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  1. You guys spell Maarek Stele really weird.
  2. EASILY Wave 4. TIE Phantoms AND Defenders? It was seeing the Defender model that first got me to want to play the game in the first place.
  3. TIE Hunter TIE Oppressor TIE Avenger Sorry other factions.
  4. And it remains as wrong as ever. If I wanted my models to not represent Star Wars, I'd plays some other game, and not a ****ing Star Wars game.
  5. The amount of text in this topic has already surpassed the amount that would ever have been saved by using a nickname for this ship in the first place...
  6. 1 Silencer.
  7. Also, I think the Title sucks. It doesn't seem to have anything to do with the ship. Unless there's a scene in the movie that makes that Title make sense. Unfortunately, it's Attack value doesn't reflect the idea of it having crazy huge powerful guns.
  8. I'm sorry. That must be difficult.
  9. TIE Fighter's concourse music is still the best Imperial Death March. It manages to make it seem heroic and triumphant.
  10. If I could go back and time and change one thing about the game, it would be to make cannons and turrets all built in weapons instead of Upgrade cards. There would still be Title cards that let you switch out certain weapons on certain ships, but there wouldn't be this ridiculous thing where any ship with a non-standard gun can put ANY other non-standard gun in that space.
  11. I would be completely okay with it if they just made instances like this use missiles or torps instead of the guns. Like, almost every ship in the series has access to one of those. How hard it is to make a ship use it's missiles instead of it's guns when it's strafing a capital ship?
  12. Patrol Transports are better.
  13. You would think so, but given how many of them tend to sit there as their crafts slowly tear apart, crash, or explode around them, I wonder...
  14. But how could they be jamming them if they...didn't know they were coming...
  15. Well, she's clearly also an ace in that X-Wing since she outflew that Imperial ace in his Defender. Yeah, she got shot down afterwards, but that was against overwhelming odds.