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  1. Sure, it's just not a very interesting idea for Star Wars, where Force ghosts are a thing.
  2. It shouldn't.
  3. Later on TCW did that thing where EVERYTHING had to be a 4 episode arc, whether it warranted it or not. As if they were specifically trying to make movie-length stories out of everything. Conversely, 1 episode often doesn't feel long enough in Rebels for some of the stories it tells. 2 episodes really feels like the sweet spot for a good story.
  4. It's so weird to me that this game apparently has such a breadth of podcasts dedicated to it that one can afford to be choosy about it...
  5. It's too bad tractor beams don't work on mines, because it would be an amazing counter for fortressing.
  6. I mean, you're not REALLY blocking them in. You're just getting a little free damage when they plow their way out. Which is still nice but...
  7. Well that's nice and all, but now that your opponent can control the map, playing against the map IS playing against your opponent.
  8. I'm not sure, never read the extras that came with the Raider before. But I assume anyone that's played TIE Fighter knows what mines I mean.
  9. What this game really needs now is X-Wing/TIE Fighter-style Mines that act like little turrets with 1 hull. Being able to set those up anywhere on the map at the start would be very interesting. What would a 1 attack, 0 agility, 1 hull, 0 shield ship with no ability to maneuver or take actions be worth?
  10. Don't forget that Rebel ships with Crew slots can take Sabine. So this is also usable on U-Wings and VCX-100s.
  11. It's probably because, aside from, like, one level in the original N64 Rogue Squadron game, no Star Wars video game ever took place in a post-Endor setting where the ship actually existed. Edit: No wait, the Jedi Knight games are post Endor. Though you don't really fly ships in those games, so there's no real need for E-Wings to be around.
  12. I never liked Royal Guard in the first place because it wasn't very fluffy. 3 modifications makes sense on a Scum ship because of how customizable they are and how likely Scum are to add a bunch of different crap to their ships. Royal Guard TIEs weren't extra customizable, they were upgraded in very specific ways over standard Interceptors. They had hyperdrives and shields installed, as well as extra wing flaps that increased their speed and maneuverability. A real Royal Guard title should give the ship +1 shield and do something that relates to maneuvering.
  13. Oddly enough though, it wasn't assigned to him. He stole it from some scavengers. Now, those scavengers might have stolen it from another Sith, but if not, it's not really a "Sith Infiltrator". And who had it before that flies around in something that looks like a Sith Infiltrator?
  14. Disagree. They should have stopped making people after 1990.
  15. Man, **** Star Citizen. 90% of the crap in that game is stuff I would never use. The concourse was a glorified menu screen before. It doesn't need to be anything more than a better looking one of those now.