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  1. Was just looking into making a psyker in BC rules that would be fun and not complete trash. Too used to D&D pathfinder where, if you don't build correctly, you are worthless and wasted your points. Also I got into the discord so I may just stick to talking there.
  2. Instant invite link expired or invalid. Can't get in.
  3. Okay I have played a Khorne Berserker for one session a few years ago. I know someone that is talking about making a BC game, so I figured I would throw together some characters. Right now, I am trying to figure out the psyker. I have never made one before and I am kinda lost. Any way I can get some help here in figuring out how to make one? I know that sounds dumb but I think best when able to bounce things back and forth with people. Also, if someone could send me the discord link that Gregor talks about, that would be great since it is expired now. No way to find it.
  4. Sorry guys but from hearing what people are saying, I have become disillusioned with the game. Wanna play force and destiny as a force user as it is designed? Don't! Want to use force move? Don't! Then we get into the whole career and specializations things about sage and the mystic. You guys do realize the flavour/fluff of the career/spec IS something important to me right? I don't like to ignore that because if it didn't mean anything, they wouldn't have put it in the book. The detail is supposed to mean something. Otherwise, what's the point? Go play GURPS. I was super stoked to play but now just, ugh. It feels like a huge mess of optimization and munchkining. I felt sick when I read that part about the force users not outshining the others, as if that is something I want. If I wanted to be the "star" of the show instead of part of the group, I would play a video game.
  5. Well now I am confused and don't know what to do. Starting to regret getting into star wars ffg.
  6. I think I definitely need to invest a lot into move for what I want. Out of curiosity, does moving one silhouette 2 equal multiple silhouette 1 or 0s?
  7. It is? I am not seeing that. Also how do you use this to push people?
  8. I'm going for Seer I think. Talking is something I plan to do as a minor but I was really looking into move at it seems fun.
  9. I guess. Not sure why but I just like the idea of a mystic. Rather than tied to any rules or code, just some guy that sees his powers as just a useful tool.
  10. Oh is there a cost to just using move to just have fun with idle things? Like say my character is bored and feels like using move to stack golf balls. Or is there some great cost to using a power? So Twilek deception. Career skill Charm, perception, and vigilance. Specialization skill Discipline and lore. Don't double up right now and have them at one?
  11. thanks, you are being really helpful. So I don't have to actually pay for the starting skills then? Also I just noticed that Twileks get to start with one free in charm or deception. Any suggestions? I can't decide between diversity and focus. Also, if silhouette 0 is for items, what happens if I use it to throw a lightsaber at someone? I just can't decide between willpower 4 and basic move or willpower 3 and move plus giving it some strength. Cause at the game start, I am clearly, 100% not able to do anything other than hide in combat which is fine for now.
  12. Okay if I buy willpower to 4 and basic move, that means no skills at all. Also for the first set, are you sure about grit? I was thinking of going down the middle to beeline it to force rating. Also I am not at the part in the book where it explains what force rating actually does. Also don't know what flipping pips means because I never did it in the beta as a gadgeteer.
  13. Interesting but control costs 10 so it is 5 points too many.
  14. Hey folks. New to Force and Destiny. I MIGHT be getting into a game, but not sure as they are hard to find and the GM is sorta absent. I would still like to have a character or two on the backburner. I have only played a Gadgeteer in the EotE beta way back when it came out and it lasted one or two sessions. What I am thinking is, because I like the idea, is a force user that works with the move/push power. I'm thinking a Twilek mainly for fun, male, Lethan because why not. I THINK the way to go is with a Mystic Seer for a guy that isn't a formal jedi per-se. More about powers than the beat stick, cause why not try something different. I am sitting here, looking at the skills and I am thinking maybe Charm, Perception, and Vigilance for career and Discipline and either vigilance or lore for specializations. I am taking this step by step so I have not even gone into exp spending but I think the rule is to spend as much as possible on attributes as they don't really increase without great expense. Edit: I was thinking maybe Advisor but I dunno. Willing to listen to any advice. I'm also considering, if this guy doesn't pan out, someone that works with the force manipulation stuff to make people do what I want, but I dunno. Primary focus is on the move guy for now. Yes I am thinking of personality and background too, but I need to get the mechanics working and planned out so I am not a useless lump or a burden on the group. I only know one other player is a hunter, but, I still want this guy built even if I don't get to play that. Oh, I do skim roll20 constantly but I never am able to find a newbie friendly FFG Star Wars game really that doesn't end during character creation. Same goes for the 40K rpgs but lets focus on Star Wars.
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