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  1. I think it would be pretty easy to build for someone with moderate experience, but I'm not there yet. Give me six months.
  2. http://kotor.griffcrier.com/workbench/the-star-wars-calendar/has details in the galactic calendar. I'm not aware of any calendar apps designed specifically designed for Star Wars, but this thread might help you find online resources to build your own: http://www.myth-weavers.com/showthread.php?t=117210
  3. Dang, that's too bad! What careers comprise the party? We have a Correlian smuggler, a niktos hired gun, and a human colonist (politico), and a gand bounty hunter. We had a droid technician, but the player had to leave due to personal obligations.
  4. We came to eat bananas and crush intergalactic civilization beneath our paws... and we're all out of bananas.
  5. I would agree with you that if you make Martial arts the same skill as Brawl only using Agility instead, You Dilute the use of Brawl, and Make Agility even more the One Combat stat. Some things to consider, Brawl is the All out Brute force Combat stat. How can you Make A Martial Arts Different So that it doesn't take away from Brawn & Brawl? Well the Spy Talent tree Infiltrator has some Great Talents that equate to what I would Expect a Martial artist to be able to do. Oddly though, I think this class is Poorly named, as I would expect some of called an Infiltrator and a spy would have talents more geared to words Stealth, Deception and Evasion. Not Combat. But anyway, if you want some one that is More Martial Artist than jsut Big brawny smacker.. go with a Spy Infiltrator talents tree. Interesting. It's not something I'm actively interested in, since I already have a full player base with the game GMing and I'm not actively playing in a game, but I might check it out in the future. I'm guessing that's a career/spec from the AoR core?
  6. I rule pretty much the same as everyone above. Extra maneuver on initiative triumph (Though I may implement the top of the list rule too), and strain healing with medical checks. Sometimes with medical aid, I'll apply the triumph to give the recipient a blue die for a turn or two in combat, sort like a (much) lesser version of the stim pack application Doctor talent.
  7. I will fly to wherever you are for the opportunity to take part in a galaxy wide gorilla revolution.Rise of the Galaxy of the Apes!
  8. The geek in me wants a big, pretty hardback detailing all the facets of the Empire's inner workings. So far, they seem to be folding material like that into their setting books, and I think this works for the most part. A corporate sector book precludes the need for one focusing on the CSA, and Lords of Nal Hutta functioned as a de facto setting book and faction materials for the Hutts. But the Empire is so big and omnipresent that it seems to maybe justify a book (or even a small series of books) on its own. One focusing on pirates might be fun too, as could a book focusing on the underworld, showing examples of organizations on various planets that don't justify their own setting book but can be easily used as modular material. The Black Sun also seems spread out and compelling enough to work as a nice fat book of its own.
  9. I can't and won't afford a book every month, but I'm not sure I'm reflective of the majority of their audience. There's also the question of workforce to consider. They could double their staff and churn out books at a quicker rate, and maybe that wouldn't overstock shelves, but once they start running out of essential books to publish, they'll be overstaffed.
  10. I like the idea of an agility-based close combat skill in theory, but my concern would be that it overvalues agility as an all-around combat characteristic and devalues the worth of strength in close quarters. I suppose you could add some natural modifiers to make martial arts/finesse not effective as brawl/melee, but that might needlessly complicate things. Strength-oriented characters might be able to intimidate better and work as more effective pack mules, but agility focused characters would have equivalent close quarters effectiveness and make for more qualified ranged combatants. The thought of finesse-based combat does make me want to see a swashbuckler or martial artist spec though. Make it a specialization that emphasizes both strength and agility. Strength remains the determining factor in combat rolls, but the spec also implement talents tied into agility that allow you to better dodge and close the gap between opponents. Perhaps add some specialized actions/maneuvers that use agility and then, way down the skill tree, have a talent that lets you substitute strength for agility on close combat actions. Edit: I just realized gms has already pretty soundly outlined what I'd like to see. Oops!
  11. That wouldn't completely surprise me. I'd hope not, but it wouldn't be a massive surprise if they went all 'Age of Sigmar' on us now and bought out a new edition for the movies. I remember that when we started, there was still bad feeling about the way they ended WHFRP3, and that the line finished without rules for something as basic as elf wizards. We already stopped playing D&D5 because they aren't supporting the RPG side of things. I'm not saying that's the case here, and I hope it's not, but 2015 sure felt different to 2014. Let me clarify. The "new core" in question was Force and Destiny. I think its development cycle could feasibly still be affecting the release schedule as it stands now.
  12. I agree that books focusing fully on the "crunch" of ships/equipment/etc. would be pretty much scraping the bottom for the barrel. As someone who probably knows the setting better than me, how much material is there for compelling setting books covering the domain of EotE? I think there might be potential in a single "fatsplat" for the core book species. Devote each chapter to the culture and peculiarities of the starting species, and maybe mix in some optional rules to have your species choice more prominently effect your character's capabilities. Maybe add "variant" sub-species similar to the Correlians present in that setting book.
  13. I suspect that might be in part due to the labor expenditure in developing and testing a new core.
  14. I'm curious to see how FFG sustains their lines in the long-term. EotE seems specifically relevant to this question given that it's seen more book releases. In a year or a year in a half, we'll probably have all the career books out on shelves. That leaves adventures and setting books. For the latter, we already have Hutt Space and Corellia covered. Eventually that will hit a state of diminishing returns, as the settings themselves become increasingly more esoteric. I'm not as well versed as others are in the setting, so I'm not sure when it will reasonable reach the point where it feels like they're scraping the bottom of the barrel. People have mentioned some interesting ideas for standalone books within the line (like one devoted entirely to the Empire), but I think long-term sustainability is more predicated on lines of books with specific formats (in the same way that careers/settings/adventures fill a distinct format). Era books have been suggested by numerous people, and those seem like a smart option, but beyond that, I'm at a bit of a loss. I've been digging into the World of Darkness books published by WW recently, and part of their expansion involves books that create rules and material for specific types of play (i.e. new systems for playing ancient vampires with a strictly political bent or rules sets and details for games focusing on law enforcement/military/hospital workers/etc.), but it seems like the most intriguing of these opportunities would already be covered by the career books. There's always the possibility for a second edition, but that seems a bit presumptive, given how well balanced the rules already are and how relatively new the game is. I suppose they could just let new publications rest, as the career books and new settings can pretty comprehensively cover the majority of the setting, but that seems like missing out on an opportunity for profit (and the risk of losing their license). Does anyone have any thoughts?
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