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  1. I have an update, but it is not placed. Soon.
  2. Sorry if it offends anyone. However, I have been working on creating new options for creating StarCraft universe characters like they would be from alt universe. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_v7oSKB-sLLN3djdUU5TnZwM00/view?usp=sharing It is a rough draft. I have been using Leovaunt's rules for starcraft rpg for conversion. Terrans are the easiest part. Anyway. It has a Homeworld and Background integrated with role for character creation. Special talents are gained every 1000nth xp. So called advanced specialisations will be obtained from much later level (like ascension). Also some gear is semi finished. It is an ongoing project for my crazy campaign twists.
  3. you as a player, can do pure BC. I have single player group BC character who is doing his BC mission.
  4. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/226700-2-sisters-of-battle-looking-for-a-play-by-post-game/?p=2352329 You can choose bad or good side.
  5. If Post By Play game does not scare you. I can include you as an additional group in my crazy multi-group very long-term campaign (already 2-3 months going)
  6. Rese

    Daemon voidship

    OH. I found "The eye of the Abyss" Daemonship in Dark Heresy Creatures Anathema. It explains roughly its ability to phase in/out.
  7. Rese

    Daemon voidship

    Hmm... From BFG initial reading, I got that they have that phase in and out ability which is itself nice. There are even 4 marks of chaos which might be comverted easily. MarkofSlaanesh ............+25pts The ship is full of the sensation-craving followers of Slaanesh and their siren cries extend into the minds of the crews of nearby enemy ships. Enemy ships within 15cm suffer –2 to their Leadership value. MarkofKhorne .............+20pts Crewed by the homicidal followers of Khorne, the ship is extremely dangerous in boarding actions. It doubles its value in boarding actions. MarkofTzeentch ............+25pts The Captain can call upon the power of precognition as well as formidable magics to control his vessel. This ship has an extra re-roll. MarkofNurgle ..............+35pts The vessel is rank with putrescence and the many plagues of the Lord of Decay. It gains 1 Damage Point and may not be boarded. . And maybe different daemon would require different sacrifices to satisfy him and that it would do as required. SCKoNi and venkelos, nice ideas.
  8. Did anybody tried to bind greater daemon into voidship? If yes, what was your ruling about it? what benefits, drawbacks?
  9. Did anybody tried to bind greater daemon into voidship? If yes, what was your ruling about it? what benefits, drawbacks?
  10. Well, the idea is interesting. There many powers from multiple books which would fall into this "chronomancy". I could be Enuncia type of discipline. Similar to https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/68812-enuncia-in-black-crusade/?hl=enuncia Would be nice to see the extension.
  11. It has now homebrewed influence system and expanded ip,cp, mutation, perils tables
  12. Grendel https://1d4chan.org/wiki/The_Guy_Who_Cried_Grendelhave become fluff in dh1 book.
  13. When someones spam is good and it stops. Slaneesh is behind this.
  14. I have looked into Psyker level assignment based on mechanics with psy ratings and some talents/skills/traits. I have calculated that in DH1 you can get Gamma, Gamma+ level if pre ascension. If using ascension book then one could become Beta and even Alpha level (Compared to Burning Princess). So, that "broken" thing does not seem that broken for me anymore. While DH2 can reach only low Beta level compared to DH1 Beta. You can see for yourself. Calculations are quite rough based on max psy rating without pushing and some talents. Also consider that DH2 does not have fettered rules. Dh1 pre ascension too. | | Min Psy | Max Psy | Max Push/or Psy | WP Max | WP B max | Comments | Lightbringer Table | TS Luikart DH | DH Sorcerer | 2 | 2 | - | 80 | 8 | | Zeta+ | Zeta+ DH | DH Master Sorcerer | 4 | 4 | - | 80 | 8 | | Delta | Delta+ DH | DH Psyker | 2 | 6 | - | 80 | 8 | | Gamma | Gamma+ DH | DH Psyker Sorcerer | 2 | 7 | - | 80 | 8 | | Gamma | Gamma+ DH | DH Psyker Master Sorcerer | 2 | 8 | - | 80 | 8 | | Gamma | Gamma+ DH | DH Primaris Psyker | 5 | 10 | 13 | 90 | 27 | | Beta | Beta DH | DH Primaris Psyker Sorcerer | 5 | 11 | 14 | 90 | 27 | | Beta | Beta DH | DH Primaris Psyker Master Sorcerer | 5 | 12 | 15 | 90 | 27 | | Beta | Beta DH | Greater Daemon, Marabas Lord of Change | 9 | 9 | 12 | 81 | 16 | | Beta | Beta DH | DH Burning Princess | 14 | 14 | 17 | 75 | 14 | | Alpha | Alpha RT | Eldar Farseer | 8 | 8 | | 59 | 10 | | Gamma | Gamma+ RT | T'zar the Broker - Herald of Tzeetch | 5 | 5 | | 63 | 6 | | Delta | Gamma RT | Farseer Caille | 6 | 6 | | 59 | 10 | | Gamma | Gamma+ RT | Warlock Bhaine Dhun | 6 | 6 | | 52 | 5 | | Gamma | Gamma+ DW | Hive Tyrant | 8 | 8 | | 70 | 14 | | Gamma | Gamma+ DW | Keeper of Secret | 8 | 8 | | 75 | 7 | | Gamma | Gamma+ DW | Zoantrope | 6 | 6 | | 60 | 6 | | Gamma | Gamma+ BC | BC TS Sorcerer | | 10 | 13 or 21 | 80 | 11 | | Beta | Beta BC | BC Psyker | | 10 | 15 or 21 | 80 | 11 | | Beta | Beta BC | BC Immaterial Magister | | 10 | ? | 80 | 11 | | Beta | Beta DH2 | DH2 Sanctioned Psyker | | 10 | 15 or 17 | | | | Beta | Beta DH2 | DH2 Unbound Wyrd | | 10 | 15 or 19 | | | | Beta | Beta DH2 | DH2 Daemonic, Daemon Princes | | 10 | 13 | | | | Beta | Beta
