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  1. You forgot to mark the start of the Freelance ships from the Rebel ones. Yes. X-Wing Alliance has about the same number of flyable ships that are still unused in this game. Rebel Craft T-65C A2 X-wing (X-W) BTL-A4 Y-wing (Y-W) RZ-1 A-wing (A-W) Z-95 Headhunter (Z-95) B-wing (B-W) Imperial Craft TIE Fighter (T/F) TIE Interceptor (T/I) TIE Bomber (T/B) TIE Advanced (T/A) TIE Defender (T/D) Assault Gunboat (GUN) Missile Boat (MIS) Other Craft T-Wing Interceptor R-41 Starchaser Authority IRD Toscan 8-Q Fighter Cloakshape Fighter Razor Fighter Planetary Fighter Preybird Fighter Supa Fighter Pinook Fighter GAT-12 Skipray Blastboat Firespray Attack Ship Pursuer-class Enforcement Ship YT-1300 (CORT) Modified YT-1300 (Millennium Falcon) YT-2000
  3. I think the torpedo upgrade is the better choice, because it makes it hit all the ships it's targeted at, and makes it an easy replacement for Extra Munitions. Modification would suck unless it also gave you an additional Modification slot, because a lot of those ships need their GChips or LWFs.
  4. I need to take a new picture, cause my old one is several waves old now... It's missing my 2 Strikers and 2 Aggressors.
  5. I still need my TIE Oppressor. I don't care if it's ugly...or redundant...I still need it.
  6. They could always add Reload to older ships later with some kind of upgrade card.
  7. Does it have all of them? Or even just all the flyable ones? No? Then no.
  8. I really want an EPT that gives anyone a Bullseye Firing Arc. It's the perfect thing to represent an ace shooter.
  9. That is clearly already the case, even without the other title. Between having missiles and torpedoes, reloads, SLAM, etc. I noticed that the XG-1 title doesn't sacrifice anything for gaining two cannon slots, so the OS-1 has to be something you'd be willing to give up two cannon slots for.
  10. Nono, it is it's just...not quite what the Jamming Beam used to do in Star Wars: TIE Fighter. Where it basically disabled your weapons. Though I suppose it WOULD prevent you from firing anything that required a target lock.
  11. I'm surprised the Reload action doesn't work on Bombs. Not that anything with it has bombs yet.
  12. Ah, that would make sense. So without another modifying special ability, hitting a ship with a jamming beam just gets rid of a focus, evade, or one of their target locks? It doesn't actually prevent them from doing anything?
  13. I REALLY like the Bullseye Arc. It's something that rewards good flying. The XG-1 Title is not as bad as I was hearing. Because the 1-2 point limit only applies to using it's special ability(firing while disabled(i.e. firing while reloading)), so you CAN still put the canonical Ion Cannon on it if you want. Things I still want to know: The Jam Token card doesn't explain what the JAMMED status means. What is that other title "OS-1..." That other cannon? "Linked Battery"? "Screamer Missile" does what?
  14. Things I want to know. The Jam Token card doesn't explain what the JAMMED status means. What is that other title "OS-1..." That other cannon? "Linked Battery"?
  15. And the Assault Configuration title isn't as bad as I thought. You get TWO cannon slots(so you can have a beam, AND ion cannons), and the "2 points or less" thing only applies to the special ability(ability to shoot even when Weapons Disabled), so you CAN still put the canonical Ion Canons on it. So if you HAVE a cheap cannon, you can fire it even when you're reloading.