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  1. No. But just because a ship has a hyperdrive doesn't mean you want to spend all your time in it. X-Wings have hyperdrives, but they still park them in larger ships.
  2. Given that it's not clamp-style docking like on the Gozanti, there's no real reason it has to be limited to TIEs. It's a hangar, so any ship small enough to fit in the door would be able to use it.
  3. I don't think that's a title their society uses anymore.
  4. Not really. That was, like, 10 years ago. And a lot of **** has happened to their world since then. I have no problem believing that she's not the same person anymore. Especially if you draw the conclusion that the Death Watch is the reason Mandalore is subservient to the Empire now.
  5. That's because Mandalorians aren't cool. Their armor looks cool, but their society isn't. Boba Fett is cool. Unfortunately, this series that is set in what would imagine to be the peak of Boba Fett's career is completely Fettless. I'm still disappointed we didn't do an entire season of the Ghost on the run from bounty hunters after the Rebel defeat last season.
  6. Exactly. The reason Vader's squadron doesn't fly the best ships is because the writers hadn't ****ing invented them yet.
  7. I'd have to look that up to see. But it was an extreme hoisting nonetheless.
  8. It was fine. Plenty of good action scenes. Culmination of a storyline they've been setting up for awhile.
  9. I'm not a very big book reader these days, but I want to get the Thrawn novel when it comes out on paperback. How long does that generally take after the release of the hardcover?
  10. Goddamnit...
  11. Maarek Stele in a Defender.
  12. No idea. But it was flyable in multiple Rogue Squadron games. Where it came equipped with Cluster Missiles. In fact, I think that was where Cluster Missiles were introduced into Star Wars. Which is probably why both the TIE Advanced expansion and the Raider come with Cluster Missiles.
  13. Your naivete is adorable...
  14. Who says they won't. There IS a Han Solo movie coming up. 3 things I fully expect to happen in that movie: Han saving Chewie's life. Han winning the Falcon from Lando. The Kessel run.
  15. It's pretty much exactly how traditional reincarnation works. Rey doesn't JUST have Vader's power. She also has flashes of memory from his life, like when he touches his old light saber. Now, it could be simply that she's using the Force to pull memories directly from the saber itself. Or it could be that the saber is triggering her to see memories from her own past life.