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  1. Yea there are alot of cool and good things in those trees. However they don't seem right with my character or the direction I want him to go. So sure I could go that way and get alot of good stuff so its not a setback in anyway, it does however not really fit with character development.
  2. We are playing a imperial campaign where my character is kind of inspired by the Darth Bane story. He is imperial soldier (merc soldier skill tree) and just like Bane I was thinking of having my force sensitivity found out during the military campaign we are playing since another player is a Inqusitor in training it would be fun to see how it playes out as he starts to notice whats going on. However since he isnt a young man anymore I wanted him to stick what he knows best, shredding people in melee and go a lightsaber tree. But I guess I have to pick one of the others then. They really don't fit the character at all though since they focus on hiding their powers from the empire.
  3. If a character starts with a "normal" career and then wants to take on the force do they have to take Force Sensitive Exile/Emergant or can they pick a spec from FaD and get the force rating instead of the career skills?
  4. Hah! This I must remember when we play a full size campaign next time. It's Twin Shadows now and Bespin Gambit after that. Just ordered Jabbas realm so either that or Return to Hoth afterwards. I havent gotten into many villain packs yet. Which ones have good agenda decks?
  5. Omg! How did I miss this? You can totally deny the rebels their side missions this way!
  6. Omg, I have been doing this all wrong and played all agenda missions as forced missions...
  7. Wait, the rebels can chose not to do the mission and I get the upgrade for free? I am going to run Twin Shadows expansion next week and I was really into the Mortar card. Seems awesome but right now I am leaning more towards Technological Superiority. The Experimental Arms and Arc blasters on normal troopers seem really nice to have the ability to AoE stun. Paird with Trandoshan Hunters and Nexus with bleed it seem to beable to shut down characters.
  8. This seems like an excellent strategy. The Imperial Industry is a great card however I have to draw the agenda card AND win the mission to get it and the Rebels won pretty much everything ^^ The Subversive tactics build was; Prey upon doubt, Savage weaponry, Surgical strike, Heavy Pressure, Exploit weakness, Executioner and Weary target. At first I was trying to get out more and more tanky units but they died as fast as any other unit. Then I was mostly spamming regular stormtroopers trying to spread them out but they still died like flies. Often they died as soon as I deployed them coz the rebels go first and you know, havoc shot... and gideon commanding Fenn he can just go on a havoc shooting madness
  9. When Gideon and Fenn team up and brings another heavy hitter along, how do you tackle that as the imperial player? Had a team of Gideon, Fenn, Biv and MHD - 19 and the Rebels only lost Fly Solo mission. The other missions didn't even need any tactics as the sheer fire power of Fenn with Rebel elite and under barrel hh4 just made kebab out of everything with Gideon commanding him twice each round. MHD just kept adrenaline stimming gideon up and even with subversive tactics the whole team just where a strain recovery, damage dealing powerhouse. Royal Guard Champion, General Weiss and Darth Vader lasted 1-2 rounds against Biv and Fenn. By the end the team had won every mission but one and was so heavyly decked out with skills and gear that nothing could make a dent in them. How do you guys tackle teams like these?
  10. If I attack a figure and I can force that figure to reroll its defence die and that figure has an ability to reroll a defence die, who goes first?
  11. Seems like a probe droid can, without too much effort, deploy either another probe droid or hired guns/jet troopers once every round. That is pretty good.
  12. What are your thoughts on this class deck? I have played the core campagne twice. Once as the imperial with Military might and once as the rebels with the imperial player as subversive tactics. I like both decks alot and now I am thinking about starting a Twin Shadows campagne. The Black ops deck seem really nice and we have not used the Hide condition before so seems like a fresh breath of air. The starting ability of making any imperial hidden seems really nice and paired with Execution squad squad, it just seems like mayhem.
  13. Well we only played Aftermath so far and another friend wants to join in but he wants to chose a hero himself so we are thinking about exchanging Davinth for Fenn since Davinth hasnt bought anything with credits or xp yet. Might work out.
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