall way, another 9 spaces away from Fenn in a different direction. Gideon commanded him to move, was still within ran so the did it again, the fenn activated... combat moved 2, strained 2... double blast 3'd the royal guards that I thought were safe being nearly all the way on the other side of the map around the corner. I make them work hard and getting a blast off is rare, but sometimes I have no choice and its devastating. Then Fenn activated first on the next round and that was the end of the royal guards. The rest of the that mission I had no models on the table... The players previous squad ... diala, garkhaan, fenn and seska we're so easy to deal with that I didn't use my agendas, we restarted after I went 5 and 1, now its about the opposite. Just looking for balance. I think the previous squad Fenn didn't get Blast 2 until mission 5 or 6. And never got the piece of gear that gave him blast 1 for a surge. And also without Gideon it wasn't broken, and I think the last mission I gave no blast opportuntiies.
  4. Would it be considered heavy handed if as the Imperial player, if I hand down some errata stating that blast can not be stacked (because already being able to blow a unit of royal guards off the table with blast 2 and 4 attacks with Gideon wasn't good enough), and also having Verona's close quarters can only be used during her activation (thus hopefully Gideon is encouraged to interact with someone else other than Fenn every single turn)? Is blast 3 reasonable towards the end of the campaign? I was dealing with it starting on game 3 I think... we're on game 6.
  5. I'm playing in a campaign where the rebels are running Fenn (with stuff that gives him blast 3), Gideon with masterstroke (give out 3 commands or two commands a turn), and Vererna and Loku. Loku is the only one that I'm not sweating bullets about. And honestly I could care less about Gideon.. but Fenn fire 4 times a turn blasting everything to bits if I make the slightest mistake is a fun killer. Verena doesn't even need Gideon but on a larger map with stun and bleed to handout it was ok (just okay). I think stacking blast 1 and blast 2 is ridiculous and verena is just as bad.
  6. They'll be available on eBay for reasonable prices. Normally I would not complain, but eBay has been a pain for Canadian customers since they implemented their international shipping program. The shipping cost is ridiculous. You are still right, it is a possibility. Whats the international shipping program? I noticed that shipping to Canada costs just about as much as shipping to Europe (which is daft), but going through paypal, etsy and usps the costs are high regardless. It's called the "Global Shipping Program". Sellers don't have to be part of it. To ship one card to my address, it would cost me 17.04 US$ (12.15$ Shipping & 4.89$ import charge). Sometimes there is no import charge. Cost from a seller that doesn't use the program for another card is 5.80 US$. If I can find the new cards with a seller that doesn't use this program, cost will be fine. I was wondering what the global shipping program did for me. Nothing apparently. I've never used it, and I almost always label anything international as a gift so no one has to pay VAT/GST/HST. I mean seriously... if I as a seller am allowed to select gift then... its must be a legal option. Now I'm for sure never going to use it, Ebay probably always enforces VAT. Not really related, but Amazon is a schemer too. You have to register in each country you want to sell, its not a global marketplace like EBAY, and.... I got delisted from the toy section because my sales sucked for a while, but now... pocket page sales are so crazy that I got an email saying I have to register my social security number or I'll get delisted entirely. I'm going to pay through the nose in income tax.. .... Death and Taxes... guaranteed. Looks like I'm printing these cards myself, feels real janky. I don't play tournaments... poor solution FFG. Wish I could just buy them for 50cents a pop or whatever like I can with Privateer Press.
  7. They'll be available on eBay for reasonable prices. Normally I would not complain, but eBay has been a pain for Canadian customers since they implemented their international shipping program. The shipping cost is ridiculous. You are still right, it is a possibility. Whats the international shipping program? I noticed that shipping to Canada costs just about as much as shipping to Europe (which is daft), but going through paypal, etsy and usps the costs are high regardless.
  8. Wait wait... Whats the speed for regular sabotuers? https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/1a/39/1a395bad-7f8e-46ca-9352-bc540f35b959/swi_faq_v2_high_res.pdf Speed 4, but the replacement card says speed 5 But here. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2015/12/21/great-change-in-the-galaxy/ Speed is 4 and the replacement card is 4. I guess 4, think the need to fix something.
  9. Do not use Pinesol... OMG if you accidently leave it in too long it'll melt figures. Simple Green 50/50 mixture and lots of scrubbing will work.
  10. You need a bag sealer of some sort. Mine was pretty pricy, I wanted a nice one. Then you just add seals and cut the pages where you need additional pockets. This prototype page I made, I actually trimmed the hero card, but the real page when I start making them, and assuming I get no new suggestions (like take a flying leap, jk), will side load the hero card, which will allow hero card to fit sleeves or unsleeved..... assuming I find some or others have them. Its my contribution to the hobby :-)
  11. I'm going to start making Pocket Pages for the Rebels Hero and the Imperials. What layouts make the most sense? I had one person strongly suggest 1 - Hero Size pocket, 1 - regular playing card size pocket, and 10 - mini card sized pockets. Any thoughts on numbers of pockets or where the pockets should be?
  12. Is Defender same as Protector? If so I'm a golden droid.
  13. OMG this list makes me want to cry. The big thing I see is that you're going to lose command card advantage right off the bat. With so few models, you won't be able to deal with the more spammy lists. Anything with more than 8 models will dance around you. I think you'll lose on objective badly and quickly each game.
