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  1. I honestly haven't heard of anyone doing this, but it sounds fun!
  2. Find a way to add Dengar to that list, and you get my vote. Dengar and Howlrunner are soulmates, it is unethical to separate them! And they went on to have little TIE Intercepter children that shredded enemy squadrons in two turns. Really add Flight controllers to the mix, and you are bordering on Fan fic porn! Valen is obviously running the camera!
  3. Spoken like a dad who has embraced the show, just to see that little face light up while Star Wars music plays to the events on the screen! Right there with you Dras! I am so forgiving to that show, just like I was with the prequals with my oldest. It doesn't matter if it could have been better. My kids love Star Wars. I will drink it all in! We managed to swing a Disney cruise last year. The first one that was Star Wars themed. My autistic son got to hug Chewbacca! To this day I can't help but mist up a bit, when Chewbacca comes on screen, he looks at me with that serious little face, and says " Chewy is my friend Dad!" Priceless!
  4. Happy Friday! I would say adding the SSD Executor and epic play, but that is on the way. So instead I would like to see area of effect damage when capital ships explode. It would provide an excellent counterpoint to squadron's ability to ride large base ships just by sitting in the front arc, and getting run over.
  5. Case by case. Demo was a specific build, that required a harsher retcon... Especially after they decided to cut off poor Major Rhymer's balls!
  6. There is a rather simple solution. Just don't base it on the new Canon 19000 m length, and base their model instead on the original 8000 m length. You can still find pictures of the 8000 m SSD beside ISDs, it looks plenty intimidating, yet far more playable. I really don't care if it is true to Canon, I want it to be playable. 8000 m was plenty believable 20 years ago. Nobody questioned it until LFL, decided to retcon the size to make it more impressive. I never liked the shrinking Home One and the growing SSD retcons anyway! I think the sweet spot for size makes it wider than the ISD, and 2 1/2-3 times the length of the ISD. Use a bridge tower about the same size as the VSD. Either a new Epic base, or two large bases, with movement using the rear base, and you have a playable model that can fit in the game, and still looks good next to the other Armada ships. It is still coming, and it will be amazing! Huge! You won't even believe it! And we will make the Rebels pay for it. (Just to get the upgrades.)
  7. Not sure I can agree that the sequel era ships are the only way Armada survives. X-WING, maybe, but the target audience is not the same. Armada is an expensive table top, Miniatures war game, on par with the civil war, WW1, WW2 Miniature games of 30 years ago. The price point is awfully high for the target audience of the sequel era films, Armada is aimed at the original trilogy fan base for a very good reason. They have far more disposable income. While I expect we will get some sequel ships eventually, I expect the focus of Armada to remain fixed firmly in the Original trilogy era, that is where the money is at the moment.
  8. The only thing I see as "sized out", are the Mega class star destroyer, and the Death Star I & II. With the sliding scale, I see no reason the SSD cannot or should not be included in an epic scale Armada format. If epic scale X-WING takes place on a 3' x 6' play area with the largest epic ships around 13" long, and are by no means unplayable. With an epic Armada play area of 6' x 9', it could easily support a model over 24" in length, more if it has a slower speed. The models for a Resurgent or a Raddus, would not be double the length of an ISD. Armada has a sliding scale. At the most they will top the ISD by about 2" (or 5cm). The SSD would need be no larger than the ISD, than the ISD is compared to the CR90, approximately 28". Will that be pushing the top end of playability? Most likely yes, but it is still possible to make it work. Even at over 2', with a $150.00-$200.00 price tag, the sales for an Epic scale SSD would surpass any individual epic scale X-WING ship in units sold within 2-3 years. FFG will get sales beyond Armada for a SSD model, suitable for display, with a price tag below $400.00. Not making it leaves too much money on the table. It is coming.
  9. Overruled. You may continue counselor.
  10. ISD, & a dice pack, because the core set doesn't have enough dice for that big front arc.
  11. Did you "Nose Punch" a US TSA employee, and end up on the no fly list? Happy Friday to all, and to all a good weekend!
  12. Baseball History!
  13. Thrawn is big... but I am still convinced that the "something big" is still just over the horizon. SWM20 is the SSD. (I'm from Cleveland, anything is possible right now!) Page 200!
  14. I am surprised that FFG hasn't done an official (English) tease of the MC75. I kinda figured they withheld it from the the original article just to be able to do a second article early on. Mostly to appease the "no article" complainers.