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  1. Did you play against Brian in the final game? Was running a Han, drokkatta, Sabine list?
  2. What are the best figures to use lie in ambush on and why?
  3. Anyone on the west side of Michigan that plays or is looking into playing? Preferably the Muskegon/Grand rapids area..
  4. I have a copy of temp alliance for sale if you're interested
  5. I have a copy of temp alliance for sale if you're interested
  6. I'm playing in a store championship this weekend and want to just play for pure fun. Please help me build the most janky/combo heavy list you can think of that fun to play
  7. How much would you pay? I have a 1st place one
  8. What's your list if you don't mind me asking? I love talking strategy and game play
  9. I fully support both angles/sides to the argument. I understand that simple mistakes happen and if it's not caught in time then the only thing we can really do is use it as a tool for improvement in the future but I also believe that something should be done currently whether it be a warning, prizes taken back or a combo of things. But the difference between millions of people watching a race on TV is you can't see the illegal engine that's under the hood, this event had people literally within feet of his list and no one noticed or pointed it out. From start to finish there were at minimum 12 chances for his list to be found illegal and it never was. Was it a huge fraud like the dial spinning in x wing that was caught on camera no but it's cheating nontheless so all we can do is move forward and look got better solutions and see if FFG is going to issue any statement or revision to tournament play and if the guy gets punished
  10. At no point did I state he deserves second place. All I was trying to do was point out where in the list the mistake could have been made and then speak on as a whole the tournament's organizers should have checked lists at some point and yet again the 6 players in swiss and the 3 in top 8 cut all played him and didn't notice any errors. I could care less if you agree with it or not but end of the day the list was illegal, it was caught too late (sorry to all that missed prizes due to it), instead of ranting and posting about the cheating over and over why not post to FFG with solutions to fix said problem. Help grow the game to become better instead of calling foul over and over. Yes someone cheated, yes the game was affected because who is to say what would transpire if he was DQ'd after round 1 and every round after was altered. But several people played him, several people stood by or stopped by to watch the games he was in and before the final match started someone stood over his list and you a pic and no one noticed, no one called foul, no one did the math. So it's over, it's crappy and sucks for a lot of people but you can't fix it now outside of calling him and having him mail his prizes back
  11. I beat him in the finals, and looking at the list he could have easily made the mistake of running an elite Jawa instead of a regular Jawa and using his temp alliance for both Gideon and C-3PO which would put him at 40pts. Which in that case it's just a matter of grabbing the wrong card which yes if you catch it and report it then he can be DQ'd but everyone played him and overlooked it so you accept the outcome and it's no where near as important as other forms of cheating or list errors. I'm sorry for everyone that it affected but all we can do as a group is double check our components and our opponents and hope FFG checks both lists next time for things like that
  12. These missions have me so confused. Can someone please explain the mission with strain
  13. He made the top 8 at 2-2 before losing in the 1st round of cut.
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