  14. Hey in all seriousness... if you feel that you really want to paint him over, I'll trade you my unpainted one for yours. I'm always looking to help out a fellow painter (and myself). Though honestly I'd just slightly ink the face to get more details and I think its perfect. But contact me if you want to trade ;-)
  15. Bring your B Game and throw the match. Seriously... no rubber bullets for the wife?
  16. I have one of the earliest ones he made before the kickstarter. If you put them in your car, they do shift around... I'm adding magnets and washers to all models, and I'm going to make felt bags for the AT-ST's. I love the organizer, 10bucks in magnets is what I'm adding to it.
  17. So in one turn I played.... take initiative, reinforcements (brought back a regular heavy storm trooper) activated the heavy storm trooper unit (cost 6), then played squad storm, activated the elite heavy trooper unit (cost 8), then strength in numbers and activated a probe droid (3pts). Is that all legal? The questions are... 1. take initiative must be done at the start fo the turn, so much reinforcements can they be played together? 2. Then... the wording on both Squad Storm and Strength in numbers implies just the two units that each card affects and not all the cumulative units that are going to used? So it seems I can chain 3 together. Anyhow the game felt heavy handed in my favor when I dropped that bomb on my buddy. thoughts?
  18. Good idea with the extra RG. And yeah, 6 dodges takes the top off your fun. That's the problem with dice, sometimes they're just not on your side. I haven't figured out how outside the norm that was. On the flipside I rolled 3 block so many times it equally perplexed my friend. I'd have gladly traded 2 block for no dodges
  19. Alright this is all the information I was looking for. Use a 2nd RG unit in place of troopers. Don't rush the RGC by himself. I probably should have moved him south on the map to frustrate the focused elite rebel troopers (they could move 4 next turn and still not fire, but I really wanted to be north on the map... my friends 6 dodges during the game really killed my mojo, but I felt I played poorly for some reason.) I avoided blast the entire game but briefly once 2 troopers got stuck together. And I do mean briefly. I'm going to retry the list. I think I can make it work with all the suggestions I've received.
  20. ▪ Royal Guard Champion Royal Guard Stormtrooper Imperial Officer Imperial Officer Imperial Officer Elite Probe Droid Command Cards ------------------------ Celebration Deadeye Element of Surprise Grenadier Inspiring Speech Parting Blow Planning Pummel Pummel Rally Reinforcements Strength in Numbers Take Initiative Urgency Flurry of Blades I've played it and played against it, both time the list got mulched. The opposing list was Luke Gideon Mak Elite Troopers Elite Sab Elite Sab Turn 1 I was forced to go first. I ran my RGC into the troopers who had already moved/focused, I attacked and didn't kill anything. The next turn without iniatitive my RGC was taken to 1hp, he kills a single trooper and then dies. After that I start losing models left and right. The exchange was about 2 to 1, not in my favor. The game I played the rebels, the only time I didn't go after the RGC was when I had him stunned. Otherwise I didn't lose a single unit, a few models, but not a single unit. Maybe I don't understand how to play the RGC?
  21. How'd you mount the millennium falcon at that angle? That's sweet.
  22. 4 Act's used to be a death sentence, but with the new rule (when everyone uses it) that's no longer the case necessarily. But I think you'll find that 4 models doesn't play into 10 models very well. Then again it could have been the mission, perhaps another mission where I don't have to deal with +6 life shields all over the place might be better.
  23. The new rule comes into effect in August, but we'd thought we would give it a spin last night. I ran: Luke Chewbacca Han Gideon My friend ran: Royal Guard Royal Guard Elite Officer Elite Officer Elite E-Web Stormtroopers We played on Chewbacca's map. This is the one where your goal is to sit in your enemys deployment zone and collect 6vp. And... and... there are 5 token crates with 6pt shields on the board. My list was much slower, but I had all the command cards for the characters, so I figured I'd get some extra actions to make up for my lack of figures. Che Turn 1 I got initiative (I should have passed it to my bud, but ... what can you do.) I did pass on his first couple of activations. That was kinda fun. He grabbed a terminal, I grabbed a terminal. I got a command card to focus two of my characters, and Gideon used that and his own abilty to focus everyone. Chewie from across the board sniped a Stormtrooper off a terminal and the command card advantage got started. Turn 2, it was pretty clear I didn't have enough models to grab any of the shields and still bring any offense to the game. I passed on 1 activation, and later I passed on another. (After this turn I didn't pass anymore) Turn 3, my lack of models was getting me worried, even though I took down 2 royal guards that had shield tokens (14 life!!!!, each!!!!) Turn 4, Luke... Luke!!!! Poor Luke died. Chewie used his command card and reactivated... and ran into the enemy deployment zone. Turn 5... end of round... both players at 39 VP. Turn 6.... we both gave up playing figuring the game was over, but then we fudged stuff so if I won it would get an asterisk, if he won he would get an asterisk. So we call it a draw. I think 4 Activations under the new rule is fine, but having just 4 models on the board made it much more difficult for me to play. Next time Han gets taken out and two unit of rebel saboteurs come in. I needed blast to stop the royal guard protector ability and I needed the ability to lay down more generic firepower, I think I had too much super elite killing ability. I lost Luke, Han and Gideon, 4 wounds taken on Chewie (who oddly dodged six times in a row) for about 31wounds taken He lost 1 unit Royal Guard, EWeb, 1 storm trooper and 1 officer, and had 1 life left on his other officer, for about 48 wounds taken.
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