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  1. You know, I still can't tell whether or not the Empire actually takes credit for blowing up Alderaan on not. Like it's weird hearing the more reasonable Imperials, furious that the rebels killed everyone on that space station. You know, the one that killed an entire planet. I can't tell if Imperial propaganda is hiding that fact, or if they're just that obtuse and don't see the hypocrisy. I mean...it was wookieepedia's knowledge. But you're welcome. 😛
  2. Yeah, but in Star Wars it's literally called "The Aurebesh" not the "Aurebesh alphabet". The Alphabet is named after the first two letters of the Greek alphabet. Alpha and Beta. Likewise, The Aurebesh is named after the first two letters in the Star Wars alphabet. Aurek and Besh. It's not just a specific alphabet, it's the Star Wars word FOR Alphabet.
  3. Read the first issue. No Maarek Stele...that's not a good start. But...Class-A cargo containers!
  4. Why the **** is it called Alphabet Squadron and not Aurebesh Squadron?!
  5. Palpatine is just going to end up appearing in a vision Rey has when she enters the Death Star ruins. Like the one she had when she found Anakin's lightsaber.
  6. No new Imperial TIEs? Hard meh.
  7. If they wanted to show Kaz growing as a pilot they could have, you know, actually had him participate in the races that seemed like they were going to be the focus of the show for awhile. Now it seems like that part of the series is over already, and we never really engaged with it. Unless race culture is inexplicably huge wherever the Colossus emerges from hyperspace. And yeah, did we even get to see Vonreg's face? His ship was more of a character than he was. Granted, but dangerous or not it's still possible. So if the situation is "try and jump to hyperspace now, or get blown out of the sky" story protagonists are going to jump to hyperspace every time. The point is still, this is the canon that Disney has established after discarding all the EU's hyperspace rules, and there's no real explanation for why a U-Wing can jump to hyperspace 50 feet off the ground while the Colossus needs to "leave gravity" first unless, as I said, ship size is a factor.
  8. Does it matter? Ships have jumped into hyperspace from just above the surface in the films. I'm surprised they mentioned gravity at all. The only explanation that doesn't create plotholes would be "the bigger a ship is, the higher up it has to be before it can jump". It absolutely wasn't. The ending was good, but didn't come close to making the entire awful season worth the time. Considering he spent the whole season pretending to be a mechanic, and not practicing flying, I'd say he was already.
  9. That's a pretty big if. One decent episode out of 18 does not inspire confidence.
  10. I dunno. I feel like with the Fireball being part of the show's logo, it's probably going to be Kaz's ship. At least for awhile. But I could see him becoming the new Green Ace.
  11. That's a Nick Jr. show, that's not for kids, it's for toddlers that don't even go to school yet. Even Resistance isn't targeted that young.
  12. Right, so why are we defending the fact that this is a show that does it badly when we know that it can be done well? This is a BAD SHOW for kids. And the fact that it's for kids doesn't absolve it of being bad. Also, Disney also makes Gravity Falls and the new DuckTales, which are INFINITELY better shows than this that are presumably aimed at the same age group.
  13. Kaz is a dumb bumble****, and he makes every other character look like dumb bumble****s when they constantly "musta been the wind" every time he can't walk 10 feet without knocking over a pile of garbage. Like, no exaggeration, he did that, like, 5 times in 5 minutes in episode 13. And every other character just keeps looking around like "I guess it was just my imagination. Ahyuk."
  14. The FOs plan here was actually one step MORE nuanced than I was expecting from this show.
  15. ******, these episodes are getting worse, not better...
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