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  1. These are seriously amazing for the materials you are working with! To answer your question that you asked early on about putting matte over gloss, that is precisely what I would suggest doing, even for newly painted models that you know you want matte. Pretty much all of my experience comes from painting metal models, which chip a lot easier than these, but my standard was a couple coats of lacquer followed by a couple coats of matte finish. You get the look of the matte but the protection of the gloss as gloss coats are quite a bit harder. Keep up the great work!
  2. My favorite theory thus far is that Rey is a Kenobi. Imagine this, Obi-wan has gone into exile on tatooine. After some time he thinks that he is out of the woods and that the empire could never find him or Luke. He decides to leave the planet and raise a family. After he has gotten married and had at least one child the empire finds him. He decides that his responsibility to the Jedi order and to the protection of Luke is more important than his responsibility to his family so he runs and goes back to tatooine. He presumes that his entire family is killed but his son survives. This son is Rey's dad. While this does seem far fetched, I think that it would be a better reveal because it is already expected by pretty much everyone that Rey is a skywalker.
  3. Why is no one calling this guy out for posting an unlabeled spoiler link? That is quite literally worse than what the person did to him.
  4. I have used both dawn power dissolver and simple green. I highly recommend simple green. Soak 'em over night in simple green and scrub the paint right off with a tooth brush.
  5. I think the point is that the OP wants to know if RG are good enough that they could contend with 40 point lists at 32 points. Not sure if i see the point.
  6. Actually, multiple dice would make combat suit less useful. As there is a higher chance of you rolling high enough that pierce won't make a difference. Your math doesn't really check out on this one. Lets compare putting the suit on chewie, to putting it on someone with just one black die, to putting it on someone with just one white die, to putting it on someone like leia, with a white die and a free evade. Lets take the example of the white die first. A white die rolls on average .5 blocks. That means that combat suit will save you one damage 50% of the time against pierce one and will never save you any damage at all against pierce 2 or 3 because the damage will still go through if you reduce 2 to 1 or 3 to 2. Now lets look at the example of Leia with her white die and free evade. The stats are same as stated above, but there is an even greater chance of it being useless because many pierce abilities come from surges and she can cancel at least one surge for free. Next there is the single black die. The single black die has an average roll of 1.5 blocks, distributed between sides of 0,1,1,2,2,3. This means that combat suit, given the opponent rolls sufficient damage to break through the blocks, will help against pierce 1 83% of the time, pierce 2 50% of the time, and pierce three 17% of the time. Not to shabby and a whole lot better than a white die. Now lets look at chewie, with his princely white and black dual dice. On average a white die and a black die roll 2 blocks, with a distribution of 0,0,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,4,4,4,d,d,d,d,d,d. For those who don't feel like counting, that's 2 0's, 7 1,s , 10 2's, 8 3's, 3 4's, and 6 complete dodges. This means that given sufficient damage from the attacker, this is useful against pierce one 78% of the time, pierce 2 58% of the time, pierce 3 31% of the time, and even pierce 4 (elite sabs double surging for pierce) 8% of the time. On top of that, chewie is still dodging 17% of all attacks due to his white die. Now you might say, "Wait a minute, Jamaican Lumberjack. Sufficient damage to go through the blocks rolled on a white die and a black die is a big assumption." Well, I am glad you mentioned that and I will seek to prove that is is not, statistically speaking, a terribly large assumption. Lets compare the blocking ability of chewies black and white dice to the attacking power of some of the common attackers that have pierce. Lets take elite sabs and Luke's saber strike, both focused and unfocused, and Darth Vader's monstrous RRY saber attack. Both Luke and the sabs attacks deal an average of 3 damage, without counting in lukes surge for +2 damage. This should be enough, with pierce 2,3, or even 4, to punch through chewies defense dice. Now lets add in that ubiquitous focus on to those rolls. That brings both of these figures average rolls up to 4.5 damage, easily punching through chewies defense. If we look at Vader's RRY saber attack we get an average damage output of just over 5. This is easily enough to justify reducing his pierce from three to two. Now that I have shown that Chewie's evade dice do not nullify the value of the combat suit, lets look at the actual points value of the combat suit. Lets assume he is only getting shot at by focused elite sabs (a generous assumption on the side of the sabs). These sabs are going to roll an average of about one surge per attack. (actually more like 1.3, but chewie has an around 50% chance of surge cancelling) Assuming these surges are always used for pierce (I know some would be used for stun, but we are saying that chewie is standing alone here so none will be used for blast) we will say pierce 2 on every attack. 4.5 damage with pierce 2 is the average attack out of these guys. Chewie blocks an average of 2, which means he would take an average of 4.5 damage with the pierce 2, dying in an average of 3 attacks. However, with combat suit, this gives him an effective plus 1 block per attack against these attacks, making the average 4 attacks to kill. This means that you are effectively adding 4 hitpoints to chewie. At his cost of approximately 1 point per hp this makes combat suit a good investment. DISCLAIMER: I know that the math in this last paragraph is rather shoddy, as such take that part with a grain of salt because I dont have the time right now to do the more complex dice interaction math for the damage distributions. Please do not, however, let your view of that part taint your view of the portions above it, which clearly show that combat suit is, on average, better on chewie than on a model with a single black die.
