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  1. An excellent point... I'll have to consult my Star Wars experts for advice on how to differentiate them. I don't actually know much about Star Wars apparently I have a lot to learn. J--
  2. I plan to paint my minis in alternate schemes - not sure exactly what yet. Possibly flat black storm troopers with stark edge highlighting. I have a conversion idea for the rebels that I need to see the models before I can commit to. As for the rebel colors... I'm tempted to go WW1 Brits or Napoleonic French. Really need to see the minis first. J--
  3. For me it comes down to 'playing painted'. While miniatures painted with oils look great they also take more time and I need to paint dozens of figures and a handful of vehicles. I'm a slow painter already and can't really afford to be any slower so I work with faster techniques - acrylics, air-brushing, etc. I think that you have to decide based on your goals, available time, and physical ability what you want to achieve. A handful of spectacular looking minis ready to win a serious painting competition? A fully painted army that looks great on the table but lacks the attention to detail that wins the top awards. Somewhere in between...? Perhaps you've already found him but James Wappel is an incredible miniature painter who uses oils a lot. You should check him out. I'd post a link but don't know what the rules are for such things. Good Luck! PS - I don't mean to imply nor do I agree that miniatures painted with oils look better than those with other techniques. They are just another tool in a painters arsenal. J--
  4. paintRack is an app available for Android devices that helps you track what paints you own, what paints you want, and what paints you used on that model you haven't touched in 6 weeks. You can stand at the paint rack in your local store and scan the bar code to see if you already own a color! It is an indispensable tool for me. Not sure what the rules are for posting links to 'paid apps' so I won't but you know how to find it. I am not affiliated with the app in any way except as a happy customer. J--
  5. The best advice I can give you is find someone locally who paints - check out your FLGS, any GW stores, places that specialize in military modelling, local gaming conventions, etc... You can learn a ton from watching painters on Youtube, and Twitch but there is no substitute for sitting next to someone who knows how to paint even a little and is willing to help out. I know this is a long shot but if you live anywhere near the Team Covenant retail store they have a core of solid painters who are very willing to teach, help, loan, and smile. Its a great place! J--
  6. Not every hobbyist is an elitist. I put a lot of time and effort into my models. I've spent thousands of dollars on hobby tools, paints, classes, etc.... I take a lot of pride in the way my models look and that I did all of the work on them. That said, I'd be happy to play you whether your models are painted or not. The idea is to have fun. I get more enjoyment out of the hobby than the game but I like both a lot. What I like more than both is getting to meet interesting people and making new friends. I know that sounds 'sappy' but its the truth. I hope you find a good community to play with. J--
  7. Make whatever base you like the look of most. They will look odd on at least one type of table but they'll always look good together. J--
  8. I'm a veteran painter and I agree with what the others have said here. Just some grab some mins that appeal to you and practice on them. If cost is an issue then Reaper Bones minis are very inexpensive and have enough detail to practice on. If price isn't an issue then buy yourself some of the 'easy to assemble' 40k models -Primaris Marines perhaps - and practice on them. I think they will have a lot in common with the upcoming Legion minis in terms of quality and detail. You should reach out to your community and find a shop where people play with painted miniatures. You should be able to find someone there who knows how to paint and is willing to share their experiences. You can learn a lot by watching Youtube videos but having someone on hand who can give you one on one advice is very valuable. J--
  9. Broken Arrow, Oklahoma - Team Covenant is my go to store. J--
  10. No chants for me regardless of the reward. However, if you really need that third dessert I'd happily buy you one. J--
  11. TLDR: How are stores going to manage terrain for tournaments? I anticipate that FFG will have an organized play structure for Legion - essentially tournaments. An 8 person tournament requires 4 tables of terrain, 8 tables for 16 players etc... This is a substantial amount of terrain and tables and a substantial burden in terms of cost and storage for stores that don't already support miniature games. Even for those that do support miniature games in the 28mm/32mm scale the terrain they own is probably themed for 40k, Wm/H, or Infinity. I personally don't want to play Legion on 40k terrain. I mean it works but doesn't fit the theme. My question is how do stores that are new to minis or who already have a commitment to tables/terrain that fit other themes find room in their storage/budget for 4+ tables of Star Wars themed terrain? I see many people in the community building these beautiful and thematic tables but I don't think those tables are going to translate well to the tournament scene. I hope we'll see FFG support stores with a line of 'mouse-pad' style Legion mats and some affordable (and easily stored) terrain kits themed for the game. I'm relatively new to FFG, what do you veterans think FFG will do to help ease this burden...? Thanks for your time. J--
  12. I'm new to L5R and very interested in the game. I look forward to playing it many times. That said, the chant at the start of tournaments is something I don't like and I won't participate in. Doesn't matter what the chant is, it could be free cupcakes for everyone and I wouldn't chant it. Just not my thing. J--
  13. Team Covenant is my FLGS and though I haven't seen Zach since he got back from GenCon Tim Bunn - who runs the retail store- is super excited and plans to play a lot. Zach has talked about bringing a miniature game back into the store on many occasions. I suspect they will support Legion. J--
  14. I think this is FFG's product to go 'head to head' with 40k. It sits in the exact same retail space and corresponds to GW's game on almost every point. FFG vs GW I like it. J--
  15. As a miniature painter this is one of the things that bothers me. I want to differentiate my figures. I am not an expert on Star Wars lore. Are there alternative markings for the Imperial troops in the lore? Thanks! J--
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