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  1. What is the best way to get replacements for missing parts (in UK). I've just opened my SW Armada Rogues and Villains Expansion Pack to find two Hound's Tooth miniatures and no Slave 1 miniature.
  2. This is not an error. The dice dont always represent what weapon systems they are using. Blue can easily mean shorter ranged lasers instead of Turbolasers. The black dice on the ISD 1 can easily represent their Heavy Turbolasers True, but the upgrade cards are tied to the dice colour. Having no Ion Cannon upgrade slot means that the Torpedo Frigate can't affect it's blue dice results.
  3. The MC-30 Torpedo Frigate has only Black and Blue combat dice, but it has the option of a Turbolaser upgrade card instead of an Ion Cannons upgrade card. Is this an error or does it mean you can use a modification card to give Torpedo Frigates a Red die in some arcs?
  4. It went badly. Tried to do too much with the VSD and failed to do any of these things more than once. I lost the VSD in turn 5 and the Gladiator in turn 6 and only got a Nebulon in return.
  5. Plan to play my (hopefully) regular opponent today, for only the 3rd time. This is my first time with Imperials (except for the starter game using just the Core game ships). I anticipate my opponent will come with as many rebel ships as he can muster (Last time he played Imperials with 2 VSDs and a Gladiator with no upgrades). I don't know what sort of fighter wing he is likely to turn up with. So I am going to try this. Bill's Imperial Fleet (297 of 300 pts) Flagship: (154 pts) Victory II-Class Star Destroyer(85 pts) Admiral Screed (26 pts) Dominator (12 pts) Admiral Chiraneau (10 pts) Flight Controllers (6 pts) Expanded Hangar Bay (5 pts) Enhanced Armament (10 pts) Fleet Ship 1: (88 pts) Gladiator I-Class Star Destroyer(56 pts) Demolisher (10 pts) Wulff Yularen (7 pts) Engine Techs (8 pts) Assault Concussion Missiles (7 pts) Squadrons (55 of 99 pts): 1x Mauler Mithel Tie Fighter Squadron (15 pts) 2x Tie Fighter Squadron (16 pts) 2x Tie Advanced Squadron (24 pts) Objectives: Advanced Gunnery Fleet Ambush Superior Positions I'll let you know how it goes.
  6. There are a couple of us starting up in Portsmouth (at the PAWS club) and I understand there are more groups playing nearby.
  7. Just out of interest, why was the rebel closing to short range? No rebel ships have black (short range) shots (in wave 1).
  8. 1 Core set, 1 of each wave 1 expansion plus a 2nd Gladiator & a 2nd Assault Frigate on their way. For the future I plan on a 2nd set of the two wave 1 fighter expansions, 1 each of the ISD, Home One and Rogues & Villains, but 2 each of the MC30 frigate & Imperial Raider expansions. All I will need then is a few more local opponents.
  9. If that happened to me, I would expect the opponent with the coke spill to do the right thing and offer to arrange the replacements (especially if he happened to have bought 2 core sets)
  10. So I think you are saying that the Screed Crit could be nullified by the defence token (meaning Screed would need to already have another Crit or an accuracy already to guarantee a Crit)?
  11. So if I want to use Screed's effect, spending one die to change another to a Crit face, but my opponent wants to use an Evade token to make me cancel or re-roll a die, which happens first? Is the defence token effect applied first allowing me to guarantee a Crit afterwards, or does Screed's die change effect come first only to be nullified when my opponent chooses the die I have changed to a Crit to be re-rolled or cancelled?
  12. I can't find it in the FAQ. The only thing I can find in the RRG is page 3, Commands section, under the Squadrons - Dials bullet, the last sentence says "The squadrons are chosen and activated one at a time." I presume this is what you are thinking of.
  13. I know that when you activate squadrons with a command, you can move and shoot in any order. But if you activate several squadrons together, can you move them all before you shoot the first or is it move and shoot the first squadron before you can move or shoot the second? This would make a difference when (for example) TIEs with the Swarm effect all move to engage at once. Can the first to move and engage wait until another has also moved to engage the same target before either shoot, so that they all gain the Swarm benefit. Or would the first have to shoot as the only one engaged (without the Swarm benefit) before the second could be moved to also engage?
  14. I had the same thoughts, so I ordered a second AF the following day. My opponent didn't manage to get through the AF's shields all game. We both made mistakes with our fighter game. He rushed forward half of his (including Mithel) and I managed to pin them with Tycho Celchu but I couldn't support Celchu before he was attacked by three of them the following turn. He did use squadron commands and managed to catch Wedge with another 3 Ties when Wedge was just out of Galant Haven's protection (I'm still getting used to the relative movement rates of ships and squadrons) and killed Wedge before he could get a first shot in. His squadrons generally got decent shot in with a couple of hits and an accuracy to limit use of all the defence chits. I did manage to get a decent shot at a VSD with Luke before he was engaged. Luke survived and we ended up with one squadron left each at the end of the game. However, what do you think of my opponent's fleet build? Is it common to take as many ships as possible with no upgrades (apart from the commander on the flagship)?
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