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  1. I doubt it. There are way more autothruster things now. Imagine that you have 4TLT and you come up against Howard Aces. Auto-loss. I think things like that will keep them out
  2. For any given face on the die, the mean number of times it should come up in 1000 trials is 125 with a standard deviation of about 10.5. So most faces on the ffg dice are within 1 deviation of the mean, all are within two deviations. So the ffg dice aren't too bad. The Sagaborne dice are much worse, but you'd need to test multiple dice to be certain
  3. You can run a perfectly effective Dengaroo list at 93 points. It gets better if you bump up to 96, but 93 is still plenty viable. That's a clue that it's stupid good; if you can give up seven points without unacceptably compromising a build, its components are too strong. Palpatine is also too good, and at a minimum needs a range restriction. But, real talk: at this point it's clear Alex Davy and pals aren't willing to do the necessary balancing via errata, so hey, make Dengaroo, Scouts, and Palp the new baseline for balance going forward. Exactly. FFG has zero interest in fixing anything. So all the "this is too strong" threads are a waste of time. The things that are too strong are simply the new baseline, anything weaker than that is obsolete, and new stuff needs to be even stronger to compete. The method of competitive balancing that FFG uses forces power creep.
  4. It's not that the Rebels should dominate, it's that they're bordering on unusable in competitive scenes. The balance swung right past equilibrium among the three factions, and left Rebels in the cold, with few - if any - competitive answers to the new meta. Nobody is saying Rebels should dominate, what they're saying is PalpAces shouldn't. But does Palp Aces really dominate? As I understand from the results threads, there are plenty of Palp lists but hardly any wins. Doesn't seem like domination to me. As to the competitive part, my question still stands. How many imperial lists would there be without Palp? Also, aren't stresshogs still a thing? Regen Poe? If anything the Rebels still have more competitive variety available to them than the Imperials and Scum combined. It's just that Rebels aren't dominating anymore, and that really makes some folks sad I think. I don't think that's inherently bad or anything, I just think it makes some folks a bit biased when it comes to describing 'balance' as it applies to this game. Neither a regen Poe nor a stresshog won any regionals this year. It its a common misconception that Palp aces don't win. In fact, at least two of the system open series tournaments, US nationals, and plenty of regionals were palp ace wins. So unfortunately your premise simply isn't true at the top competitive level. Sorry
  5. Not bad. I've been trying the same thing but with a VI, EU Ketsu. This is probably the better call
  6. Boba can get rerolls from his pilot ability, so predator and Dengar are less valuable on him (but definitely not bad). I usually like recon specialist for the crew in order to add some durability. For the EPT, I'd go VI only if you're also using engine. If not, something like crackshot, fearlessness, or push will probably be fine. Not expose...
  7. Joe Boss is a bigger broken record than PGS. I suspect he may have a medical condition that makes it impossible for him not to chime in at every opportunity he's got to let people know that they are doing things wrong by playing X-Wing competitively. At least PGS contributes something other than little spaceship images to discussion threads. You also don't have to quote him. He's the only poster I have blocked for a reason and quoting circumvents that. You can block people?!?! Dear god, how does one do that? You might just have made these forums readable again!
  8. Alright, <12%! Such meta! Very balance! Wow! This is actually an improvement. During system open top 8s, it was about 4% rebels making the cut. And according to FFG OP tweets, it was roughly balanced at the start of the tournament.
  9. Threads like this are ridiculous. What the OP fails to examine is if any of the "sneaky nudges" had an effect on the outcome of the turn. I can find no point in this video where a nudge add or subtracts a shot, prevents or creates a bump, or anything else relevant. Please someday try playing 6 games straight while eating garbage con food, then sleep in a noisy hotel, then play six more games and tell me how laser precise you are in the sixth one...
  10. Screw those BTD guys. Bunch of jerks, always ruining casual tournaments
  11. Welcome to the faction imbalance. Rebels can't have nice things
  12. Join the club! Either the BTD podcast or myself personally has been in the beef section every episode since before they even knew they had a beef section. I will have a discussion with Dee. I'll say it publically, it's not our intent to bully or be D-bags and your criticism is heard. I personally apologize for any comments that went too far. We are in the business of playful rivalry and group discussion, not actually creating rifts in the community. We don't think we're any better than anyone else, so again, this appology is coming from me. Too late, Ryan Farmer! Rift opened! You Mynocks better stay in that smelly space asteroid you call California!
  13. Join the club! Either the BTD podcast or myself personally has been in the beef section every episode since before they even knew they had a beef section.
  14. Are there any podcast about taking selfies, Jim?
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