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  1. Things this game DOES need brought over from X-Wing

    I honestly don't see any reason for a change. Victory points are for Victories, not Moral Victories. If you couldn't kill the ship, that is not a Victory, it is a failure. "But I almost killed it." is a Moral Victory we give to ourselves to make us feel better about the failure to kill the ship. Sorry, no Victory points for you! The maneuver tool is a 2d representation of the 3 dimensional maneuverability of the ship. Thats the game mechanic. Don't over think it.
  2. The Arrestor Cruiser

    Just to add some perspective to the arguments for and against the MC80A, the Munificent, and the Venator. Also worth noting that Mel's MC80A is noticeably wider along the center of the ship compared to the FFG MC80 Liberty, so I would expect an FFG version to be narrower. Also noteworthy, even though the MC80A is longer than the VSD, it definitely has less volume.
  3. The Arrestor Cruiser

    If the Empire needs a small ship, I humbly suggest either the IPV, Customs Corvette, or the Bayonet light cruiser.
  4. I am going out on a limb now, to predict that FFG's next article will be about answering Armada community demands. Henceforth all Flotillas and squadrons with Relay will be made of extruded foam rubber.
  5. Indoors the humidity is usually quite a bit lower in the winter. Try a humidifier in your painting area. You may still see better results with both washes and dry brushing.
  6. First thing first. If you need to strip the Praetor, get half a gallon of simple green from your local cleaning supplies isle. A sturdy Ziploc bag works for an air free soak so you don't need to flip it. 4 hours will do. Rinse well, then soak in water for at least an hour to make sure you remove all residue. Good news, this is the perfect time to clean your paint brushes. I have one of the Praetor models, while beautiful, the details for the panels is very thin. Too much paint will absolutely obscure them. Stripping may be your best option. That said, if you can get a high humidity day, I would suggest trying to dry brush from bow to stern, so the leading edge of each panel get just a hint of the prewash color. Sometimes the panel line is still raised enough to take the paint more than the surrounding area, even though it is not visible to the naked eye. High humidity helps keep a minimal amount of paint from drying on the brush too quickly. You can cheat by, venting your clothes dryer into the house, running a vaporizer in your painting area, or even leaving a tea kettle on to boil. Winter sucks for painting. That may be why you are having difficulty with the washes as well. Personal tip, I wash everything while on the flight arm, so I never have to touch the model. If the keyhole is too lose for holding it upside down, try a small piece of electrical tape.
  7. What will Wave 8 bring?

    Admiral Piett!
  8. The Arrestor Cruiser

    Looks like it is probably about twice the size of an Arquitens. Probably would be just a bit longer than a GSD, but the Imps already have a glut of medium ships. While it is ugly, I think it is still "Star Wars ugly". As long as the dishes actually serve a purpose, I won't even mind them all that much. If they just there for unexplained design reasons. It is stupid. There are plenty of absolutely ridiculous looking things that serve a purpose in a military. "Looking cool" is less important than completing the mission it was designed for. Although being stupid looking, if mission capable, hurts its chances of receiving the funding needed to bring it into widespread use.
  9. Which ship is that? Rogue One/Mc75 expansion cover art

    Ok, found some more perspective shots for the Rebels version of the light carrier. Zoom in and you can see the Ghost in the hangar bay. While shorter, the Ghost is roughly the same width as a CR90.
  10. Which ship is that? Rogue One/Mc75 expansion cover art

    Careful, some of the Rebels concept art contradicts Canon. Don't get me wrong, I will take any Canon source that makes Home One larger than an ISD again, but it is still an inconsistency.
  11. Which ship is that? Rogue One/Mc75 expansion cover art

    Granted, scatters are annoying to black dice ships but it only takes 4 damage with one accuracy to kill a Flotilla. Are people really having this hard a time killing Flotillas?
  12. Which ship is that? Rogue One/Mc75 expansion cover art

    Sounds more like small ships need accuracy generating upgrades to me. Sounds more like small ships need accuracy generating upgrades to me. Though if I were to change anything, it would be to give it the first Squadron value of 0.
  13. Which ship is that? Rogue One/Mc75 expansion cover art

    Why? It only takes a single accuracy to lock down.
  14. Which ship is that? Rogue One/Mc75 expansion cover art

    Just one person's opinion of what it should be
  15. Brand new player and need advice.

    Welcome to Armada! Whatever you end up getting, head over to KDY, and print out a few sheets of proxy cards for admirals and upgrades you don't plan to start off with. Create an account, and go to expansions. You will be able to pick and choose what you may want to get next, and try it out.