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  1. Varies depending on the episode. The tribbles episode of DS9 is fire.
  2. Really excited about this. But I still REALLY wish the original Thrawn trilogy would get adapted into nucanon in some fashion.
  3. It definitely feels that way. Pretty sure X-Wing is the game that put them on the map. And since then, they've acquired many other licenses and made several more Star Wars games. And now X-Wing just seems like it's getting lost in the shuffle.
  4. I mean...sometimes you just wanna shoot backwards. While still only flying TIEs.
  5. The trick is to survive until they promote you to something with shields!
  6. Well this is a Star Wars forum, so you pushing Marvel opinions would be a lot more out of place than him pushing Star Wars opinions. I'll be honest, I'm kinda looking forward to seeing how a space sim plays on a modern controller. I used to use a flight stick back in the day, but that's because gamepads back then didn't even have analog sticks. Now they have 2 sticks and a ****-ton of buttons and I'm curious to see if they can do the job now without me having to buy a flight stick again.
  7. I mean, I'd be okay with Mandalorian leading INTO a Thrawn Returns series, but I wouldn't want it to take place IN Mando. I really like the scope that Mando has now, and the Thrawn trilogy is something else entirely. I wouldn't want one to spoil the other.
  8. Uh, no. Talking about ships that are missing from a game in a thread about said game is NOT more offtopic than unrelated movie discussion. I assume you either meant X-Wing Alliance or Star Wars: Armada. Either that or...Wing Commander Armada...
  9. Neither does the Gunboat. And of the two, the Hunter deserves recanonization more. Then those same people must think the Gunboat doesn't need to return in a world where the TIE Defender already exists.
  10. I want the sequel series to Rebels to just be an update of the Thrawn Trilogy... Can easily work with how Rebels ended. Just have Thrawn come back from wherever he was sent to 10 years after Endor and try and put the Empire back together.
  11. B-Wing = TIE Defender T-47 Airspeeder = TIE Striker E-Wing = TIE Advance x1 K-Wing = TIE Punisher Never needs to return in a world where the TIE Hunter exists. And before anyone brings it up, the Missile Boat doesn't need to exist with the TIE Punisher.
  12. So yeah, this looks fantastic. I just wish the single player campaign was more than a glorified tutorial for the multiplayer...
  13. I feel like if they wanted to have a TIE with a giant laser on it, the TIE Brute would have made more sense.
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