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  1. I would like biggs, serissu, bodyguard and jan ors crew
  2. Heyo. I love your falcon and I think I may paint mine in sky blue too. One question, how did you prime the falcon without gumming up the radar dish?
  3. you will have roughly a 33% chance of getting 3 evades. seems not great to me. Honestly I just dont see any jan ors combo beating out the double droids, which give 2 damage mitigation without even using actions, three if you use your action for the falcon title, still leaving your ept slot open for something useful. I know this isnt what anyone wants to hear, but it seems as if the best fat falcon has already been built and any other build that attempts to be tankier is simply going to be inferior. If one was to try building a falcon for a different purpose than to create a tank than a different build may be viable.
  4. Just as a quick aside, you might not want to use a sharpie if you are using a clear lacquer as varnish. Most lacquers will dissolve and smear sharpie.
  5. Dont take lando. He is a statistically worse recon specialist. He gives an average of 1.25 tokens per activation, as opposed to recon spec's constant 2. If you have have Jan Ors also and are always converting the first focus from lando into an evade, you will get an average of 1.19 evades per action. Its not worth it. take Kyle or the recon spec
  6. I don't think that a white 4 straight on the K would be broken, or even particularly useful for that matter. Remember that there would be nothing but a 4 straight and possibly 4 K to slam with after executing a 4 straight. Not exactly a plethora of options for interesting bomb placement.
  7. I read through this. I personally don't hate turrets as much as you do, but I very much appreciate that you are making a sensible response rather than just screaming that the sky is falling. The list that I have been working on lately involves corran horn with marksmanship (great for putting two crits a turn into the hull on a decimator) and biggs (wastes they few shots on a low priority target at range three in initial engagements). I have been refining it for a while to try to keep biggs alive for longer. The best I have found so far is jan ors crew on a b wing, but i am going to try wedge with draw their fire and r5-p9
  8. If you really want to have people use the upgrade cards in the boxes, you could require a minimum number of upgrades per squad or per ship so things like bbbbz and 3 bounty hunters dont happen.
  9. Welp, sorry for asking yet again. Another probably stupid question. Does the predicted value column include your estimated pilot skill value in the tables?
  10. Just wondering. What would be the numbers for tarn mison with r7 astromech? Have those been run?
  11. The vulnerability to arc dodgers makes a lot of sense. The only time i won against an arc dodger was when a soontir player made a bad placement getting him caught in corran's arc with marksmanship up. Soonts was not alive after that turn, that build with the warthog y-wing looks delightful! Unfortunately i dont think i will be picking up the rebel transport any time soon. Thanks for the advise guys. I will try some stuff out and post with updates.
  12. Sorry to bump this, but any thoughts on how this would work? suggestions? also, what do people think of putting expose on corran because he is protected by biggs and is not going to get strait gunned down?
  13. I feel as if complaining about diversity being killed by mathwing is counterintuitive. If you are so worried about designing your own lists, mathwing makes you MORE prepared to plan for your meta, as the total number of archetypes you have to plan for is fewer.
  14. Just started playing a few weeks ago, but I went 4-1 in my first tournament with the following build Corran horn -R2-D2 -Marksmanship -Advanced Sensors Roark Garnet -Ion Cannon Turret -Moldy Crow -Jan Ors Biggs Darklighter The basic idea is putting an evade token on biggs to keep him alive while corran blows stuff up with marksmanship double tap. It worked well, beating soontir/chiraneau, panic attack, another corran build with a stress bot y, and a fat chewie with a wing escorts. roark pulled his weight with his pilot ability allowing corran to outshoot soontir and allowing biggs to take the stress from rebel captive instead of corran. The one game i lost was against a brobots list as ioning large ships is hard and HLC's burned through biggs too fast for him to have an impact. Since this time I picked up a B-wing and changed things around by removing roark for a blue with Jan, advanced sensors, and an ion cannon with fire control system on corran. I am not sure whether I like the ion cannon on the blue or the mech that gives boost and target lock on biggs better. Thoughts?
  15. Not sure if this has been mentioned, but what about the cloak action. Corran would not want to use it as much as it could not get the acd. Could make generics and etahn good though
  16. 4x generic HWK's with ion cannon turrets and tacticians. Not sure how viable, but super fun.
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