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  1. I named this fleet what the thread title shows. Wanting opinions on it! Point total: 400 VSD-II Warlord, Disposable capacitors, H-9 turbolasers, Gunnery Team, Leading Shots Gozanti Flotilla Vector, Expanded Hangar Bays, Admiral Chiraneau, Bomber command center Arquitan Cruiser Centicore, Dual Turbolaser Turrets, Admiral Monteferat, Admiral Jerjerod, Reinforced Blast Doors, Engine Techs Squadrons: Darth Vader Mauler Mithel Soontir Fel IG-88 3x Firesprays Objectives: Targeting beacons, Planetary Ion Cannon, Navigational Hazards
  2. Ah. I thought that's what you added to it. I missed "replaced with".
  3. Where's the second ISD? I see a gozanti, quasar, ISD and two raiders. And where's the Ciana Ree/Rudor combo? I see basic TIEs
  4. Ok.... don't know if that'll fly with my local group, but I'll give it a shot....
  5. I searched in the forums for it, and I found threads that seem to indicate they aren't (like using them to pop rhymer easily), but I didn't see anything that definitively states they aren't an attack. So, are cluster bombs an attack, and can they be braced against, reduced by gallant haven, etc? If they aren't, why not? Dice are rolled...
  6. Are you sure that's the case? Since you can measure range at any time, you know if you're in range of an attack or not. Don't you have to be in distance 1, making an attack or able to, at least, to be able to give it away to someone else?
  7. Has anyone heard whether wave 3 will make tournament play 500 points or more? It'll be A) hard to squeeze anything else into lists if it doesn't but on the other hand B) 400 point builds will now end up with a LOT of variety based on whether people want to include interdictors to mess with folks, squadron heavy plus flotillas, big boom capital ships just like before... all that.
  8. So this was my tried and true: ISD 2 Motti ECM ISD 2 ECM XI-7 Boosted Comms Wing Commander Firespray Firespray Firespray Mauler Mithel Dengar Rhymer 399 But then I've been thinking maybe...this? ISD1 Motti Phylon Q-7 tractor beams ISD1 XI-7 Phylon Q-7 tractor beams Leading shots Boosted Comms Wing Commander Firespray Firespray Firespray Firespray Mauler Mithel (or an aggressor, which?) Dengar Rhymer I like the extra firespray and the tractor beams, but is it worth losing the long-range punch and the ECM? I was also using a version with stripped-down VSD 2's , 4 sprays, aggressor and rhymer without dengar. Seemed ok until someone had a good fighter screen. Objectives are Advanced Gunnery, Fire Lanes, and Superior Positions.
  9. Advanced gunnery doesn't do you much good. The FAQ says that if you use advanced gunnery on a ship with gunnery teams, the gunnery teams override and you don't get your benefit. You'd end up choosing a raider, unless you just want to make one of your big ships worth double points.
  10. We've got a lot of players, but they're scattered between Arlington, Farmers Branch/Dallas, and Plano. I myself live in Addison, and I LOVE the game. I'm down whenever you want to get a game in! My usual store is Texas Toy Soldier, but I can do Area 51 or Madness if I know ahead of time.
  11. I had a GREAT time the other day with a few aggressors and a few firesprays, and Dengar. VERY deadly.
  12. I want to try a trip-ISD fleet, but I hate the ISD 1 and can't get many upgrades on the others, plus I'd have to go squadronless. I'm not sure triple ISD is all that viable in a competitive setting, but I think it'll be fun to fly!
  13. I think you should go with motti. Motti with 3 ISDs is far scarier.
  14. I can't stand the VSD 1 myself. Flying full speed, I can count on one hand the times I've actually been able to fire all those black dice, and I'll hold up a choice finger for the times that it anything other than roll lots of blanks on said black dice when it did. VSD II all the way, in my opinion.
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