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  1. I completely forgot the Vykes tutorial! It had a huge effect on my own painting. Good memory @Ginkapo!
  2. cynanbloodbane

    Dear FFG: regarding new Armada articles

    HOLYCRAP! I think they listened to @clontroper5! I mean, I miss him too, but... Well, at least there is only a month to go!
  3. That kinda depends on what style you are after. Can't go wrong with @Drasnighta, but I can't remember if he has done an Imperial ships tutorial. Honestly, find a style you like, and pick the artist's brain. Everyone here is more than happy to help.
  4. cynanbloodbane

    [KDYv2] Development Blog Thread

    Hopefully I will be able to get some silhouettes done this week. The list is getting quite long. If I get time I will try to do a tutorial so that a those that are able, can add silhouettes for their own ships a bit easier. It is not terribly difficult, just time consuming.
  5. Excitement, will be right there when the next release is announced. Trust, is a bit more subjective. I trust FFG to try to make money. Legion is their big push into GW territory, Armada is an established game. X-wing is their baby, and was in desperate need of an overhaul. Armada has plenty of options now for FFG to let them simmer. There is no way any one person has honestly played out all the fun fleet designs that are possible. I still think Armada is being held back to make Legion sales rank closer to GW on the list of best selling games this year. If Armada has to have a lower sales year for that to happen, so be it. Honestly, the biggest issue for the Armada community is the absolutely craptastic PR department when it comes to Armada. They have gone beyond the months of neglect we had come to accept, and moved squarely into just plain insulting, with the Hyperspace incident! Honestly, FFG would get all kinds of Trust and Excitement from me if they publicly fired and replaced whatever idiots were in charge of the press release for the hyperspace report, and the moron in charge of PR for Armada. I may even go an entire month without asking about the SSD!
  6. cynanbloodbane

    Separatist Holdouts

    Right after they give us the SSD!
  7. cynanbloodbane

    Why do people want a super star destroyer?

    That would be done only to size out any of the larger ships. A sad and pathetic choice. The Empire deserves its command ship. I have very little interest in playing a sad reflection of the great Imperial Navy, when I could instead have an Executor-class SSD leading 4000 points of ISDs and support ships, into Battle. That battle alone would be worth more to me than years of tournament play. That is why I want it. No other ship will make me happier. I don't care what upgrades they put in the box beyond Piett! I will still buy two... And giggle maniacally as I opened each one.
  8. cynanbloodbane

    Making a station

    I love it! Some quick questions: 1- is the station shaped base included? 2- if the answer to 1 is no, what type of base is it designed for. 3- what shapeway's materials do you plan on making it available for? 4- what is the ballpark price for each material?
  9. cynanbloodbane

    Why do people want a super star destroyer?

    I absolutely want epic scale Armada. I want to command an Armada, not a squadron.
  10. UN nerf Rhymer, and add when friendly squadrons attack at range 1 to Slone. I want Imperial bomber wings to be effective again.
  11. cynanbloodbane

    Amused is the best way I can put it....

    Active prior to the Asmodee merger, would be my guess. Still funny though.
  12. cynanbloodbane

    Changes you'd love to see in Armada 2.0

    UN nerf Rhymer, and add when friendly squadrons attack at range 1 to Slone. I want Imperial bomber wings to be effective again.
  13. If only the larger ships were available in FUD.
  14. cynanbloodbane

    Light Cruiser Shortage (?)

    Sorry, that was the Raider. My bad.
  15. cynanbloodbane

    Light Cruiser Shortage (?)

    Coolstuffinc has 16 in stock for 16.99 each, plus shipping. US based, but still worth mentioning.