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  1. I am truly impressed! I think I've got you on ISDs, and Neb Bs! I'll post a pic when I get home.
  2. Or a child's kidney. Seriously though $140 every 6 months to a year on your hobby is hardly a huge expenditure. That's $3-$6 bucks set aside each week, and it's not like FFG isn't giving us PLENTY of lead up time on product releases!
  3. If they don't, I will. Got a place to make cards, got a source for custom ship plates! Not only will the Empire have some old CW ships in service, but Captain Shack and the Liberation will fight for the Rebel Alliance! It's my game to play, any way I want, FFG just makes it!
  4. All I know is that it will finally set a standard for supper weapons in Armada, allowing me to to reverse engineer a half-dozen other super weapon ships from legends! Anybody else notice Mel's Eclipse? Everything I have ever wanted in Armada is almost within my grasp! (Que Emperor Palpatine laugh track)
  5. Armada is and always has been a better designed game than X-wing. It has no need for a 2nd edition, and I don't see the demand from the player base. X-WING lost almost as many players as it gained with 2nd edition, and it was a total mess, that the community was begging to be fixed. An Armada 2nd edition would probably do what repeated delays could not, kill the Armada community. Just my 2 credits, but I stand by it.
  6. And that may be where we get our GCW content while CW content is rolled out and brought up to strength. Repaints with GCW cardboard, or at least separate cardboard.
  7. I'm heading off to the Caribbean for the next two weekends, so I won't be able to make it out that way for a few weeks. Hopefully I will be able to get in some quality list building time, for a sector fleet! I think I can make the Thrawn regenerator work with the SSD! Really looking forward to try
  8. Honestly, while it is a big price bump over the ISD, I will still get at least 2 of each, probably 3 of the Starhawks.
  9. Sturdy? Yes, but most of the keyhole arms I have from Mel required a little sanding to keep the fit from being too tight in the base. Otherwise they are perfect as long as you don't mind painting them.
  10. Any chance you could circle, in Photoshop or the like, where the screws are located?
  11. It's most likely a result of how it was glued. It is one of the biggest problems when gluing a long, thin model. If it really brothers you, head over to the painting and customs forum, and see if you want to try a full disassemble/reassemble to try to correct the issue. At least then you could install a rigid spine, something like a pice of 1/4 inch wide aluminum flat stock.
  12. Never! I correctly predicted that SWM20 was the SSD for over a year, before we got confirmation. No SKU left behind!
  13. CoolStuffInc is shipping mine as well! I have a tracking number!
  14. Love them both! The Starhawk looks like a Rebel ISD Hunter, and an appropriate counter to the SSD. The OSD is exactly the type of experimental Imperial tech I would love to see more of. It shows off that the Interdictor and the Death Star were not the only secret projects the Empire developed! I also find it extremely appropriate that we are getting ships from the final days of the GCW, before they start releasing TCW! Way to go FFG! How soon can I pre-order?
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