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  1. cynanbloodbane

    New factions

    I am still hopeful FFG will add Clone Wars factions, with GCW conversions. I am a bit less convinced we could see Sequel content, but not without hope. As for adding a third faction to the GCW era, I highly doubt it. That's why I am slowly making my own. Mostly for an, Armada based, RPG style, narrative campaign. So far my list includes, but my not be limited to: Mercenary Faction, (to include pirates, mandalorians, smugglers...) Hapes Consortium Corporate Sector Athority Imperial Customs, (the imperial coast guard to the imperial navy, replacing large (& possibly medium) ships with Golan defense platforms) Sector Defense Fleets, (some of the same ships used by the Rebellion, but with several other, antiquated or sector specific ships mixed in.) The Hutts, (sadly, no ships for this yet, but I have some ideas.) The Chiss, (sadly, no ships for this yet, I may need to design these almost from scratch.) And finally, The Mining Guild, (nearly complete, under play test.)
  2. cynanbloodbane

    Mon Cal Assault Frigate

    I kinda like that about it. Sure it is built from salvage, but beggers can't be choosers! The Rebellion would scrounge any ships they could get. Anything too far gone to be reconditioned, would absolutely be salvaged for building materials and repair parts. I would much rather be flying around in a Frankensteined ship, with Mon Cal shields, than some of the reconditioned tubs the Rebellion would have been forced to field!
  3. cynanbloodbane

    Is it worth starting Armada?

    One of my biggest hopes for CW season 7, is that we finally get to see the Victory SD on screen... Not just in a video game.
  4. cynanbloodbane

    Is it worth starting Armada?

    I'll guess Rebel Huge base ship. Leaning towards a Lucrehulk at this point. It makes the most sense IF you accept that Clone Wars is coming eventually, or at least is a serious possibility. Though I won't rule out the Raddus, or another huge Mon Call ship.
  5. cynanbloodbane

    Mel Miniatures Wishlist

    That is a great idea! I have also been toying with the idea of making space Tugboats. Especially a Hyperspace tug. I know it does nothing for Armada, but it has always seemed to me that it should have been included. Considering that hyperdrives can be disassembled or damaged, it stands to reason, that Hyperspace recovery vessels would be a thing, especially for salvage operations.
  6. cynanbloodbane

    Happy Friday SSD is one day closer

    2 pre-ordered. Both for painting. One for full time play. The other, mostly for display, will be ready to come down for a lender, or mirror matches.
  7. cynanbloodbane

    NK-7s Expensive but worth it?

    While my bare bones build was hampered by its lack of rerolls, the ability of @Darth Sanguis list to strip def tokens was brutal. Add in a perfectly executed "Snapping Turtle" maneuver, and 34 hull was destroyed in 4 turns, off of 3 ships that we're down to 1 or 0 red Def tokens by the time Avenger made its attack.
  8. cynanbloodbane

    Do we really want a 2.0?

    Armada 2.0 will most likely push me out. I will most likely go full fan fiction on Armada. 1.0 will morph into 1.5, as I roll out faction after faction. Come dance with me in the glory of fan created material.
  9. cynanbloodbane

    Is there an event at Origins?

    I couldn't agree more with you! FFG has been almost religious in its non-presance at Origins. Even in 2016, they had events, but no booth. I keep wondering what Origins did to piss them off. At this point it has to be vendetta rather than logical.
  10. cynanbloodbane

    Paint Setup for Beginners

    To test washes, and any technique really, I recommend primering a handful of pennies. Small details, cheap investment.
  11. cynanbloodbane

    Max number of each expansion you'd like to own.

    For the record, my Max number of custom ships is a minimum of 1, up to a maximum of 7. The goal is to be able to represent any Canon, or EU ship in my collection, with larger numbers available to fill out specific, small faction, fleets to a competitive level. Some factions, like the Hapes Consortium, had very limited variety of ship classes, and will require multiples. Other factions, like Imperial Customs or Local Sector Defense Fleets, will require multiples due to the use of only Small and Medium ships. Honestly, the only era I have little interest in is the legacy era. Everything up to, but not including the Vong, is on my list... Except the Sun Crusher, that was just moronic.
  12. cynanbloodbane

    Max number of each expansion you'd like to own.

    My "limit" is what appears in the Battle of Endor, plus a few custom build kit bashes Rebels Home one: (3) MC-80 winged:(3) 6 Battle of Endor MC-75: (2) 3 MC-30c: (4) Assault Frigate Mark II: (3) Modified Pelta class: (2) Nebulon B Frigate: (9) different paint jobs CR90 Corvette: (9) Hammerhead: (4) GR-75 transport: (4) Rebel Fighter pack I: (6) 10 Rebel Fighter pack II: (6) 18 Rogues & Villains: (6) Empire Chimera Star Destroyer: (2) 4 Star Destroyer: (9) 22 battle of endor Interdictor: (2) Victory Star Destroyer: (6) Gladiator: (3) 4 Quasar: (2) 3 Arquitens: (4) Raider Corvette: (3) Gozanti: (4) Imperial fighters pack I: (6)16 Imperial fighters pack II: (6) SSD: (2 already pre-ordered), may get 3 for a rebel paint job. my list gets truly daunting if they introduce Clone Wars factions. The Battle of Coruscant is a serious collection!
  13. cynanbloodbane

    Contain: A second class defense token

    How is that a valid argument? If someone takes a DCO SSD, there are other non-crit upgrades you could take, that push through or pump out, more damage rather than crit effects. Besides, hard counter cards like DCO should be unfun for one trick pony lists, and useless against others. It makes for a healthy diverse meta.
  14. @LinoB, love the BTL-170. Even though it is, it hardly deserves the designation of "ugly". That is beautiful! I would happily add ANY other uglies, that you have the urge to create to my cart! (Please make more uglies!)
  15. I would go with every ship being a little bit different then, or at least base the number of strips on seniority, or something. While some of the new ships have one or maybe two strips, that old VSD has 4 or more.