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  1. You got an inside scoop or something because FFG most definitely said in the AMA that CW, Upgrade card pack and Game Mats are being released 10/18/19 (next Friday) and that they operatives would be later. Don't post empty promises without backing it up.
  2. You get like command range of 5.5 compared to the normal 3.
  3. Anyone ever think this is a reprint for Europe? They have an NA and EU site. Did we forget this?
  4. You're acting like everyone else has had this issue. Sounds like it's just an issue where you play.
  5. I bet we get spoilers at Worlds for CW, with full preview at Gen Con with full release to follow the next month.
  6. I have a 13 activation list with 3 E-Webs.
  7. Does anyone have an ETA on when the Season 3 kit will be sent out to all locations and when the ops will be up?
  8. I'd fix it by running it correctly and not flying it haphazardly. It's a scalpel, not a hammer. It doesn't need an erata, it needs to be taught on how to fly it correctly. If you're going to change the point cost of the 47, then change the point cost of Vader and the walker. You also need to know this is a trooper based game and you are not bound to flying the T-47. If you feel it's useless, then stop using it and stop complaining about it.
  9. Impact stacks on the grenades. Each mini is using a grenade, therefore get's impact 1.
  10. Love this list. I had the bid and out activated my opponent. Played Sabotage Evaps. He ended up beating me by 1 and hid Han the entire time. Still learning with Boba, but those Scouts are freaking awesome. Don't need to worry about extra units when you're throwing 5-6 dice. Also helps when you can rapid reinforce the snow troopers and cause some panic. Probably sticking with this list.
  11. I like it being random. It works for me. It's just who I am. I do recommend it though.
  12. So in my past game experiences, my opponents are usually using their higher pip cards during late game. Because I have that 2 pip, which is lower than theirs, I get to go first, therefore stealing the initiative. I don't like Boba's just because it activates him. With the way I'm using him, I won't have to activate him late round and if he's low health I clearly don't want to get him up close and personal. I also feel comfortable with drawing from the bag late game. I also have an HQ Uplink I can use with my proton charges. It's just the way I'm using the card. I clearly know I don't have vehicles. There are more uses to cards than just what is printed on them. Drawing from the bag also screws my opponent because they don't know who is going to activate when. They have to plan multiple options.
  13. There's not really a "competitive" list per say. It's based on the play style and how players use the table to their advantage. It is possible to win with every list. But to answer your question, I do use command cards. I'm just deciding to use it in a way no one does which is to just steal initiative. I don't even have to use it too. Basically it's in there to fill the spot. I don't need all of Boba's cards just because I'm using him. I feel comfortable drawing in the bag because I'd probably use it late game based on my past games.
  14. Helps a lot when you only have one army. I do preorder usually the "main character" and two of the other units, but with The Senate and the guards, I might do one of each.
  15. I get what you're saying completely, I'm just comfortable with drawing out of the bag with this list. If you saw my other post on what I would do the first 2 rounds I think you'd understand better. I also don't have to use it if I don't want to. I've also thought about dropping 2 Stormies for some Snowies and go with the 2-1 ratio. There's a method to my madness, you're just not as mad or willing to take risks. I think if you understood my playstyle you'd get what I'm thinking.
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