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  1. two dice max is only the HWK, as far as im aware even Ties have a max of three thanks to R1 Bonus so no, 2 max is not enough
  2. Dace Bonearm Ion turret Dengar (adapability) Vessery Outmaneuver Ion Cannon /D Captain Yorr Ion Cannon Palpatine Miranda Doni Ion Turret "chopper" (because who doesnt like free upgrades) EM Ion Bomb Conner Net Long Range Sensors (see above) Call it "One Forward"
  3. what about Isard and 3P0 on a chewie falcon Plus title
  4. Maarek Stele (Defender) VI Ion cannon Hull Upgrade /D Wampa Etahn A'baht Cool Hand SJ R3-A2 Dengar P1 PTL EM Proton Torps R5-P8 Boba Fett Stim chimps
  5. https://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Galactic%20Empire&d=v4!s!49:-1,-1,-1,-1,-1:35:-1:u.183,u.95;70:27,22,-1:34:-1:;187:152,153:-1:-1:;153::-1:-1:&sn=Unnamed%20Squadron just exchange VI for snapshot if its 1 point. yeah its 21 points for an all support ship, but if they fire at it they aren't firing at vessery or OL.
  6. idk why people are saying un-modified shots, for 21 points you can run yourself a Gamma with Systems and fleet officer. assuring TL focus on your 'snapshot'
  7. Mangar? The Love Boats? You win. This hsould definitely be the name of the list. you all lose. its W-boats (double-u Boats) wait hold-up... Dunkaroos, because who doesn't love those **** snacks.
  8. if its not called W-Boat someone dropped the ball and is undeserving of victories.
  9. Panic 217

    Food Wing

    I would say if its a FFG based summer prize tournament have it be Raffle tickets, otherwise its "donate to win" (which i guess is a win-win?) but if its a casual i can see the side board being a fun thing to have.
  10. who's flying Y wings when theres U-boats aplenty?
  11. Blount will be silly OP on a Miranda Doni + Munitions once Arc comes out.... looking at Shara Bey Side note any idea how R5-K6 will work with Bey...
  12. But things like 19 points for a Vader boat or 18 points for a relatively agile tactician platform isn't any variety of janky synergy... or a laughable 100 point X5 swarm of bombers Tactician + systems Officer.... laughable in terms of both damage done, and cost to run.
  13. https://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Galactic%20Empire&d=v4!s!195:18,-1,-1:33:17:;70:27,144,-1:34:-1:;187:152,153:-1:-1:&sn=Unnamed%20Squadron
  14. https://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Rebel%20Alliance&d=v4!s!158:43,-1,-1,-1,87,-1:25:3:;161:18,-1,166:-1:-1:U.138&sn=Unnamed%20Squadron AS Boost (1 bank) White 5k from VCX deploy phantom Deploy Phantom White 4k, Deploy bomb opponent runs in to turn 1 bomb. lose the game, because thats the whole gimmick. or win the game because the opponent so furious that he got turn 1 bombed on soontir fel that he slams the table and losses by DQ
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