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  1. I hope some other game company can pick up the Robotech license... I love that show and wish that mini game was handled better
  2. https://www.asmodee-canada.com/ffggrandchampionships.html No need to have passes for Fan Expo (thank the maker!).
  3. Lt. Bolandin? https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Bolandin Tagge https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Cassio_Tagge Igar https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Igar
  4. I like to know is when are the Dewbacks and Shoretroopers being released? After or before the CW release?
  5. When you say poster, do you mean movie poster? I don't think it's a one-sheet that you will see in the theater, but rather artwork used for merchandising. It probably artwork for the displays, packaging or maybe even posters to that you buy in Walmart for $5, but definitely not a movie poster. I wouldn't call it fake though, it's probably official, but only for merchandising
  6. Totally agree, and they want to cash in when the final season of Clone Wars comes out on Disney+ streaming service. There will be so much to mine from that with the Bad Batch, Mandos, etc. As for Maul, I can see them releasing him only if they have a Shadow Collective faction (or a 5 Syndicate faction for GCW era) where he is in command of Death Watch, Pykes, Black Sun, etc otherwise he doesn't really fit in the game.
  7. From Making Star Wars, he did mention a scene were 3PO was holding Chewie's gear. I believe these are legit marketing images. Not final poster though.
  8. Cham Sendula and Twi'lek liberators could be interesting but might be too similar to Saw's Partizens also don't forget mandelorians
  9. Flattery gets you everywhere lol I use Citadel paints and just water it enough and don't have too much on the brush so it flows nicely. You can correct your errors by using the base coat.
  10. I was flipping through the Rogue One Visual Dictionary the other day and I found a 21B droid that Saw uses (don't remember it in the movie) so I decided to paint the medical droid this scheme instead of the standard metallic blue.
  11. I like the idea of the Elite Stormtroopers from the Star Wars comics. They don't feel like Star Wars, but they can offer some interesting gameplay. They are the Imperial version of the "Bad Batch" from the Clone War. https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Task_Force_99
  12. If you are NOT playing competitively, you can just buy the indices for Xenos 1 and Xenos 2 for $50 and download the free core rules.... otherwise: Orks codex hasn't come out yet, so you are using the Xenos Index, which is $25 Codices for rest are $40/each = $160 Full rulebook = $60 (which you would need for the Matched play rules, missions, detachment rules, strategems, etc) Total = $245 Your statement is a bit misleading
  13. Even most 40k players don't care if the grenades are on the model or not. It's the primary weapon that matters. A Space Marine model with a Bolt Gun should not be used even though their list has it as a Plasma Gun. It causes confusion. Same thing if your ATRT has a different weapon glued on compared to the upgrade card. People are taking the whole WYSIWYG way to the extreme.
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