  7. Why not just put the suit on chewie? He has multiple defense dice, making the reduction in damage more likely to be useful, and he costs enough per health that if it triggers once its ok and if it triggers twice in a game its awesome.
  8. You could run nationals dash minus APL and R2-D2. Then you could put stressbot and title on one of the tlt y's as an answer to soontir and other action dependant aces
  9. A little bit of a different take on it. https://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Scum%20and%20Villainy&d=v3!s!134:-1,-1,21,61,-1,-1:-1:-1:;100:27,-1:16:15:U.43,U.-1;123:135,-1,-1,121:-1:-1: The r4 could also be changed to bossk crew on the trandoshan or a 2 point initiative bid.
  10. Poe -r2d2 -autothrusters -VI Gold -TLT Gold -r3a2 -btla4 -TLT bandit
  11. I appreciate the input. I probably wont be able to try this out for a while as I dont have much time with school right now so I wont pick up the game for at least a month. This is why I included leia as she will probably be out by the time I have time to actually play the game. possibly not with FFG's punctuality As for the suggestions here, I like both the replacing mak and c3po with troopers and the mak and fenn with sabs list. Would one elite sab and one normal sab work for that list? Also, Leia is more than just one 3 dice attack, she is a 3 dice attack plus the best attack you have within 3 spaces of her.
  12. You effectively ignored everything I said and told me to play a standard Luke with saboteurs list. Anyone have any actual advice within the parameters I gave?
  13. Looking to get into imperial assault sometime soon. Want to pick up the core set plus 1-2 expansions to build a list. The list I brainstormed up involves the core, r2-d2 c3p0, and princess leia. I am aware that Fenn signis is probably not the best in this list as there are no troopers for him to aid. Luke Skywalker 10 Leia Organa 8 Fenn Signis 9 Mak Eshka’rey 3 Gideon Argus 3 C-3P0 2 R2-D2 3 Rebel High Command 2 Command Cards Son of Skywalker 3 Devotion 0 There is Another 0 Single Purpose 1 Etiquette and Protocol 2 Terminal Network 2 Hard to hit 0 Knowledge and Defense 2 Take cover 0 Planning 0 Take it Down 3 Basic idea is to burn through command cards real fast with R2, Terminal Network and rebel high command. Leia can then hypothetically put the list in a place where it is recycling son of skywalker every turn. The command deck is mostly built around drawing cards and keeping my combo pieces alive. Thoughts? Suggestions that dont involve a complete list overhaul or a ton of purchases?
  14. Random noob question coming from an x-wing player who is considering picking up imperial assault as well. I noticed that in the core set it comes with tokens that are placeholders for some models that are in their own expansion packs. Are these tokens legal for tournament play or is it necessary to purchase the expansions?
  15. Regardless of how many matches you have won with it, that doesnt change the fact that he is a statistically worse recon specialist. He might be worth it at 2 points.
  16. comparing something to lando crew is not exactly the most resounding endorsement.
  17. Tootled around with the core set a bit, then dove in with my second 100 point game being at a 20ish player tournament. I only had the core set, the e-wing and the HWK,so I brought: Roark Garnet -Moldy Crow -Jan Ors (borrowed from another player at the store) -ion cannon turret Corran Horn -Advanced Sensors -R2-D2 -Marksmanship Biggs Darklighter Total: 99 points The list worked rather well. Pretty easy for a newbie to fly. The only real constraint is keeping both ships in range 1 of Biggs. I went 4-1 in the tournament, beating panic attack, RAC Fel, fat chewie with 3 prototypes as escort, and a sort of hybrid corran/ rebel control build with the stress hog and some z's as blockers. I lost to brobots and it wasnt even close . I was seriously enamoured with the advanced sensors marksmanship combo on corran until I bought a b wing and realized I could get similar efficiency with FCS for 4 points less and not taking up my action.
  18. fire control system is what you are thinking of
  19. I am not saying that stim is always redundant with fcs, I am just saying that fcs hlc is going to be better than hlc stim mangler
  20. Veteran instincts build is going to serve you better for a couple of reasons, in my opinion. Firstly, lone wolf is redundant with IG 88b plus fcs. The same, to some extent goes for glitterstim. I would rather have a 4 dice target locked attack than a 3 dice target locked focused attack. Also, the extra 2 PS from VI can help with the loss of the defensive benefits of LW due to the ability to boost out of arcs more often.
  21. for next year's store champs season?
  22. sorry, but I cant find the news. What is 3p0 being reprinted in?
  23. losing boost at ps10 for a green 2 turn is not "strictly better" You are not losing the boost as the 42 point corran does not for engine upgrade. Fcs r2 vi is standard when running with 58 dash.
  24. That proposed e wing fix would be about as overpowered as it gets on corran. Imagine this. R2d2 r2 astro fcs vi. Strictly superior to the standard corran build that accompanies 58 dash but sitting pretty at 40 points, 2 cheaper than before.
  25. The thing I find kinda dumb about using the cluster missile as precedent is that the cluster missile is restricted by what ship the target lock is on. Twin laser turret has no such restriction. As such, it doesnt make much sense to me to have a limitation of only shooting one ship on the tlt.
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