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  1. I would drop the advanced in favor of the interceptor. The counter ability when used right is amazing.
  2. It might work, but I agree with tetsugaku-san, bobmers and fighters will pick off your sheilds and might even be enough to sink a ship or two by themselves, your rate of attrition would be steep because the rebel fighters would eat sheilds faster than you eat their bases down. One good turn of shooting at you could loose a glad without it's having ever fired a shot...
  3. I'm all for a lancer, maybe a carrier, something with like, squadron 6! Maybe imperial nebulon b frigates would be cool too (they were imperial ships stolen by the rebellion)
  4. So here is my question; isn't the strength behind the gladiator the ability to move, move and then shoot, but isn't the card that allows that unique? So then you would only have one that does that, and while the expanded launchers are nice I can see rebel players luring them in and blasting them to bits at long range...am I wrong?
  5. I bought the fighter packs for both factions. I also bought a second starter, another vic, another corvette, and another frigate... And I still don't know! I like the way rebels use fighters and imps use capital ships...
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