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  1. Hoody Hoo! The Mon Cracken made the finalists list in Crabbok's painting contest!
  2. That sounds great. I was just looking at the picture you posted above, and thinking that that was a lot to go through each time I made a card.
  3. Being one of the resident Luddites, most of this goes over my head. However, would it be possible to save personal formatting settings once set. So once I personalised a card, all others I made would use the same format? Maybe card style settings would be better as part of user profile settings. Perhaps with an import to my style button to change someone elses card to your existing format.
  4. @kmanweiss That is some seriously high praise! Thank you. There have been some truly amazing paint jobs posted on this forum, and I am honestly humbled that anyone would count my efforts among the best. I have indeed submitted it to Crabbok's contest. There are a lot of beautifully painted submissions, but no matter what the result It was a blast to paint. Now I just need to get it on the table! The Mon Cracken needs to hunt.
  5. Hopefully next weekend, as I will be out of town this weekend.
  6. That is the method I used on others. When I took apart my Assult Frigate, I used freezer, then a Hot water bath. Even that wasn't quite a perfect separation. I have considered trying a submerge and freeze method to use the H2O expansion to spread the seams, but for that to work you need to flood the internal portion of the model, and keep it submerged until it freezes. I'm not sure I wouldn't get warping though, so never tried it.
  7. It is either Lord of the Rings, or a Bond-a-thon for me... Though I do miss the Thanksgiving staple of my youth. The original King Kong. I really need to get a copy of that for my collection.
  8. I haven't tried it yet, so if you would be kind enough to take a few pictures as you go I would be thrilled.
  9. My entry for Crabbok's painting contest. MC80 Battle Cruiser "Mon Cracken". Commissioned to cruise for lone Imperial ships. The "Mon Cracken" was painted by her crew with a bioluminescent ink produced by the most deadly predator in the depths of Dac, the Gothmar Cracken. In full sunlight the ship sports the blood reds and purple stripes, seen only when the great Cracken hunts near the surface, but when in the depths of space the bioluminescent inks glow with the pale blues that are the only warning as it attacks. This was a lot of fun. The Liberty has a multi layer paintjob. The base red and purple with a pale underbelly are standard acrylics. The green window and hanger lights are done in florescent green and the engine glow with florescent blue. The third layer is a clear black light paint for the strips and the leading edge of the hull. The florescents show up in both normal and black light. Under normal light Under black light
  10. Ahh, the "Heart of the Cards" maneuver... Well played sir!
  11. Or add a blood red glaze to the red line work and the edges of surrounding panels to get a glowing effect. Looking good!
  12. I like the wider one personally. And that from someone who will then be buying another SSD if you do, so, yeah, go for it.
  13. Well, this is getting down to the wire, but I am almost done. Sadly my first paint job ended in the simple green tub after my second to last step went completely off the rails.
  14. I like it! MayI suggest a Darkwing Duck Liberty. The terror that flaps in the night deserves to be represented!
  15. Not quite. The current incarnation of the VSD, the one we see in Armada, came directly from WEG Star Wars D6. It is important to remember that Star Wars D6 was used as a guide book by all the early EU authors. Especially Timothy Zann, in an effort to keep them all using the same ships and equipment, rather than adding new each book. Petroglyph lifted their VSD directly from WEG.