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  1. I took Blount to top 8 in the Atlanta System Open. He's solid.
  2. I took Arvel to the Atlanta Open top 8. Jake is also fine. People are sheep and got stuck on Cass, Wedge, Braylen, and Ten. The faction still has plenty of options.
  3. It was showing up with Dash/Raork with a busted Han gunner combo that got nerfed in a rules reference. The 2400 is in a tricky place on the power curve. Its naked chassis is super powerful having 4 red dice protected by 10 health and 2 green dice can be a monster if pointed too cheaply.
  4. lol no to the jamming beam, its nearly always better to just shoot for damage.
  5. 6 plus Jag or a Jedi. E Z
  6. Stop trying to put missiles on Torrents. There are best used as 25 point naked efficient fillers. Plus all the missiles stink besides barrage rockets or energy shell charges. Sinker plus 1 generic Arc with 4 torrents is a super solid list. No need for missiles or consoles. Just beef and lots of dice to throw.
  7. This is such a game state dependent question. Are you ahead or behind, how much time is left, how many ships total did you bring, what's the state of your opponents list, will it create a worthwhile trade of dmg, etc. But as your example states, it worked out for you. So its certainly the right call at times.
  8. Theyre cheap filler. Linked BR-evade can be an obnoxious blocker with 5hp behind 2 greens. Just think how long some quadjumpers can live.
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    light bulb beetle juice bartleby bulbasaur
  10. I'm super happy with where the game is. Naked Dutch just won a regional, follow your dreams people.
  11. Oh its correct, lol. Its a couple of pallets worth of product.
  12. I never touch the official app. Is there not a German YASB or equivalent?
  13. My store ordered 120 of each. You've gotta play in public. A weekly xwing nite should be a standing learn to play event for newer players. I gave a demo just last week.
  14. If you'd like, you can print off your quick build cards using http://infinitearenas.com/qbsb/ It has the pilot and full upgrade card text. Outside of tournaments there is no direct need to have all the actual cards if you have a print out or app to show off what you're playing.
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