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  1. NervousSam

    Hyperspace Trials

    Ya, there will be a second round of them in the fall.
  2. NervousSam

    Hyperspace Trials

    They're currently being planned right now. The stores hosting them know if they got one or not.
  3. NervousSam

    Are any of last week's 2nd edition releases new?

    Scum Falcon. Ywing, Fang, T65, and T70 all have new models so far too.
  4. NervousSam

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Except converting blanks is exactly what Rey does, lol.
  5. NervousSam

    Hyperspace Format Posted (Your favorite ship BANNED!)

    Everyone one is missing the point that Hyperspace format allows new players to join the game competitively. The only way to compete in Extended currently is to already be a current player with a collection and conversion kits or ebay a bunch of 2nd hand models. The barrier to entry is too high for new players in extended and will lead to communities dying off without fresh players. Outside of the very specific events, run the format that suits your play group and stop complaining on the internet.
  6. NervousSam

    Strategies to beat Scum swarms

    Trajectory Simulator Bombs are the answer. I've been flying my own Drea swarm and that's the one thing that gives me trouble.
  7. NervousSam

    Alternatives to facebook for scheduling games?

    This. I understand people not trusting FB now with their personal info, but you can totally make an account under a fake name and use it for your hobbies. Join the FLGS and x-wing groups and don't friend request anyone. FB super useful for event planning and easy enough to use anonymously.
  8. NervousSam

    Traj Sim too cheap?

    I'm guessing you're not from the UK...
  9. NervousSam

    Traj Sim too cheap?

    Lol, multitudes complained. Krayts were studying tournament data to prove the drop in attendance of events over this combo.
  10. NervousSam

    Traj Sim too cheap?

    As in the 'i dont get to roll defense dice against it' type of damage. You get how big an area seismics hit now right?
  11. NervousSam

    Traj Sim too cheap?

    I hate tragedy simulator, but I agree TS or the punisher chassis will see point adjustments to even out its effectiveness. Auto damage is a tricky thing to balance.
  12. I'm excited for this change. I think I'll enjoy the list building challenge of being stuck with options I wouldn't otherwise consider, much like a draft in a CCG. Limitations increase creativity, imo.
  13. I'm just confused on how he was playing against a raider?
  14. NervousSam

    Blocking is back baby!

    I still saw a bunch of Expertise Rey or Rey crew this past SC season. Blocking wasn't dead in 1.0, but it had lost its effectiveness. 2.0's lack of action economy and passive mods will return blocking to its former glory.