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  1. How are you normally building out mak? I have played 3 campaigns against him and one with him in my squad when I was loku and the only time he shined was when I put lokus tokens on crates allowing him to get four actions in a turn with the free action after an interact. I am entirely open to the idea that I just haven't seen a good build or a good player for him though.
  2. I am legitimately surprised by how high mak is rated and how low loku is. Mak doesn't really do anything besides kill people and i found loku to be a very strong support when I was running him.
  3. Whether or not the faq is worded correctly, I think that rules as intended is pretty clear here, you need to have less damage cards than hull to use Vader.
  4. Definitely still a he. Reference post 2
  5. I think that the current best carrier for him is Ezra shuttle, but just imagine whisper with chewie. As for c3p0 overshadowing him, I think that is only due to the fact that good c3p0 carriers are far more prevalent than good chewie carriers. 5/8 of an evade every turn is a lot better than 2 hp on a 13 hp ship. Not so much on a 3-4 hp 3-4 agi ship. Plus c3p0 gives you significantly less value on a 3-4 agi ship.
  6. Thanks for the help. That clears it up a lot. This card is literally insane. If only rebels had a high agility ace type ship with a crew slot.
  7. So I am aware that if you have 2 hull and 2 incoming damage crewbacca keeps you alive with 1 shield and 1 hull. But what if you have 2 hull and three incoming damage, does the chewbacca ability save you with 1 hull left due I the second damage card being discarded to the ability and the third damage being absorbed by the newly recovered shield, or does the ship end up dead with 1 shield?
  8. I haven't read the entire thread, but I am seeing a lot of unbridled positivity here, so I have a couple of questions to ask. To be completely forthcoming, the movie overall just didn't do it for me. I thought that the plot was poorly paced and disjointed and the character development was lacking so that the only character I cared about losing was k2-s0 ( who was awesome by the way!). This is not to say that the movie did not have its strengths. The end (the whole third act) was awesome, I just thought that it lacked the weight it deserved due to the lackluster lead up. Now for the questions: Do any of you agree with me about the plot pacing and character development? Do you agree that the scarif scenes were by far the best part of the movie and deserved more of the movie? If you answered yes to these questions, I would say that the easiest way this could have been solved would have been to have and opening credit scroll. This could have established much of the background without the awkward exposition and character introductions. We could have then started at the point where the team is trying to get bodhi from saw. The background could have then been established through a few well timed flashbacks to jyns childhood. You may argue that the opening credits would make it too similar to the main series films, but heavy use of flashbacks would give it enough of its own feel as the force vision Rey has in seven is the only flashback in the series so far. Thoughts?
  9. I cannot quote a specific ruling for this, but I believe that moving to another ship and removing are two different things and thus the target lock is not removed.
  10. uhhh... How do you figure?Burnout slam says that after you perform a slam action discard this card. This triggers on both burnout slams the first time you do a slam maneuver.
  11. Lol, and I wonder how many ignore lists ChuckNuckle got added to today.
  12. The beautiful thing about hera with navigator over fett with navigator is that hera's dial essentially split into 2 subsets, all the straights and banks vs all the turns and the k turn. You can then choose any move in one of these sets at will at PS 7.
  13. Not having played guri at all myself, take this with a grain of salt. Depending on what other ships you are flying, you could simply swap out the PTL with lone wolf.
  14. I think that r4-d6 biggs is probably point for point one of the most survivable ships against plasmas (outside of generic Z-95s). This is not, unfortunately true against protons. This breakdown of damage into 4 damage chunks makes the aforementioned generic Z's very strong against jumpmasters. The likelihood of 1 torp killing a Z is exceedingly low (10.5% for plasmas 12.5% for prots). This means that a Z-95 takes all of a JM-5000's payload to kill then the jumpmaster is left with only a r4 agromech worth of firepower more than those Z's. Nothing quite like forcing an opponent to expend 33-34 points of firepower to kill 12-13 points of yours. A list that I am thinking about running based on this is Blount with tracers alongside 6 talas, four of which have guidance chips and tracers. Has the offensive output of a howl swarm but without the centrality of howlrunner giving a weakness to the strategy.
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