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  1. I like dice! A lot! I don't know why but I like them. This game should have premium dice. With the amazing artwork available in the "arkham" series, it can be done. Would be nice to have premium quality, printed, polished, very nice dices (example: SW Destiny). My 2 dices, I mean...cents! 😝
  2. Waow! 832 views and counting! I am happy. I would like to take a second and thanks everyone who is passively/actively participating in this discussion that I started...my goal was exactly this...to initiate a constructive and mature discussion regarding a game we all really like. Hopefully, the devs and designers of arkham horror:lcg will read it and maybe re-think/re-evaluate some things following this constructive discussion. Taking a step back to re-evaluate life is a good thing to do (usually). Keep on and thanks again Peace Dom
  3. That one right here is right on the spot. Wrong approach maybe ? Since the Dunwich "train" scenario where everyone dies if we do not run we do indeed try to "win" a lot because we 'feel' like we didn't do a enough good job if we don't 'win' the scenarios (+ the chance that the game is over like that dunwich scenario one)...but you are 100% right! Might be time to take a breather and get back on the "adventure" instead of focusing on "winning" all the time ? and accepting "defeat" from time to time, even if it mean death in oblivion Thanks for that comment.
  4. Hi, First of all, this is not a rage post or whatever... Second of all, pardon my english if not correct (not my 1st language). I am the average joe here, usual silent customer, father of young kids (latest is 4 months old) and I play Arkham Horror: LCG with one of my very good buddy every tuesday night. I'm not the kind of person who usually is very active on forums or other social media platforms. I'm the silent (usually) type of customer who publishers never hear about but who buys everything (or almost...everything, I'm looking at you Descent 2nd ed...). I have been an Arkham fan for a long time. and been a fan of the LCG since the start. I'm writing this post by any luck than one of the dev will read it and understands to maybe evaluate things a bit before the new cycle. Forgotten Age is brutally-can't-let-you-breath-super-intense-hard-core-difficult! Seriously! I understand that the "arkham" type of game have never been "easy" ones but still. I've read other post and comments elsewhere and yes we have proper deck build (thanks to arkhamdb) and yes sometimes we tend to have *very bad luck* with the chaos token (one game we pick up the automatic fail 5x times! 5!!) That kind of bad luck scrap a game...but this is not what I'm talking about here. What I'm talking about here is the concept of "exploration" with twice the Myths effects, the sheer long-term difficulty regarding the "vengeance" new concept, and the accumulation of traumas from scenario to scenario. I house-ruled my campaign so far because it was not enjoyable...getting our butt kicked non stop like there is no tomorrow and re-doing the same scenarios 4 times until success was not enjoyable at all. So, what I'm trying to say, is that I really hope the dev will learn from all the critics and different opinions similar to mine on the web (reddit, boardgame geek forum, etc) so that the next cycle will be a way nicer, well balance (which forgotten age isnt), story, lore based adventure...we play to have fun and having fun by cheating is not our usual motto. Anyway, that's it. I know I'm a not an elite player or a hardcore card game player but still, I think that we (the adult silent majority) have some "right" or"regards" to have regarding the amount of money we put in those game knowing that a pack of card cost like 35 cents to produce and sells for 20$ in here but I'm not taking that route...it's ok to make money as a business Thanks for reading and I wish you all the best for you and your families Best regards, Dom
  5. Hi all! 73 and 53 that's awesome! I'm 34 a father of two sons ( 3 years old and 2 months) so free time is scares but I still play Arkham Horror: The LCG once a week, every tuesday, with a good friend, and it's good to free the mind for 2 hrs per week living undimensionnal horrors :p We're one scenario away from finishing the Path to Carcosa Cycle.
  6. Exactly Same here Bug here! Thanks
  7. At Gencon, FFG told us that since the release of RtL their Descent stuff sales has *tripled*; so I highly doubt a 3rd ed...
  8. Hi all! Do you think that the boat got lost into another world? I think I read somewhere that the boat is stuck somewhere because someone isn't able to pay the custom/port fees or something like that... I also even read a post on tweeter that the release was suppose to be around Halloween but now it's more early november... What's up with that? I can't wait any longer! *edited: typo
  9. also signed! With elder blood! :-D Just bought 3 set of Arkham horror dice! I'd buy some MoM dice anytime (and it's a great gift idea for any fan! :)
  10. everyone is pretty on the same page regarding the horrible mini quality / misplaced peg; its a very popular opinion on the forums (here and on BBG for example) and if FFG Staff are looking in the forum I'm pretty sure they are aware of it; but still, if you set that aside (and it may be just because those are just reprint of 1st ed) MoM 2ed is still an amazing and truly good game that is worth our time and love I think...
  11. Totally agree. Let's just hope that the new minis will be better in the next '' new '' expansion early next year
  12. The bases have a storied history and purpose (not the LONGEST story, but you get the picture) https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2012/1/18/harbingers-of-doom/ Thank you for this link, now at least, I can understand why; it's in theory a very good, pratical and wise concept I think, but maybe the base are still a little too big / clunky for the concept? Especiaaly since the space to insert the cardboard is very tight but still Thanks a lot for the link
  13. Hi all, Big fan of Mom 2nd ed! But I keep reading everywhere that the bases for monsters are useless...so why do we have them? There's even little pins in the back of the base (that I use to put the logos to differentiates monster of the same group) but still... It might be too late for me to throw them out since i've already glued eveything in place (main + both expansion) but still...why provide those super big base for no use? Do you thing it might be useful somewhere down the road? For example: I could easily see a monster picking up an item / spawning with the item already (placing the card at the back of the base with the little pins) preventing any investigators to pick it up before killing it Sorry for bad english, not my 1st language. Thank you
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