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  1. When wookieepedia runs out of ideas.
  2. I think it's neat they canonized something FFG made. I still think the Raider looks dumb though.
  3. A bomb is neither an obstacle or another ship, so the way that rule reads, the nubs would be ignored.
  4. Oh, I never read Aftermath so I assumed Jakku happened way later. It only took a year for the Empire to fold? What the hell? On the scale of galaxies and empires, it's really not. But your explanation that it happened that way by design makes it make more sense.
  5. That's what I assumed, but if not that would certainly be fine with me. Replace the Battle of Bilbringi with Jakku?
  6. I would prefer it if a rewritten version of the events of the Thrawn trilogy take place some time after RotJ and before the Empire's final surrender at Jakku.
  7. I'm also hoping not, but I fear that it is. Unless they are setting things up to do Heir to the Empire later as some separate work(hope springs eternal), I can't see any other reason to introduce Ruhk as a character unless it's to play the same part he did in the EU.
  8. Why would he need to turn to the dark side? At this point, all he has to do to wipe out the Jedi is not train any new Jedi.
  9. It was.
  10. It is if you're being hyperbolic.
  11. Eh...when your numbers go from around 10k to, like, 4...I think it's fair for people to just kinda assume your organization doesn't exist anymore.
  12. This. If they wanted to add the Republic and CIS as subfactions to the Rebellion and Empire, then I'd be totally down. But if they try and make new separate forces out of it, no way. Absolutely this. Any other way they would try to do it would be stupid.
  13. Until the recent developments with the Mandalorians, I would have counted Sabine as one of Ezra's supporting cast as well. Now she's suddenly really important to the story, and the trailer acts like her and Ezra were being giving equal focus for the entire story, but that's not really the case.
  14. I think the other interesting thing about that trailer is that it tries to paint Sabine as a dual protagonist with Ezra, and everyone else is supporting cast.
  15. Where's the dislike button!! So much this. One of the things I love about his character. I like that he seems to actually support the thing the Empire CLAIMS to be about: i.e. peace and order throughout the galaxy through strength. Instead of the thing the Empire is ACTUALLY about: i.e. cruelty, corruption, and an evil wizard tricking everyone. No no NO! I mean, I'll be psyched to see Rukh introduced. But I don't want Thrawn to die in this series! Still holding out hope that one day they'll do a real adaptation of TTT. Rewritten to fit into the nucanon obviously. Yeah, I was hoping this series was going to go as far as ANH or beyond, but with the knowledge that this is the last season, I think it's obvious it's going to stop at Rogue One.