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  1. And that tells us what exactly? And contributes to the thread in what way? How does this thread contribute to anything in any way. It is literally a thread for blail blerg to bring up his favorite problem that isnt a problem anymore, just so he can complain about it some more. EDIT: I guess i should give some more qualification for this. I just dont understand why some people complain so hard about a game that they are in no way being forced to play. If you don't enjoy what a company is doing with game design, move on to another game. This is not an issue of me being angry at negativity, it just seems that if something grieves you so much that you need to post about it regularly on the internet, you probably should do something about cutting that thing out of your life.
  2. Best part about these threads is they help me to update my ignore preferences.
  3. What happens when an Allie would take strain in a mission? Do they just take damage? Also, if an ability forces rebel figures to take an insight test or take damage, do they automatically damage allies? I found nothing referring to this in the rules reference guide.
  4. I would definitely watch skirmish coverage presented in that style.
  5. I honestly love the idea of the project action. Makes for interesting choices between boost and barrel roll and gives boost without auto thruster possibility. Also, attacks during the activation phase, while probably being a rules nightmare, would be cool to set a faction apart.
  6. I think that the largest reason that there will not be an x-wing pro tour in the foreseeable is that the pro tour is effectively a giant advertising campaign for MTG and x-wing's sales model is not conducive to that type of advertising and probably can't support an advertising campaign that costs that much. Now you might say, hey, the Pro Tour isn't an ad campaign, it's a high level tournament in which the greatest players in the world compete in magic for the world to see. While that is true, wizards of the coast is dumping a HUGE amount of money into the Pro-Tour and probably only gets a very small fraction of that back in ad revenue from streaming. They pay out thousands of dollars in prizes, but that is only the surface of their expenses. They are also paying appearance fees and plane tickets for a lot of pro players. They are paying judges. They are paying to rent a venue. I hope we can all agree that they are barely making a dent in this amount of money with twitch ad click throughs. Now to the topic of why this won't work for x-wing's sales model. If a magic player wanted to have all of the cards necessary to play any list possible in the current standard cycle, they would have to shell out literally thousands of dollars. Thus, magic players generally only buy a deck or two that they are interested in buying. Now lets look at x-wing. If a player wanted to have access to every possible list here, a player would have to spend a similar thousands of dollars. The major difference is that most players in competitive x-wing already buy at least one copy of each expack and they dont rotate out, they are here with you forever. In magic this is not the case. To keep current in magic's Standard format, you have to buy a new deck every year. Generally this will involve very little to no overlap with your last list. How does this affect sales due to large tournaments, you ask? If you see a deck at the MTG pro tour that you like and you want to buy it, you go online and order it for 300-600 for a standard deck. Whatever third party seller you bought that from generally opens a couple hundred bucks worth of sealed product to get these cards plus other current high value cards to sell to other players. This is money going directly into WotC's pocket. This happens at 4 pro tours a year and one world championship, along with a ton of grand prixs. Also there are two times those cards rotate of the format a year to force you to buy new cards. Firstly, x-wing has no such rotation system, eliminating any need to buy more than a couple of new ships to add to your still valid collection each release cycle. Secondly, even if people did start buying ships based on world's lists, most people own significant portions of the lists and would just be picking up odds and ends to fill in the gaps. The most extreme example of needing to buy multiple things that are not frequently owned would be KO's danger zone list from worlds 2015. If you had one k-wing and one phantom before hand (a reasonable assumption as I think few people bout large numbers of those two ships) you would have to spend a grand total of $70 dollars at retail price or closer to 50 at discount rates to buy that list. Not exactly the big bucks coming from magic AND you still have those K-wings and phantoms the next time you want to build a list you see in a tournament that is centered around either of them or around their upgrade cards. Not exactly raking in money like the MtG pro tour. TL:DR No, that would never work because it is not monetarily worth it for FFG.
  7. not sure how good this would be but you could drop the HKs to a regular and put in two elite nexu with beast handler to be able to attack people in their deployment zone on your first activation on a lot of maps.
  8. If a model with mobile is sitting in blocking terrain can it fire out of said terrain or can it merely be shot at?
  9. you could drop both regular sabs for leia and 3p0. Thats not just the core though
  10. I dont understand why the discussion is always about expose with youngster rather than marksmanship with youngster. If focus and expose have similar odds, then marksmanship should always be better, is one point cheaper, and doesnt lower your agility.
  11. So, question from a first time IP. Does a side mission that I buy as an agenda replace the side mission they would normally do or do they do both?
  12. I think its 8 hull effectively with hull upgrade. 6 the first time around, then after the ability triggers you get 2 back.
  13. http://imgur.com/gallery/54Da5dO this is a repaint I did of a tie. That is formula P3 cold steel with a lot of citadel seraphim sepia washes over it
  14. She moves out of turn. Whenever a model gains movement points outside of its activation, it has to spend them immediately.
  15. I can understand that. I myself, have never really figured out how to paint human eyes to my liking. I have painted dozens of human models (mostly Privateer Press's warmachine line) and only have 1-2 with which I am really happy about the eyes. Me tactic for bog standard units in that game was just to give a dark wash over the face and forget about the eyes. On the topic of your models, are you doing those black outlines with a pen or a brush? Also, are you doing all of your highlights by hand rather than washing or drybrushing? Just asking because I don't see this cool cartoony style very often and I like it a lot.
  16. Just a random tidbit. I have not painted these particular models, but my favorite way to get a dirty gold look is to paint silver and do a lot of thin layers of sepia wash. If requested, I could post photos later tonight or tomorrow as to what this looks like.
  17. marksmanship with prockets would be a less than productive combination
  18. These are great! I love your styling with heaving black lining. Your eyes, however, are a bit bigger than I would prefer. They stand out too much IMO.
  19. The errata added pierce to royal guards. That would make this card useful against the two most used units currently, RG and sabs.
  20. Biggs has almost the same dial as Poe. He has every maneuver Miranda has and more. The issue of boosting and slamming is nearly nonexistent because those are mainly used for arc dodging and Biggs makes that completely unnecessary. All of your actions can go into offense for the first rounds of shooting.
  21. I love playing Biggs. He has been my favorite pilot from the moment I opened the starter. I was running through a bunch of rebel list ideas that I could possibly use for store champs this year and came up with using Biggs as a way to get the current rebel late game hotness into the late game. Here it is: Biggs Darklighter -r4-d6 -Integrated Astromech Miranda Doni -Twin Laser Turret -Tactician Poe Dameron -r5-p9 -Autothrusters -Veteran Instincts Basic idea is that Biggs keeps the two late game monsters alive through the initial engagements so they dont die before there is a small enough enemy force to not overcome the shield regen.
  22. Just gimme BB-8. I want that little adorable soccer ball to have a model.
  23. One more thing I forgot to cover about matte coating; always give at least a full day of dry time for your gloss before your spray on a matte coat or you will get an aweful frosting effect.
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