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  1. This game up at the Eindhoven vault tour and the judges ruling was that the opponent could use the mastervault app to scan the foreign language deck, as this translates the cards into the users native language. I had to do this twice on the day as faced both a French and a German deck with a couple of cards I couldn’t figure out from deck list
  2. Tillke- that was the ruling made by the UK Organised Play team at the weekends early preview tournament, so until the inevitable rule clarification/FAQ document lands that’s how ill play it. We got the judge ruling on it as I read it similar to you, but judge advised that the whole process stopped when the shark was destroyed.
  3. This came up in one of my games today at the UK early preview, and if the Neutron Shark is destroyed to destroy an enemy creature, then the discard the top card of your deck part of the card ability does not happen, so the effect ends then.
  4. Well, from 19 boosters, managed to grab 6 legendaries (black one, one with the force, kylo'S lightsaber, Phasma, AT ST, force choke) Did end up with two padmes Annoyingly no more storm troopers, as Phasma makes them stupidly annoying with guardian..
  5. I've been having fun with a 5 ship list of: Inquisitor with title, auto thrusters & adaptability 3x seinar test pilot with title & auto thrusters &Wampa.. The three test pilots have been ignored mostly by my opponents, only to take most of their list off the table Plus free evade token & auto thrusters mean they tend to survive far more than they should. Did just pick up a 5th TAP this week, so looking forward to running 5 test pilots w title and prockects on Monday night..
  6. Rebel wise, would have to go either Sabine (with Chewie crew fixes the squishiness a little) or Miranda for the versatility of her pilot skill. Empire? Wampa hands down as either your opponent ignores him and he starts wrecking things, or they avoid at all costs/ send a disproportionate amount of their squad to kill him. And for 14 points, either outcome is fine by me! And after my Yavin open, favourite scum would be black sun soldier.. But named pilots, torn between Bobba & Bossk as that pair is my go to fun list
  7. Is this a frequent event? I'm in Nottingham and would be interested in getting into X-Wing. Another player from Nottingham here. Can't say if the salutation inn thing is a regular thing, but can say that there is a Monday night Star Wars gaming night at The Dice Cup (board game cafe up near Victoria centre). I'm there every Monday from about 6pmish and normally bring most of my collection so can loan a few ships out if needs be.
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