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  1. As per Lynata plus my tuppence. This is a fairly easy and lore friendly thing to do. Take a leaf from the Adeptus Arbites book and use Seeker Rounds. They are basically either a small cogitator housed in the round which tracks and stuns/kills the target using pre-programmed data (scent/image/etc) or for Psykers, it could be a round containing a "warp-sense" imprint that tracks only that soul. To create one of these depends on how hard it is to track that enemy - so if he's an escaped criminal, samples will be plentiful - if he's an Eldar pirate, not so much. MR.
  2. You know, a lot of real historical armor have exact anatomical conformity. Your example is very modest And flexible too. The idea that an armoured knight could not get up when had been knocked down is a myth. I do love the cosmetic and beauty fashion reasons that are listed above. Calgar: "Does my arse look big in this Tigurius?" Tigurius: "Nay Lord, your mammoth shoulders balance out thine buttock marvellously. Blue is also slimming." If anyone is serious about this question, I can answer it channelling my inner nerd... but onwards with the flamboyant epaulettes! MR.
  3. I have actually landed supplies for the Kill team, deep into enemy territory. If they are on a stealth mission it gives them both an objective and possible compromise by enemy forces, but either way it gives you flexibility if you think they have had it too hard or too easy with Horde sizes etc. Just like modern militaries, throw your resupply off the back of a Hercules (Stormraven etc) and follow it out Marine! And that's absolutely fine. I personally warn my players of encumbrance, which gives penalties to Agility - so if you want extra magazines, you give up a Grenade, your Combat Knife etc etc or you get loaded down, maybe too wide for narrow corridors, maybe your gear hangs you up in a doorway - and that's lethal even for a Marine. In the end "how much is too much" essentially, as Prof Tanhauser has eloquently put - is up to GM discretion. Decide where you want your fine line and then modify on the fly if it doesn't work, maybe on a Space Hulk there will be an armoury, or centuries old fallen Marines. Boltgun ammo keeps really well. MR.
  4. I'm with Lynata here. Side note: The Bolter used by Artemis (above) actually has 4 x small/short magazines with two on each side of the weapon numbered I - IV. Forgive me for blurring into "house-rules" territory, but I had the same problem with clarity and satisfaction on "rule of three" and I thought this expansion would help the OP. I solved this by house-ruling that our Marines can carry 5 magazines (140 rounds) for a Boltgun if they are Specialists and 7 magazines (196 rounds) if they are Tacticals. Our Marines are also automatically issued with Astartes Combat Webbing as the Req cost is so low as to be marginal - and it looks as if the new Deathwatch 40K models have it as standard too! Each "Short" magazine (as shown in the pic above) carries 7 rounds of either Standard or Special ammunition chosen at will before an attack roll is made (via the shot selector). The main magazine has of course a capacity of 28 rounds. These magazines must be filled from the allowance for each Marine (140 or 196) and any Special ammo is swapped for a Standard round. In effect this means they carry two mags in the weapon and 3 - 5 spares. All special ammo is requisitioned in packs of 7. Our Bolt Pistols do not have shot selectors, but each Marine equipped with a Bolt Pistol may carry 3 x magazines - 1 in the weapon and 2 spare. Our grenades adhere to the "rule of three". Our Heavy Bolters are fed as normal, with the exception that if they feed from a 60 rounds "box", the Devastator can load 1 and take 2 extras. On the Heavy Bolter special ammo question, I think that a backpack feed isn't determined as special ammunition, but that if you put special ammunition in it, it costs +15 Requistion for the ammo itself - maybe because it's bigger! I hope this helps, MR.
  5. I can't remember where I read it, or even now thinking about it, if it exists outside my head, but somewhere it states that "Civilian" or human Boltguns are .50 Cal and Marine equivalents are .75 Cal - I'd assume the Table Top would class them all as equal power due to simplicity of game mechanics. I am absolutely certain it's in print somewhere in an old edition.
  6. AFAIK They aren't allowed to have men under arms - in Malleus Town they have the Grey Knights, in Xenosville it's the Deathwatch, in Hereticus Towers they burn everything with the Adepta Sororitas and a personal army of "retainers". MR.
  7. My group recently missed out on completing an objective - one of them did the stoopid and another kept fluffing rolls, so they had to fall back as they were getting chewed up. The look on their faces when I knocked a Renown off them...
  8. I regret I don't know the adventure, but I'd like to try and help. Perhaps porting into Deathwatch could be as simple as: 1) Admech gets wind of device/item/location and take it to the DW "doing thier duty" so to speak 2) Admech has meeting with a Techmarine who has obviously a sympathetic ear 3) Techmarine knows someone who owes him a favour and says "give me this mission" then he's a VIP for the team, they'll need him for opening doors etc 4) Inquisitor/Kill Team handler is suspicious because of AM ties or finds evidence the KT is being manipulated (but turns up a little late?) 5) Beef up security at any installation about to be attacked by Marines - they're marines! 6) Big battle! 7) Have the AM turn up later and say - "this is ours" and put the Techmarine's "divided" loyalty to the test. Does he betray the KT, does he refuse the AM? You could work it so the techmarine is suspected by others outside the KT, but the KT leader has some respect for him - perhaps he fixed something for them....? He's a Marine after all (if his chapter swings that way) My two pennies worth... (PS you double post because you have obviously impressed the machine spirit ) MR.
