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  1. Returning player discovers FAQ.

    I don't think a recall is necessary, but one would think any future printings at least should have the change.
  2. What wing is your wing?

    TIE-Wing. All TIEs! All the time! No FO!
  3. Which preview will be out today?

    So sick of all these other Star Wars games getting all the articles! DANCE WITH THE ONE THAT BROUGHT YOU FFG!!
  4. Imperial Heavy TIE Fighter

    Boo. I actually thought the Gozanti made a pretty good AT hauler. And the Zeta class Cargo shuttle from Rogue One would have been even better.
  5. Mistakes were made and it’s Friday.

    I think I've used everything except my TIE Silencer. Because even though I collect every Imperial TIE, I don't usually like to play First Order. I own 4 TIE Defenders, even though there's no way to use 4 in a normal game. I've never had a 24 TIE Fighter problem though because I make sure not to own more of a ship than there are unique pilots for it. Not that there's a chance of that because I only own 6 TIE Fighters even though there's 9 unique pilots atm.
  6. Grand Admiral Thrawn

    Given that the comics are going to be much shorter than the book, I can't imagine them ADDING anything that wasn't in the book.
  7. New Upgrade Cards You Would Like to See

  8. 'No Future Scum Epic Planned'

    Nice to know the devs are confused by the basic concept of faction parity...
  9. Hammerhead Frigate

    Ah, when you said the ghost parks in its cargo hatch, I thought you meant of the container's, not the overall ship. That said, the ship still feels like the Imperial counterpart to the GR-75. Which we've already established is out of scale with the other ships in the game.
  10. Hammerhead Frigate

    Except A. That's not a container, that's a hanger bay on the rear of the ship that is the size of several of the containers. And B. It doesn't park in that hanger, because it's too big. That's why they have to transfer the cargo with cables. And here's a shot of the Ghost clamping on to the outside of the Class 4 from this season of Rebels. There's no way in **** it would fit inside one of those containers. It's about twice as long and three times as wide.
  11. Hammerhead Frigate

    Well it's fine then. They can screw up the Class 4 to the same extent they screwed up the GR-75.
  12. Hammerhead Frigate

    I don't think it's any bigger than the Rebel Transport. If the cargo containers on that are about the same size as the ones the GR-75 carries, than the ships are similar in size. What are you basing that on? I'm not seeing any sources that say how long the ship is.
  13. Hammerhead Frigate

    Nope. Container Transport all the way!
  14. Hammerhead Frigate

    Scum needs a 2nd epic before Rebellion gets a 3rd, but yes. Hammerhead would make an excellent choice of Epic ship.
  15. STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion thread

    That's fair. But keep in mind that it's kind of a large part of Star Wars itself. Obi-Wan's entire "From a certain point of view" speech is basically him saying, "I manipulate events and people through the use of semantics." Likewise you can apply that to what Yoda said as being true "from a certain point of view". That's some severe revisionist history there if you think everyone was okay with the Ewoks.