  15. I would like to hear the story. Also, daemon prince undercover? tell me more
  16. I have an opening to join PbP game of multiple groups with stable players.
  17. From my perspective, I feel dh2 psyker stuff limited to what they could actually can do compared to dh1 and fluff and what not. For me it is just not worth taking anymore. Even if many things look broken in dh1, I believe everything have their place in power scale. But I might be biased on my own characters who are almost impossible to match or represent with the dh2 system. I think DH2 is much more appropriate for lower character level games. But hey - New sector is described!
  18. DH1 itself have different progression pre and after ascension. My pc is the only ascended and I get same amount of xp like the others. THe progression is just too slow for me. Actually, BC human character is 7k xp compared to Dh1. Current campaign I run have BC and DH1 characters. (Sorry I am quite optimistic and masochistic on working with both systems) DH1 have cheaper talents, skills and can get more of them , but BC have higher stats base and many skills have -20 instead of halving. Dh1 psykers have much more powers and more chances on phenomenas before hitting ascension. BC have less power choice, have fettering rules from start and better chances to get immunity from phenomenas. Another issues is that the reward systems are different : BC have compacts which almost always means BC characters are either enemies or infiltrators. Well, I don't even start on combat mechanics.
  19. - when the only ascended pc, primaris psyker/sorcerer has mastered three disciplines - said disciplines are biomancy, telepathy and arcana. - said psyker teleports with the helpless blind heretek who becomes unbound daemonhost - daemonhost dominates said psyker - everybody else either fall catatonic from fear 4 or frenzies to attack each other - daemonhost dominates another templar calixis psykers. - Phenomena helps Primaris to escape domination range by throwing everybody up and down. He is in criticals. - When Primaris pushes and adds additional sorcerer dices to 11 total dice and cast firestorm on daemonhost but that one already used inmmunity for flames. No perils - Another Round, Primaris Pushes to 11 dice and finally soul kills daemonhost. No perils. - Said templar is ultra puritan. - But being this is a Primaris Psyker Sorcerer, the most powerful one in that world, who would burn everything clean off, you’ve got to ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel lucky?' Well, do you, punk?"
  20. Sorry iF anything. As I said, the wording is debatable for if you are able to repeat multiple times a day. I would go for being able to repeat it. I think, one could allow to limit healing with medicae to some extent. But faith or psychic powers are hardly controllable towards that. Having custom "Scoriadas" is a nice thing too. It can for example have modified mechanic: much harder to pass test because there are hooks attached. Customising brings some color to the character.
  21. It does hurt. From Blood of Matyrs. Scoriada Melee - 0I 0 Primitive, Flexible 1kg 5 Scarce BOM 116p If combined with the Flagellant talent, may make a -10 Toughness test to suffer no wounds. "Scoriada wre whips made from strips of knotted cloth of soft leather. They are used to inflict corporal mortification, either on one's self or another. While the Scoriada does little to no damage by itself, extended use can cause severe bruising and raise welts. A Scoriada only does damage equal to the character's Strength Bonus when used as a weapon. When used by a character with the Flagellant talent to peform daily mortification, the character may make a Hard (-10) Toughness Test, and if successful they do not suffer a wound as a result of using the Flagellant talent." In my opinion, no need for over complicated rules. That leads only to masochism and conflicts in groups and playing an economy simulator than a game itself. We play flagellant like this. Everyday (usually in the morning) the pc does flagellation. It can be healed, but if it is fully healed then he needs flagellate (though as per RAW it seems it can only be done single time per day) or suffer the shame as per rules. He is not forced to flagellate. The matter for healing: Robin Graves gave an example, but as per raw,you can't repeat that same day (though of course the wording is debatable). In the end, flagellation has its pluses and minuses.
  22. People people. there is a special item for flagellation witch does not cause damage.
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