  9. Final sanction is a solid adventure that is well paced and written and a good follow-up to Extraction. I think your campaign plan is absolutely fine if you're wanting to save some time and sweat, and I like the sort of semi-sandbox nature you're going for. It looks good. MR.
  10. And I don't blame you. I merely replied to what you asked with something I thought was interesting.
  11. I have the most recent Codex for Necrons and I got it because of the insanely good writing in The Outer Reach. Nowadays the Crons are beating up the Tyranids for the simple single reason of trespass. In fact my impression is the new fluff goes so far as to imply that the Necrons are mobilising to destroy the Tyranids because they're ravaging what would otherwise be Necron Empires and the metal fellas don't care for it. The new map in the codex shows the Charnovohk Dynasty territories right in the way of the encroaching bugs. Here's the fluff: "744.M41 The Silent King returns from his self-imposed exile having encountered the Tyranids in the intergalactic void. Realising the threat they pose to the Necrontyr, he sets about stirring worlds to revive..." p44. MR.
  12. I was almost there although that burnout rule might need a house-ruling. Appreciated folks. MR.
  13. So, am I reading this right? Force fields roll to negate damage on a per hit basis, not an attack basis. Example: A Heavy Bolter Dev fires at a scumbag with a Field rating of 40. My interpretation: 1) Dev rolls 6 degrees of success. Target rolls against PR of field 6 times fails 3, thereby taking 3 hits? 2) And if Scumbag elects to dodge, gains 1 DoS, negating 1 hit, then he rolls separately on PR 40 against the 5 hits, negates 3, takes damage rolls from two hits? 3) Then force field tests against burnout/overload rating (eg 1-10) with each successfully negated hit? Is this right? Thanks for any assist. MR.
  14. I wasn't going to wade in on this, but after watching this topic for some time, I am confused. You are asking for advice on how to handle this player but you don't seem to want to use it, even though the advice is always the same: Kill the character or ditch your player and neither seems to happen - the reason given is that he's your friend and I dig that, but he seems to be doing it at the expense and goodwill of others and you are letting him quite literally get away with murder. You have to ask yourself - would you let other players do it? What would you do if ALL your players started doing it? And it seems to me that is the issue - not a narrative one. Please understand that I do not - and I seriously do not - mean any offence (and these observations are merely opinion) as I do not know you or the dynamics of your group, but from what you have described, all I can say at this point is that if I were one of your players I'd be thinking that this RP campaign is a one man show and what I do really has no bearing because it can be torpedoed immediately by a character and a player who basically has an immunity to the rules under which I agree to abide and honestly, I personally would leave. There is nothing wrong with letting your friend have fun and get in on the action and a bit of madness in the Grimdark is always good but you're going to have to decide between being fair to the group or supporting your buddy. A GM's life is never easy eh?
  15. I do this generally through the game mechanic of Oath-Taking, so generally a Chaplain stands and growls one of these: Oath of The Astartes: "And the Emperor spoke: They shall be pure of heart and strong of body, untainted by doubt and unsullied by selfishness. They will be bright stars on the firmament of battle, Angels of Death whose shining wings bring swift annihilation to the enemies of Man. So it shall be for a thousand times a thousand years, unto the very end of eternity and the extinction of mortal flesh. They are my Space Marines - and they shall know no fear!" Oath to The Emperor: "We look to the Emperor at the hour of battle. We trust to him to intercede and protect his warriors true, Even as they deal death on alien soil. Turn their seas to red with the blood of their slain. Crush their hopes, their dreams And turn their songs into cries of lamentation, We ask it in your name, Master of Mankind!" Oath of Glory: "O Emperor, in wrath rejoicing, at bloody wars fierce and untamed, All-conquering Master of Mankind, be pleased with this war's tumultuous roar. Delight in swords and fists red with alien blood, and the dire ruin of savage battle, Bring nought to our foes but death and ruin, Let our enemies fear us - for we are the Emperor's wrath!" Oath of Knowledge: "By writ from Codex and from Faith. Knowledge is Power, we guard it well, It leads us to know the enemy Beyond, the enemy Within, the enemy Without. It will lead us from despair to hope, from Death to Victory, in the Emperor's name!" Oath of Loyalty: "One indomitable heart, Brothers all. Endless war, ceaseless struggle, We shall bear its weight together. Those who stand before us light the night sky in flame. Our vengeance burns brighter still. Every faithless soul shall kneel. Every last traitor shall fall. Forged like iron in the fires of death, Brothers all!" Oath of the Weapon: "Forged in Blood and tempered in battle, We are the living weapons of Humanity. With the Chainsword, purge the Corrupt, With the Bolter cleanse the Unclean, With the Missile kill the impure! In the Emperor's name, none shall survive!" Take, modify, amend, burn, shout Heresy as you please. If you want to critique and help me refine them, I am open to that too some may look familiar... MR.
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