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  1. I wanted to see some of the Experimentals as Titles as opposed to separate ships, but the M1 is not one ships.
  2. You can really tell from the bitterness that hope is starting to die for the folks in this thread.
  3. 2 points and slots most people don't use on the ships that would use this is pretty **** cheap for +1 attack. Especially compared to the other examples in the game. Unguided Rockets feels like it was MADE for an upcoming Missile Boat. Lots of Missile slots, but perhaps only a 1 primary attack? Feels like UR would be an autoinclude.
  4. The real question is...is the pilot on the exhausted side of the card Lt. Kestel? The article mentions that Kestel is a she.
  5. I suppose if you consider removing a huge turd from your pizza "dumbing down" said pizza, then sure.
  6. No. They're just correcting an ancient wrong.
  7. I only play Imperial, because I only fly TIEs, because Star Wars: TIE Fighter.
  8. Miranda Doni's special ability + Maarek Stele(Defender)
  9. I'd be mad at the Armada article if I didn't think the Imperial Carrier was so sweet.
  10. Wave 11 is not going to be the one with extra ships. Wave 8 received extra TFA ships after it's announcement. Wave 9 released as normal. Wave 10 received extra Rogue One ships after it's announcement. Wave 11 will release as normal. Wave 12 will receive extra TLJ ships after it's announcement.
  11. The fact that actual adults are here complaining over a plastic space game's lack of news that doesn't even exist in the first place is silly.
  12. How is this even a lull? We're still getting 2 waves a year. We're still getting stuff in between. The release schedule is exactly the same as it's always been. Oh, did they skip a week or two without putting out a release article? So what? Get over yourself.
  13. Insomuch as they actually need to be flown. Bazinga!
  14. Remember when Poe kills 10 TIEs in 15 seconds? Try beating 10 TIE/fos with a single T-70 in this game and tell me how that goes.
  15. TIE Avenger